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The Russian company Highscreen is among the leaders in the domestic market of mobile electronics. This Corporation successfully produces a functional, efficient and inexpensive smartphones and tablets. The device, produced under the brand Highscreen, are often treated experts the most optimal in terms of combinations of marked features. Is it possible to evaluate similarly the popular smartphone Highscreen WinWin? How competitive looks the camera in the segment of budget solutions?

Highscreen WinWin cover

Perhaps the answer to this question we will approach the study, in fact, the technical characteristics of the device. Let's start our little review of the device from them.


What are the characteristics of the smartphone Highscreen WinWin? The key ones are as follows:

- OS: Windows Phone 8.1;

- processor: Qualcomm, 4 cores, 1.2 GHz;

- RAM: 512 MB;

- built-in flash memory: 4GB;

- communication: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 version, USB 2.0;

- camera: 5 megapixels, has autofocus and flash;

- camcra front: 0.3 MP;

- navigation module: GPS;

- battery: 2 thousand mAh;

sensors: proximity sensor and accelerometer.

multimedia features: connector for 3.5-mm audio, FM radio.

Package contents

What is a market package of smartphone? In the box, purchased by the buyer, is, in fact, the phone Highscreen WinWin, manual, power supply, microUSB cable, headset, and two extra back cover. One yellow, the other — black. Additional accessories for your smartphone Highscreen WinWin — the case, for example, is always available in most modern shops.

Highscreen WinWin reviews

Many fans of mobile electronics celebrates the richness and convenience of the user guide included in the delivery set of the device. In this sense, an inexperienced user can easily master the basic nuances of a smartphone Highscreen WinWin. The manual device — a clear and sufficiently detailed.


The device — rectangular, rounded corners, transitions, smooth lines. The front side of the smartphone is protected by a sturdy glass. In the upper area of the front of the case — front-facing camera, voice speaker, and proximity sensor. Under the display — the standard buttons available on devices running Windows Phone - “Back”, “Search”, and specialises in “Windows”.


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Mobile phones

The Back cover covers not only the back area of the body, but also the side of the phone. It is made of matte plastic. As noted by many owners of the phone Highscreen WinWin (reviews about this device are abundant at theme online portals) — the back cover material is very pleasant to the touch, the surface of the corresponding element resistant to dirt. The marked part is determined, in fact, also the color of the device. So, the user Highscreen WinWin — red and yellow elements of the appropriate type.

In the back of the case is also the main camera, to the right — led flash. Also in the same area of the phone is the main speaker over his mesh. The batteries of the device are removable, they are under the plastic panels. Under them — slots for additional memory cards of type microSD and 2 SIM-cards of standard size.

On the right side of the phone houses the power button, on the left — key for adjusting the sound level. In the upper part — a port for connecting a USB cable, and 3.5 mm audio Jack. At the bottom end of the body there are no functional elements. The microphone is located on the front panel of the device — in a corner at the bottom right.

Ease of use and ergonomics: testimonials

What users are saying about comfort of operation of the smartphone Highscreen WinWin? Reviews fans mobile electronics indicate that the device is primarily characterized by excellent ergonomics. Its body is wonderfully located in the hand. The comfort of use of the device also contribute to its modest dimensions: using the thumb easy access to any control device or desired location of the sensor on the display.


Now, actually, about the characteristics of the screen. Phone Highscreen WinWin equipped with a display 4 inches, its matrix is made by technology IPS. The screen resolution of the device — 800 by 480 pixels. Pixelation on the display is minimal, it is almost not visible. The picture is displayed perfectly. If you tilt the device left or right, the image quality is almost falling, but when the same movements up or down in the picture may slightly change the colors, add a little inversion. But it is acceptable, according to many experts — so as the phone belongs to the budget category and sold to the same in one of the lowest price segments.


Consider the characteristics of the software that is installed on phone Highscreen WinWin. User reviews indicate that the choice of this device by many people due to the availability of the Windows Phone OS. Its main advantage, in particular before Android, that to achieve high speed device operation in many cases does not require ahigh-performance CPU and large amounts of RAM. When comparing two phones of the same class with similar characteristics “iron”, as a rule, faster is one that is managed with Windows Phone.

Highscreen WinWin the manual

The Interface appropriate operating system on all types of devices is almost the same — as Microsoft is not welcomed by “custom” modification of controls OS manufacturers of the devices. In this sense, to switch from one device under control of Windows Phone to another — very simple. The mechanism to install and manage applications on the device will also be almost the same.

