Hair dryer with ionisation to the health of your hair


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First, the attention is focused when looking at the fairer sex, – it is a healthy well-groomed hair, which always give a unique, individual charm of every woman. But in this respect, women's equal just yet. Gels, foams and all kinds of tools manufactured by the perfume industry and is intended for care of hair, so they demand that cosmetic companies bring very tangible income. One goal – to always look perfect, feel perfect and to remain so for many years.

A Healthy and well-groomed hair that's not all! Here you need to emphasize in a special way one more thing. Namely: it is well known already became a popular expression of one of Moscow's famous hairdresser, that there are no ugly women, and bad hairstyles. The correctness of this statement has no doubt none of the fairer sex. Of course, that only from the hands of the present and a professional master of female hair depends on how attractive a woman gets after a visit to the beauty salon. And it doesn't have to be a very trendy salon with fabulous prices for the services offered. Main – to find a hairdresser that combines not only professional skills but also artistic talent. Yes, it is the artist who with one stroke of his brush (in this case, the scissors and blow dryer) you will find the bar, which, glancing in the mirror, you will be pleasantly surprised as its a truly magical transformation into a beauty.


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When creating a hairstyle, and just after shampooing at home it is necessary to use a Hairdryer for drying hair and styling. Hot, Sizzling the air in this auxiliary means excessively dry the hair, damaging their structure and makes them lifeless. This applies to conventional dryers, which we used for a long time. Hair dryer with ionisation was created relatively recently. Caring for the health of the hair, the developers have provided a new principle of action is an indispensable device for hair care. Along with this has come a new look at benefits and harms hair dryers.

The Principle of operation of the dryers of the new design is as follows: a drop of water due to the ions broken up and absorbed by the hair scales. If you use a Hairdryer with an ionization then occurs to protect the hair from excessive thermal effects, strands and keeps hair stay healthy. Conditions are ideal for drying hair! An additional feature of ionization in the hair dryer reduces the level of static electricity than is caused by the improved process of styling hair. Hair that is made using new technology, differs significantly.

If you want to purchase a hair dryer with ionization, for unconditional persuasiveness of its advantages in details again check the function of the ionisation process, the essence of which is simple. Based on the fact that the hair have the ability to easily accumulate the positive charges due to exposure to ions with a negative charge, which forms a hair dryer with ionization, prevents the effect «flying hair» from electrostatic charge and tangling.

This process may explain the more accessible: the heating element of the dryer is formed damaging the hair structure of positive ions. And the function of ionization in the hair dryer is so good that forming negative ions, neutralizes their positive brothers, so the hair is not electrified, retained moisture, and hair is shiny. Thus, the hair are protected. This is the difference with the action of a conventional dryer.

Among the hair dryers with ionization of the very popular models:Parlux 3500 Supercompact Ceramic Ionic,Valera SN 9200 T, Valera Swiss Nano 9200 Ionic Tourmaline.

Eloquent about the undoubted advantages of models such as a hair dryer with ionization, reviews of the fair sex. Maybe the time has come and you have to think about a new acquisition. Among your female friends and girlfriends probably already are a happy owner of such a household appliance, as is a Hairdryer with ionization. Reviews of friends – this is a very powerful argument.

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