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Mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - each of us uses at its own discretion. Often with their help, browsing pages on the Internet, read books, check email and social networks, play. For those who are interested in the last paragraph and writing this article. In it we will provide a list that includes the best gaming tablets. But before we describe what is required of “game” of the device, what features it has.


Since we are talking about gaming computers and tablets, it is logical that they are intended primarily for running games. Of course, this is not the basic "TIC TAC toe” or “filardi”, and the most colorful and realistic products: Asphalt Urban, Dead Trigger2, Clash of Clans and others. All these and many other games are cumbersome, because to play at its best requires a significant amount of resources and the high capacity of the graphics device to transmit the image. To provide them a powerful tablet computers that we are going to look at the scope of this writing. In addition, special attention should be given to the battery. This is a significant factor that determines how long will be able to operate your device.


Let's Start with the fact that most “catches the eye" - from the picture that the user sees. Of course, the more colorful the game even more interesting to play. Therefore, computers that are purchased for work with the appropriate content type needs to demonstrate a high graphical performance.

The Most colourful displays are recognized as those that are installed on the “Apple” devices. Therefore, most likely, an industry leader, in terms of image quality is iPad Air Pro, which runs on the video processor from Apple. Along with it, the gaming tablet is equipped with the famous worldwide Retina screen, is capable of transmitting the maximum number of colors. It is not surprising that play on this device a pleasure!

Of Course, there are other devices that can be classified as “high-quality game APK” from the point of view of graphics capabilities. For example, this is a Korean Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Sony Xperia Z3 and even the budget Google Nexus 7 2013. However, they all lag behind Apple product (according to customer reviews). In practice, to compare some devices difficult for the reason that they have different models of graphics chips and processors.


gaming tablet 10 inch

Another vital component of the tablet, which will be considered as perfect for playing games, is the CPU. “Heart” the device provides continuous his work. As expected, the TOP gaming tablets includes devices that are not “brake” when switching between tabs or when high load on the CPU. Their computing power, usually in order not to disrupt the game.

About what “filling” is used in the market, there are several options. For example, Apple, again, is its own processor A7. Some tablets used the Nvidia Tegra 4, other - the development of Qualcomm and MediaTek. To know which of these processors is better simply. Pay attention to what the clock speed is able to show games tablets “Samsung”, Apple and other brands. The higher this number the more likely the device is powered. Chinese low-cost models it is lower than the above mentioned flagships.


When you think about how to find the best gaming tablets, recall on the battery. When you think for the second time about it - to do anything it will be too late, as the tablet will be on hand. Therefore please look at the capacity of the battery supplied with the device. It is measured in units of mAh (milliampere - hours). The logic is simple: the higher the number, the longer it will last your camera. This, again, depends on the power consumption. For a small 7-inch devices that consume relatively little energy, enough for 3.5-4 thousand mAh of charge, while larger gaming tablets (10 inches) require higher performance.

Operating system

The Important role played by the OS running on the tablet. It is clear that currently the leadership of the market (if you take a numeric expression) keeps the Android platform, which runs more than 60-70 % of all users of smartphones and tablets. It is followed by Apple with their iOS - less popular, but also very good operating system.

Basically, the user is pointed choice between these two alternatives. There is still the Windows platform, but it is available on fewer tablets. What OS is used, depends on the number and availability of the games in the theme directories (Google Play and Appstore). Not all games are published in both shops.


So, analyzing the above information, you can make a kind of ranking models consisting of 10 tablets. We sort it just in accordance with the above criteria.

top gaming tablets

The First place is Apple iPad Air 2 (or rather, now it can be Air Pro). The tablet is equipped with powerful processors and high-quality screen play it is a real pleasure.

Next comes another flagship - Samsung Galaxy Tab S. the Price is slightly lower, but the quality of the device allows to say that this is the real gaming tablet: powerful, resilient in terms of battery life and colorful display.

gaming tablet

The Three should, logically, close the device NVIDIA Shield. You may not have heard, but it is a specialized platform designed for playing games. It is represented in the form of a console with a joystick for control and a 5-inch display and a powerful Tegra 4 processor from NVIDIA allows you to run without lagging anything. The only problem is that the device is not as versatile as the tablets on the first two places. So put it only on the third position.

In the fourth place of our rating of new Sony Xperia Z Tablet Compact. Since the device came out recently, its price is quite high - this is the only negative. Otherwise, it is ahead of its competitors because it has colorful screen with sharp features (Bravia), a powerful processor, small size and weight (which is also important). More mention should be made of water-resistant gadget.

gaming computers and tablets


On the 5th and 6th places in our ranking are from HTC - the Google Nexus tablet 9 (which replaces the Nexus 7-th generation), and iPad Mini 3. Both devices have an attractive design and high performance, but place them at the beginning of the rating is not a small size does not allow to make them hardy. Plus, again, overpriced as “Apple” and the new product from HTC.

gaming tablet photo

On the 7th place placed Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is a very powerful and versatile device that is also used by designers. A large screen will appeal to gamers who want to experience the most realistic sensations. The device can be used for watching movies, surfing and much more.

gaming tablet-Samsung

The 8-th and 9-th position occupied budget tablets: Nexus 7 and Xiaomi MiPad. The first is the older generation, the Google Nexus, the development of which has been the company Asus. Equipped with 4 cores, 2 GB of RAM and only costs about $ 200. The same applies to MiPad, only it is the brainchild of a young Chinese company with affordable price and even more powerful technical parameters. Of the game they just “fly”, despite the low price devices and small size.

At the bottom of our “TOP” Lenovo Yoga Tablet - famous transformer, which has a special adjustable housing for operation from different positions. But not only does this tablet game. Again, high-tech display and high processor frequency - it allows you to take it to such gadgets, which provide the ability to run any game without any problems!

How to choose?

Well, you say, Yes, the article lists the different games (some of their pictures as well), but how to choose? How not to miscalculate and buy a device that will best meet your requirements?

First, pay attention to the price. Still, the range of models is wide enough to find a gadget for every budget. Secondly, define for yourself a few attractive devices and read about them, view related. Next, the choice will come himself and will be obvious to you.

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