It is Noteworthy that users of the smartphone Highscreen WinWin (the reviews of many owners of the device to characterize the opportunity only to the positive side) the available mobile versions of popular office programs-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The functionality of the relevant decisions, in General, allows on documents all those basic operations that a computer. Supported, in principle, the same file formats, which is typical for Microsoft Office programs that are installed on your PC.

SIM cards

Like many other modern mobile phones, this device supports 2 SIM cards at the same time. Through the Windows interface, you can choose — with what to call this or that number. It is convenient from the point of view of optimization of expenses on cellular communication: it often happens that from one operator to call specific to the subscriber is cheaper than the other. If necessary, you can modify the elements of the interface under the personal needs of the owner of the device.

Highscreen WinWin is 4

“Iron” and performance

The Processor installed in the smartphone Highscreen WinWin — a 4-core chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8212. It is made in the framework of the process technology 28 nm. Running at a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. Equipped with a graphics engine Adreno 302. The smartphone has 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal flash memory.

Similar characteristics, especially in terms of RAM, would look very modest on devices running Android OS. However, in this case the smartphone runs on Windows Phone, for which the corresponding “filling” is acceptable. Users do not experience significant problems running basic apps and games, a key interface elements Highscreen WinWin. Overview this device is written not in one specialized portal, every time experts involved in the drafting of relevant analytical materials, suggests that the performance of the phone — at a good level.


The Smartphone is characterized, as noted by users, high quality audio playback — this applies to both the spoken module, and dynamics, designed to work in speakerphone mode or playing music in the room. The sound is quite loud and intense. Like many other mobile phones, the device has separate speakers for calls and media playback.


The Device features a 5-megapixel camera, equipped with autofocus and flash. According to users and experts, the picture quality is generally good, although certain components and is not perfect, because the phone still belongs to the budget category and technology of photography it does not the most advanced. However, according to experts, the smartphone camera provides good color. Thanks to the flash you can take pictures under any lighting conditions. As noted by many users, it's easy to use interface of the camera of the smartphone Highscreen WinWin. Manual, which in detail explained the nuances of the operation of this hardware component is not needed.

Highscreen WinWin black

The Quality of videos recorded with the help of the device — quite average. But many, according to experts, depends on the actual shooting conditions. If you keep them in a good light, in a relaxed environment, not on the run, pulling device — it is possible to achieve good video quality.


The Phone supports the popular interfaces — Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Any difficulties in the use of experts and the owners of the device don't celebrate, everything works stably, data transmission is provided sufficiently quickly and without significant disruption of interfaces. About the standard features — voice calls, SMS — users and experts do not reveal any flaws the smartphone. Connect your device via USB cable to other devices is also carried out without any problems.

PC Connectivity

It Can be noted that the device implements the standards by which a smartphone user can exchange data between your device and a computer that has the “desktop” version of Windows. Employing this software, the user, being behind a PC can view files and download them to your PC or to upload from the PC to the phone.


The battery life of the phone — 2 thousand mAh that allows the device to operate without recharging while the average rate of operation is approximatelythe course of the day. If you use the device only in the game, it will last about 5 hours with continuous video playback — for 5.5 hours. As a whole the corresponding figures look pretty decent against competitive models in the budget price segment.

Evaluation of Autonomous operation of any mobile device in most cases will be, one way or another, subjective. The fact that the intensity of the use of smartphones and tablets from every lover of gadget will be individual, as well as the type sagastume. In this sense, it is difficult to determine some average criteria. Judging by the reviews on the thematic online casinos, the owners considered the device in General, satisfied with the observed performance of the Autonomous operation of the device.


Phone Highscreen WinWin - cheap (about 3800 rubles), and at the same time highly functional and productive device that is able to provide the basic needs of the modern user. Of course, in some components, such as the quality of the camera, it will yield to the leading models from the biggest brands. However, in terms of performance, communication, display quality, camera work and sound reproduction — the device is quite competitive.

Highscreen WinWin instruction

The Windows Phone Operating system present in the device that operates stably and without problems runs modern apps and common games. Besides, the device supports helpful communication interfaces to exchange data between mobile device and PC.

The device under Consideration can quite be recommended to fans of gadgets that don't have much experience with Windows Phone. By means of a smartphone from Highscreen people will easily be able to master the basic functions of your operating system. Given the involvement, of course, other useful features of the device.

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