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Once some 15-20 years ago mobile phone was a luxury available only to the wealthy people. With the development of technology production of communication devices became cheaper. Prices for “phones” came down. An ordinary man could afford to have several such devices. In this regard, a new problem arose: what to do with useless old phone? Is it possible to throw in old phoneContainer General debris? Doesn't it put the environment? On the other hand, its design was kept working parts. If they where to use it? Let's consider these issues in more detail.

What is the problem? Thrown.

Oddly enough, recycling mobile phones is not an easy task. It is a complex process and does not promise economic benefits. Therefore, the decision of this question at legislative level, is vested either in a specialized state enterprise, or a company engaged in manufacturing devices or their import into the country. Points of disposal are in many large cities of Russia. There you can turn your old phone. However, it is recognized that this area in our country is still poorly developed. Not every village has the opportunity for safe disposal of your mobile device. This is especially true of the most toxic parts – the elements of the power system. Then you should try Russold phone ringtoneViewed with the other option, where you can attach your old phone.

Rent service

Some repair shops carry out reception from the inhabitants of mobile devices. Their activities can be useful parts of obsolete devices. They usually have the most popular keys, the back cover and screens. An unnecessary element of food the master would have to take to the recycling yourself. Most likely, he will already have experience of this procedure, and he will carry out everything according to local regulations.


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Sell your old phone

If the machine is still in working condition, it makes sense to try to sell it. To start searching for a buyer you can view ads on this subject in the print media and the Internet. Also it will be useful to put a message on the sale. Many people who do not have a large budget personal funds, not mind to buy a used thing. They are happy to respond to the ad. Also, you should follow the promotions of big companies. Often they offer to exchange the old phone to the new one. To get rid of unnecessary problems by making additional profitable acquisition.to exchange the old phone to the new

“Give a pet in good hands…”

There Are times when it seems that the phone is outdated morally. It all works. However, the design is out of fashion. Device capabilities are not enough in good quality to listen modern ringtone. Old phone I want to replace the new model. Sell it, or donate for parts.. In this case, the beloved “mobile” you can give those people for whom fashionable devices don't matter much. For example, a pensioner or a child. Such gifts help to establish good interpersonal relationships. In the end, unnecessary, the device can just put it in a drawer until better times. There is always a probability that the newly purchased phone will be damaged. And then you will need the help of an old reliable friend.

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