Electric stoves, glass ceramic which is used as a working surface: the arguments "for" and "against".


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Humanity is familiar with glass-ceramic for a long time. However, electric stoves, glass ceramic which was used as a coating, appeared in our kitchens relatively recently. But for this short period of time, ceramic plates won an army of fans. Let's try to understand this phenomenal success.

So, we have prominent representatives of the modern and high-tech kitchen appliances-cookers, glass ceramic which was used as the main element. The main advantage of this material is its high vertical conductivity. Almost zero horizontal conductivity makes ceramic hob safe. You can touch the surface only a few inches from the burners running without the risk of getting burned. How quickly heats up the surface of the plate, so fast she cools down. Just enough to reduce the burner power to prevent boiling over preparing meals at the same moment. In addition, the glass-ceramic is a very durable material, able to bear large static load. Although surgical strikes it keeps poorly. Hence the advice to Housewives - try not to drop on the surface of electric stoves, glass ceramic in which plays the role of the cover, heavy metal objects. Another important advantage of the glass-ceramic plate is the design. Modern appearance allows this stove to fit perfectly into the interior of every kitchen. And thanks to technology, the ceramic glass can be applied to any pattern without fear that it will fade.

Dependent or independent hot plates?

Glass-Ceramic plate in which the hob can't work separately from the oven, are called dependent. Gradually, the manufacturers disclaim such constructions in favor of an independent. It's pretty simple to explain. Because independent cooktop can be placed anywhere, and the oven to raise the floor level to a convenient height, allowing not to bend down every time you need to check the degree of readiness of dishes. In addition, the use of independent electric stoves and tells them the price, because buying such a panel there is no need to overpay for an oven, which some people in the economy simply do not need. When needed it can be purchased over time.


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Power appliance and design

Electric Stoves, glass ceramic which serves as the working surface are different from each other type of burners. Burners are rapidne, halogen and HighLight. They differ from each other by the heating rate. Type of installed burners can affect the price of the appliance. Anyway, electric stove with cast iron burners become history and give way to the glass-ceramic. And the gas of modern kitchens is gradually replaced by electricity. It is obvious that a modern electric stove is much safer than gas. The design of modern stoves with glass ceramic working surface perfectly complement the interior of any kitchen, and a variety of sizes and shapes  will pick up the hob for room of any size.

Cons of the glass-ceramic

Possessing many advantages, ceramic stoves have some disadvantages. Despite its durability, stainless steel does not tolerate surgical strikes (mentioned above). Remember that cracked ceramic glass panel is beyond repair, and its replacement will cost a considerable amount of money. In addition, you should be wary of contact with the surface of the plate of food containing sugar. If this happened, you should immediately remove it from the surface. Glass ceramic picky about cookware. The bottom of the pan or pan must be perfectly flat and match the diameter of the burner. For care of glass ceramic hobs should not be used hard wire and sponge tools, which include abrasives.

So, if after reading this article and after weighing all the arguments “for” and “against”, you have decided to purchase a stove with a working surface ceramic, then let me give you some advice. Itself glass-ceramic coating on all electric stoves are almost identical, as the issue involved only a few companies. Therefore, special attention should be given to the electronic component of the appliance and the presence of necessary functions. Well-established products of the company Ariston. Glass-ceramic cooking surface of this company are popular all over the world and fully meet the consumers ' views about reliability and simplicity. Those who prefer high-tech products, you should look at the models of electric stoves glass ceramic firms Bosh. The modern market is full of various models of electric stoves with glass ceramic hobs for every taste and budget. So without a purchase you are unlikely to remain.

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