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Information about LG G4c (reviews, descriptions, tests, reviews), to date very much. To draw conclusions on the smartphone, you need to know about its features. First and foremost it should be noted that the operating system is "Android" version 5.0. Case by the manufacturer with classical type. Many can't inspire LG G4c.

Mobile phone go to the most diverse, but the parameters this model is still impressive. Battery in this case lasts for about 3 days. Various sensors detect both light and proximity in the device are available. Is today the smartphone in the area of 16 thousand rubles To learn more about the benefits of this modification, you need to look at the main parameters of the device.

lg g4c reviews description tests reviews

Key features

For the processor phone LG G4c H522Y reviews gets a variety. It is used in this case, a series of "Qualcomm". According to the manufacturer, the frequency it is capable of supporting approximately 1500 MHz. Thus, performance issues it shouldn't be. The video processor in turn is installed type "Andrena", many specialists are well familiar with. Support for two SIM cards, this model is available.

If we talk about dimensions, the width of the smartphone is equal to 70 mm, height 138 mm, and a thickness of only 10 mm. the Weight is 135 g. it is Made in different colors, and the choice of the buyer is definitely there. Reviews about LG smartphone G4c H522Y (silver color) for women are good.


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What hardware is installed?

The Chip the device uses a series of RC11. It is designed this model for three channels. High system performance is ensured by the use of high-quality selector. He set the model for a couple with a modulator dvuhterabaytnogo type. Also note that the contacts of this smartphone on the pentodes. The Converter mounts a single pole, but the bandwidth are quite high. It is also important to mention that in this model, there is the traverse. It is a transitional type with a magnetic label.

lg smartphone g4c h522y silver reviews

Tools for communication

Tools for communication in this model are sufficient. References in the present smartphone control with great comfort. In this bookmark, you can always move to the panel. Thus, the access to important files is quite fast. Bluetooth in this model for data transfer by the manufacturer with a series of КК201. Reviews about LG G4c H522Y for this reason there are quite pleasant. It is noted that the file Bluetooth is capable of transmitting at high speed. If you believe the customer reviews, it recognize other devices is very fast. Directly posts print just because of the intellectual input. Also note that in this model, there are many opportunities to insert various symbols from the gallery and the memory card.

Additionally it is important to mention that the input language can be quickly changed. Directly insert contacts the user has the possibility with the menu. Also indicated the smartphone is well suited for distribution of important information. To configure the settings of the messages is quite accurate. In this case, the manufacturer provides the function of extracting e-mails in the specified device.

reviews on lg smartphone g4c h522y silver

Camera Settings

The Camera is installed with average parameters LG G4c. Discussion smartphone (5 MP) about it is experiencing today. In this case, the photos have the opportunity to do at a resolution of 1200 by 700 pixels. It should also be noted that the video quality of the model you select. The brightness setting in the device is at the level of 300 CD. Special attention is given to adjusting light and contrast. In this case, the sensitivity of the user is not able to configure.

An Increase in the specified model manufacturer provides double. The smoothing mode is selected by default. The face detection feature. It is also important to mention that the user has the ability to adjust the saturation of the image. Special attention deserves the represented device as a flashlight. LG smartphone G4c H522Y Silver reviews for this reason only gets good. In the dark the flash is quite able to help. Exposure mode in the presented model is the default.

lg phone g4c h522y reviews

Consumer Reviews about the camera

Cell phone LG G4c H522Y (8GB) reviews has varied. If you believe the opinion of consumers, for photos of this model do. However, the video removes the specified device with low resolution, and before purchasing it should be taken into account. Brightness directly in the model to adjust is quite simple. The mode is face detection can only be enabled from the device menu. LG G4c H522Y receives positive feedback for a good focus.

However, at night the blurriness of the images is quite striking. The maximum of the user video to record for 15 minutes. The standard timer lined. Withby contrast, in this model there is no problem. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then the motion clarity is pretty good. In video mode the sound if you wish to disable. Additionally it is important to mention that the best antialiasing is set by default. Effects for image processing in this model are quite extensive.

Media player

The media Player in this model has a multifunctional type. In this case for clips to be used. All major audio reproduced by the system. Also note that the mute function in the model is missing. It is also important to mention that the button is a repeat of the melody on the panel is not provided. Albums in this media player can be assigned. Control buttons in this case are located in the lower part.

Create lists of music, the user has the possibility, as with the gallery, and with the external drive. Special attention in the presented media player deserve extensive customization of the interface. In this case the visual image in the device downloaded very much. Directly play mode genre the model has. Also, the device provides all the standard functions to adjust the music options.

lg g4c mobile phone

Consumer Reviews of media player

For media player LG G4c H522Y receives positive reviews and many owners find it comfortable. The first thing to note quality interface. The extra functions it is not overloaded. However, some of the options it lacks. First and foremost is the lack of option to close the video. LG G4c H522Y gets negative reviews because visual images are scarce, and they are loaded long. Directly volume control of media player set size is small. Thus, with the touchpad fine tune it is almost impossible. Random melodies can be selected, and it pleases. Also the media player in this model surprises with albums. In this case, their list can be assigned by category.


Set the specified device includes a standard memory card, and manual. Additionally the user is able to find a cable to connect a model to a personal computer. Headphones in the box there are standard and special qualities are not highlighted. If you believe the owners, they are able to work for long. For the case of the product to LG G4c H522Y gets good reviews. Overall it is beautiful and wears very slowly.

General device settings

To go into settings, you must select the corresponding tab in the device menu. In this case, the time determined by the time zone. The signal in this model can be configured for all contacts. The information on each of them is filled separately. In this case, the user is able to decide on the media. As a rule, many people like to store contacts on the phone.

However, as the media data, the user is able to choose SIM card. Vibrating alert in the presented device is configured separately. The volume of the melodies during the call the user is able to correct. It concerns not only swadeshi calls and messages.

reviews about lg g4c h522y


The Firmware of the phone is often performed through a new program "Operated". Better to download it through the official website. It should also be noted that to find it on the Internet for free is quite difficult. Before starting the firmware you need to sure the smartphone is fully charged. In this system files from the phone to remove not necessarily. To start the firmware need to connect the device to a personal computer. The next step is to run the program itself.

The flashing Process is activated with the button start. Time, the process may take about 20 minutes. After installing the phone important to believe in the performance. For this you need to run multiple applications simultaneously and test the system. If the program did not improve the system performance, it is necessary to return to the original settings. It will have to go into the device menu and select the recovery tab through the accessibility subsection.

lg g4c h522y reviews

Additional accessories for the device

Memory Card 20 GB for this phone pick up quite often. Thus, the device can record a lot of movies. Additionally, note that the headphones for listening to music will require a quality. This proprietary models are quite expensive. The most popular to date is considered to be earphones company "trust". Find them in the store as you can with the controller, and without it.

If we talk about the convenient use of the device in the car, in this case not to do without a portable kit. It is most often chosen brand "Acme". Fixing it manufacturer provides pretty high quality. Cost an average model of the said brand in the area of 3 thousand rubles in order not to take a trip charger best for smart phone to buy a "frog".

Organiser Functions

The organizer of thisthe device is used is quite standard. Calculator this model by the manufacturer with a very simple. While the watch is used with the calendar. Directly alarm this model can be configured. It should also be noted that the device has a timer and stopwatch.

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