What is MIS transistor?


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The Element base of semiconductor elements is constantly growing. Every new invention in this field, in fact, change the entire view on electronic systems. Change the circuit's ability to design new devices based on them. Since the invention of the first transistor (1948), it has been a while. Was invented structures "p-n-p and n-p-n" bipolar transistors. Over time, and MIS transistor, operating on the principle of changes in electrical conductivity of the surface semiconductor layer under the electric field action. Hence another name of this element – field.

MIS transistorThe abbreviation MIS (metal-insulator-semiconductor) characterizes the internal structure of this device. And really, stopper it is isolated from drain and source of the thin non-conductive layer. Modern mos transistor has a gate length of 0,6 µm. Through it can pass only electromagnetic field – here it affects the electrical state of the semiconductor.

Let's look at how it works field-effect transistor, and find out what is his main difference from the bipolar “fellow”. The appearance of the necessary capacity at its gate appears electromagnetic field. It affects the transition resistance of the drain-source junction. Here are some of the benefits of using this device.

  • Open the contact resistance of the drain-source is very small, and MIS transistor is used as the electronic key. For example, it can manage the operational amplifier, the shunting of the load or to participate in schemes of logic.MIS transistors
  • You should Also note the high input resistance of the device. This option is quite relevant when working in low voltage circuits.
  • Low junction capacitance drain-source allows the use of the MIS transistor in high-frequency devices. The process does not occur distortion with the signal.
  • The Development of new technologies in the production of elements led to the creation of IGBT-transistors, combining the positive qualities of the field and bipolar elements. Power modules on their basis are widely used in soft starters and frequency converters.

FETWhen designing and working with these elements, it is necessary to consider that the MIS transistors are very sensitive to overvoltage in the circuit, and static electricity. That is, the device may malfunction when the touch to the control findings. When mounting or Dismounting use a special grounding.


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Prospects for the use of this device is very good. Due to its unique properties, it has found wide application in various electronic equipment. Innovative trend in modern electronics is the use of power IGBT modules for use in various circuits, including induction.

The Technology of their production is constantly being improved. Being developed for scaling (reducing) the length of the shutter. This will improve the already good operational parameters of the device.

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