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In the modern world music has become a familiar and inherent in most people a part of life. In view of this, created an increasing number of portable gadgets that allows you to listen music in any place and at any time. Some of them are quite trivial, while others represent a work of futuristic art. Sometimes the manufacturer decides to combine several functions, and the result is something practical and unusual, as the portable speakers with battery for charging gadgets Interstep SBS-160 reviews, which highlight the practicality of this design. Let's consistently consider the characteristics of this tandem, distinctive features, and then analyze user reviews to draw a conclusion about whether or not to buy this model and under what conditions it is best to use it.

What should pay attention when choosing

To Make a choice in favor of one or another gadget often makes its price. Sometimes, however do not skimp on quality or comfort during use. The same rules affect such devices which cannot be called vital, such as portable speakers Interstep SBS-160, the price of which to some may seem a bit high and is approximately 5 thousand rubles.

Should immediately determine, what conditions will be operated gadget. If it is a Hiking or bike trip that would depend, the model who became a hero of today's review, is perfect for such purposes because of their characteristics, which we will examine later.


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Less Important are the size and weight of the device, since at large distances to carry the extra weight is not always pleasant. Therefore, making a choice, always try to find a middle ground between sound power, autonomy and external dimensions.

interstep sbs 160 reviews

Factory equipment and appearance portable speakers

Having been in the store for hands on a box of Interstep SBS-160 Gray, you can see that it is made from plain white cardboard, decorated laminated signature orange stripe. On its faces there are all kinds of information, including the main features, and detailed specifications of the gadget. In the upper part of the loop where the package can be hung in the store or for transportation.

Inside is a large number of the seal that testifies to the desire of manufacturers to protect the device during transport. He divides itself directly column Interstep SBS-160 and a small Red box inside, which can fit all accessories and documents. Set of accessories was a little more than similar devices, and consists of an AUX cable to play music via line-in cable; carabiner clip for hanging, for example, on a backpack; and a micro-USB cable which can be used to charge a hefty built-in battery of the speaker and other devices when the gadget is used as powerbank.

In the available columns orange and black. One can choose the one that will be to his taste. The body in the form of a cylinder. As shown, this is the most practical solution at the moment because it allows to combine good audio features and a compact body.

In case the Bluetooth speakers are built-in metal ring designed for hanging speakers for the carbine. Besides him, there is a possibility to buy additional mounts, for example, on the bike frame. Casing is a rubber door behind which are all the interface connectors.

interstep sbs overview 160

Protection of IPX5 – what it is

The Network, you can often find reviews on this blade that it has not experienced heavy rain or even swimming in the pond. However, they unnecessarily criticize the manufacturer because it did not promise that such an effect can not be damaging to her. In fact, this standard of protection, which has the portable speakers Interstep SBS-160 can only guarantee that for the device are not afraid of accidental drops, splashes or ingress of grit.

That is, the column can survive accidental short-term exposure to jet out of the shower, water flying from vstraivayas nearby dog after a bath, or sand trapped inside after the storm, but no more. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to put the ‘experiments on the vitality” because they might end up going to the store for a new device.

Bluetooth speaker


For configuration and management, there is a small keyboard located on the side face. The manufacturer has taken care to ensure that she had a nice bluish backlighting that allows you to use the column in the campaigns, even in total darkness. Buttons not so much, and to understand them is not difficult, because the system uses standard icons not changing for several decades.

It is necessary to highlight the button with the lightning bolt icon. Reading relatively Interstep SBS-160 review, can not understand, why it is needed, but this activator is one of the key functions. Since the column has a second purpose, namely, the ability to charge other devices from built-in powerful battery, this feature should somehow enable. That's what is needed, an additional key, when pressed, energizes the built-in USB port. This function alone is disabled, if not detected by the consumption at the output, which indicates fully charged or no connected device.

Despite the fact that the buttons are not touch, this is not a minus. On the contrary, they are much easier to press in gloves, Hiking, and in General they look more reliable.

The Disadvantage, perhaps, is the lack of display, which would allow you to visualize the current mode and other parameters. So, without it to control tracks played over the built-in reader, is quite problematic. The rest of wireless acoustics Interstep SBS-160, the reset which can be done with the button answer the call, has user-friendly controls.

sbs red interstep 160

Audio source

Here the user Bluetooth speakers are a chic choice. So, if there are no additional gadgets, you can listen to music with the built-in FM radio. I consider it a sacrilege the use of good acoustics for that purpose? Install a memory card with pre-recorded on her MP3 files and listen to music, especially as audio is decoded quite accurately. However, as mentioned above, will have to accept the pattern of tracks from which to choose a gadget because using the controls you can only switch to next or previous. Scatter on folders is ignored all the music melds into one big playlist of thousands.

If this premise is not satisfied, then you can connect the included cable to any audio source, e.g. MP3 player. Or to do without cables, using the phone or player with built-in Bluetooth module. It should be noted that in the column Interstep SBS-160 reviews, which will be analyzed at the end of the article, installed “sinezub” version 4.0, so connecting multiple devices simultaneously with no problems.

Battery and autonomy

A Main feature of this portable speaker is a surround built-in battery, whose capacity is 6000 mAh. This is enough only for food two powerful speakers, but also for charging phones, tablets and other gadgets.

As stated by the manufacturer of the item if it doesn't drain its charge for charging other devices, enough for listening to music via the AUX-in at medium volume for 14-16 hours. As for the sound transmission via Bluetooth, you have to accept the fact that wireless acoustics Interstep SBS-160 will work only 8 hours at maximum volume.

Still, it's a pretty good performance, as other manufacturers often far from such values. Do not forget about the power of the built-in audio system, which generates relatively high energy consumption.

wireless acoustics interstep sbs 160 reset settings


According to some experts, this column is designed to create the effect of the presence of the subwoofer, although physically it does not. For a fairly powerful, but clear sound, meet two brand dynamics, each of which has a capacity of 8 Watts. Except that the total power obtained is quite high, in the housing spaced passive resonators, amplifying the sound and creating a feeling of surround sound.

When listening even at maximum volume there is no desire to reduce it due to the distortion, as their simply no. The bass is pretty deep, but the MIDs slightly miscalculated, with the result that their a little short and make the sounds of individual instruments can be difficult. In the rest of this column is quite enough to sound broken in the woods camping with no extra voltage and loads.

Using as a headset

Oddly enough, but...

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