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Someone like iPads and iPhones, and some prefer tablet "Beeline". Customer reviews say that this cheap toy actually - functional device with many great features.

Features of the tablet "Beeline"

Beeline tablets reviews

The Original model that costs a little more than 1,900 rubles, immediately became popular. While buyers receive a full device that has phone functions. Its technical characteristics model, of course, inferior to expensive counterparts, but configuration, design and design did such a popular tablet "Beeline". Reviews about the first model converged in one: it is made with high quality and have unique features.


A Device made of plastic attracts the attention of the appearance. Aluminum back, top and bottom are complemented with plastic inserts. Manufacturers chose quality materials that have a tactile surface and does not get dirty. The enclosure is a speaker, which for such a budget model is powerful enough and clear. The first "Beeline Tab" was built on the Android operating system 4.4, which provides adequate performance. This tablet "Beeline" (1990) received a good feedback because of low cost, although it was noted that its quite slow.

tablet Beeline for 1990 reviews

"Beeline Tab" – a sufficiently powerful CPU MediaTek MT8312, but memory for such a device is not enough. Standard camera 2 MP and 0.3 MP enhance this model, however, high-quality images still do not count because of the bad matrix. Data can be stored on internal memory of 4GB and can be expanded if necessary.


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Equipping the first "Beeline Tab"

The First tablet "Beeline Tab" comments received in large numbers. As equipment is used, the module Bluetooth 3.0, access to Internet is possible through Wi-Fi or 3G network. SIM card of the standard model, so the problems with its pruning will not. The display device is 7-inch has a resolution of 1024 x 600 px and supports multitouch. The power runs from the battery. In reviews it is often noted that this model is not perfect.

What's the difference?

Very popular among buyers enjoy the tablet "Beeline Tab", which reviews have noted a difference between the two models. First, the apparatus is more compact and is equipped with a display of 7 inches. The touch screen has a high resolution of 600 x 1024 pixels. The model has a TN + Film matrix, but the color of the solution faded, especially when compared with similar models from other brands. Users note that the display in such a budget device is quite good, as the touch screen is clear and responds accurately to touch.

tablet Beeline tab reviews

Of the shortcomings of display users report poor visibility small print, and screen density, which does not comfortably search for the necessary information in the Network. On the other hand, the tablet "Beeline" for 1990, which reviews mostly good, despite the shortcomings, it is easy to configure to the mobile version where the font is readable.

With tablet "Beeline Tab"?

Reviews say that the CPU of the updated model is a dual core chip MediaTek, which is complemented by a RAM size of 512 MB and 4 GB drive. If necessary, you can always replenish the amount of memory through microSD card. As for comfortable work, users note: smart Android OS 4.4 KitKat and a good optimization software allow surfing the web at a high enough level. Review of the Internet tablet Beeline Tab says that with complex sites the device still is not fairing very. Especially if you open several tabs at once.

Dimensions and appearance

Internet tablet Beeline reviews

The Unit is compact and comfortable, it is convenient to use. The thickness adds weight, and the gadget fits in the palm of your hand. "Beeline Tab 2" is a budget decision, however, to boast of supercopier or efficient processor, the tablet does not. On the other hand, the gadget works stably and efficiently, allowing you to view video, read books, surf the Internet, listen to music. If you choose the right tariff, "Beeline", tablet reviews, which occur very often, the total cost of the device will be no more than 3000 rubles.

Manufacturer positions the model as a budget tablet, which will appeal to undemanding users or kids who like to play games. The display can operate in mode of illumination, which allows the rational use of energy expenditure. There is a mysterious mode "Economical backlight". Experts say that this strange mode do not need this tablet model.

Package contents

tariff Beeline tablet reviews

In the standard set is complemented by the tablet, charger, connective cables, user manual and warranty card. The device is delivered without a wired headset, and memory card. Tablets Beeline (reviews about them often) are ideal for the novice user, since they have all the Essentials.

The tablet Feature – the adapter on the output current, because the battery may not be enough for a couple of days of use. The design solution attracts the attention of the appearance, which is clearly visible manufacturability. Colors of tablets different – from black to dark gray.


The Tablet "Beeline" (the user reviews tell about many important points) have a sealed enclosure, where the SIM card is inserted in the top slot, and the retainer for it is not available. The memory card can be inserted into the open socket on top, and it is better to supply immediately to avoid clogging of the slot. The power button, volume control located on the right, they protrude slightly above the shell, so to manage them conveniently.

tablet Beeline m2 reviews

The power Button and rocker volume control located on the right side. Speaking at the time, the course clear, the gap between the buttons is sufficient. In the opinion of some users, the buttons are a bit tight but this is subjective. In any case, it's better than the opposite - less chance of accidental taps.


Multimedia speaker – is what exactly can not boast tablet "Beeline" for 1990. Many users agree that the volume is sufficient, but if the gadget is on the table, the dynamics is not audible. The microphone is located in the right bottom corner, which is convenient. Led indicator – one of the highlights of the model.

The Main camera has a size of 2 megapixels and has no autofocus, and the front VGA camera used honest. Of the shortcomings can be noted the cold shades of images, that is, unsaturated color combinations. Autofocus, of course, necessary because macro is not very good. You can always find the optimal rate online for tablet "Beeline". Reviews often mention that the device works well with any traffic. This is its distinct advantage.

"Beeline M2": reviews, description, features, and firmware tablet

Today, tablets – it is functional and modern gadgets that solve several problems at once. "Beeline M2" – is the first operator branded tablet in the world. The model is based on the platform of ZTE V9 and is quite expensive-almost 13 000. However, it is believed that the device is inexpensive, if you compare it with:

  • Android 2.1 (i.e., no support Flash 10.1);
  • Touchscreen display 7.2 inch resistive screen;
  • Camera - 3.2 MP;
  • Modules - Wi-Fi, GPS;
  • Connector - 3.2 mm.

Beeline m2 reviews description features and firmware tablet

The Only negative – has speaker tablet "Beeline M2". Reviews say that this is a significant drawback. The tablet also tied to the operator, but it is always possible to unlock to use in other networks.

Externally, the tablet looks traditional, as the features of modern gadgets dictate the basic requirements for design and ergonomics and constructive detail. The case is plastic, no metal or glass inserts. In the reviews it is noted that the model is well assembled, not lofted and does not creak, if you click on it. The use of plastic provides a light weight device that is very convenient if you plan to take it on the road.

Compact and modern

The Tablet "Beeline M2" is a good pocket computer, which attracts the attention of a small weight and dimensions, perfect balance of body, small thickness, which affects the compactness and ergonomics of the model. Removable battery with sufficient capacity, is in...

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