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One of the most interesting phablets of 2013 were rightly Lenovo K900. Reviews Owners, technical specifications and other important information regarding this device will be given in the framework of this review.

lenovo k900 reviews


Of Course, completion is a strong point of Lenovo K900. The reviews only confirm this. Part of the boxed version of this device includes the following components and accessories:

  • The Smartphone with a built-in battery 2500 mA/h.

  • Quality stereo headset with excellent sound quality.

  • Charger.

  • Cord-adapter format USB - Micro USB.

  • Silicone case — bumper.

  • Protective film for display.

  • Warranty card and user guide manual for this phablet.

Everything you need to work on this smartphone is included in the package, and you get immediately a working device.

Design and usability

Poorly thought out ergonomics of this gadget. The physical buttons are located on different sides of the smartphone, and operate it with one hand is problematic. After all, the display is a decent 5 and a half inches. The back cover of the device is made of sheet metal, the edges are inserts of a width of 1 cm of polycarbonate. In turn, the display is protected by impact resistant glass “Gorillagras” of the 2nd generation. Below the screen are three standard touch buttons with backlight.

lenovo k900 32gb reviews


Sufficiently fast CPU is installed in the Lenovo K900. The reviews talking about how most applications work on it without any problems. In this case we are talking about the ATOM Z2580. Physically, this CPU 2 cores, but due to the proprietary HT technology from Intel at the software level is already 4 cores. Such non-standard solution allows in some cases to impressive performance gains of 10-15 percent. Another feature of this chip is the clock frequency, which at maximum capacity can reach 2 GHz. In General, its computational power is enough even for most demanding tasks. But there is one significant “but” this CPU: it is based on the architecture of "X86", and the operating system “Android” focused on solutions based on “AWS”. As a result, some applications may not run. And not because of a lack of computational resources and because of incompatibilities. As example, “Real Racing III”, which just doesn't run on this gadget.


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Graphics and screen

As a graphics adapter in the device acts PowerVR SGX544MP2. Of course, this is not the fastest graphics card, but its resources are enough easily for most tasks. For example, “Asphalt 7” it goes to the highest settings, and even in HD-quality, without any problems. By the way, the screen resolution is 1920 pixels in length and 1080 pixels in width. The basis of the display lies an IPS-matrix. The image displayed on the screen quality, contrast and color rendition of censures do not cause.

lenovo ideaphone k900 32gb reviews


Main camera-based sensor in the 13mp Lenovo K900 32GB GREY. Reviews Distinguish obtained by means of photos. They are really high quality, and not every premium-class device can say that. Also implemented in this device there is autofocus and led backlight. But with video all not so good. Videos are recorded with a resolution of 1920x1080, but the lack of stabilization system pictures. The image is slightly blurred and occasionally twitching. In turn, the front camera based on the sensor in 2MP. This is quite enough for video calls (this is its main purpose). Among its other characteristics include angle of view, which in this case is 88 degrees, and this indicator in this model of smartphone is still no competition.

smartphone lenovo k900 32gb reviews


The RAM in this device is 2 GB. It is enough for a normal and stable operation of “Android”. In the basic version of this smartphone is 16 GB integrated, part of which is occupied by system software. In a more advanced modification capacity increased in 2 times and amounts to 32 GB. Accordingly, such a device is more expensive. One of the main drawbacks K900 is the lack of slots for mounting external flash card. If the built-in memory prove insufficient, it can be increased only by connecting a normal USB flash drive with I-cable.


Another weak point is the autonomy of the Lenovo K900 32GB BLACK. Reviews secrete small capacity built-in battery. Indeed, 2500 mA/h and a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches, the image which displays in HD, and even 2-core processor with a frequency of 2 GHz and support HT technology – are incompatible. In reality, a single charge of the battery on this smartphone, with mediocre load enough for one-day battery life, and in the evening it will have mandatory againto connect to the mains using the charger. To solve this problem by purchasing additional external battery. Due to this can be had on a single charge to stretch 2-3 days with average use.

phone lenovo k900 reviews


As the system software acts as “Android” whose version is 4.2. But this is true for those devices that were removed from the box and haven't had time to connect to the Internet. In turn, after the first connection to the global web operating system is planned upgrade to version 4.3. Perhaps in the foreseeable future there will be a more recent modification “Android” for the device with the number 4.4. This is one of the key wishes of the owners of the Lenovo IDEAPHONE K900 32GB. Feedback on this issue is not difficult to find on the relevant subject resource.

Application software

Not only “naked” “Android” installed in the Lenovo K900. Reviews owners talk about a rather impressive set of application software. First you need to select the social clients. In the boxed version of the device is set to “Facebook”, “LinkenId”, “Twitter” and “Instagram". But their domestic counterparts in any case have to install from. Also have a set of widgets that allow you to essentially enhance the usefulness of desktop gadget. Oh and the standard set of tools from Google and the usual basic apps (e.g., “Calendar” or “Calculator") are also available.

lenovo k900 32gb black reviews


A set of Flawless communications for Lenovo K900 32GB. Reviews about the gadget suggests that it has everything you need for easy and convenient operation. Among this list, you can highlight this:

  • Full support for all kinds of mobile networks of the 2nd and 3rd generation. The maximum speed of data transmission in the latter case it may be a decent 7.2 Mbit/S. in addition to the usual calls, there is also the possibility to send and receive text and multimedia messages.

  • The Second important wireless interface is Wi-Fi. In this case, the data transmission rate can reach phenomenal 300 MB/s. This method of sharing information with the global wide web allows you to upload files of any size, including movies in HD-quality books.

  • Do Not forget the developers and about Bluetooth. Suitable wireless transceiver integrated in the device. It allows small files to transfer to similar devices at a distance up to 10 meters.

  • Two navigation systems this device supports: “A-GPS" (the location is determined using mobile towers) and ‘GPS" (uses a satellite navigation system).

  • Among the wired interfaces, you can select “Micro USB" and 3.5 mm, audioport. The first of these can perform several functions: connect to PC, connection to the device external storage, recharge the battery or connect the optional battery. And the second is used to connect to the gadget external speakers.

lenovo k900 32gb grey reviews


A Very balanced device has turned the smartphone Lenovo K900 32GB. Reviews secrete he has such drawbacks:

  • Low degree of autonomy. To solve this problem easily by installing additional external battery. To buy this accessory must surcharge, but even if it add to the cost of the smartphone, it is still his price will be significantly lower than the competition.

  • No expansion slots for external flash memory device. Again, everything is solved without problems using the. cable and a conventional stick.

  • Non-standard CPU architecture. But there is nothing to worry - blshinstvo applications, with rare exception, it runs without any problems.

But the advantages in this gadget much more. Among them are the following:

  • Impeccable build quality.

  • Effective hardware platform.

  • An Impressive amount of internal memory.

  • The Display based on IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920x1080.

lenovo k900 reviews


So harmonious and balanced turned out Lenovo K900. Reviews indicate that with the position of the price—as he simply has no competitors. The cost currently is $ 250 in the basic configuration and the premium, in turn, will cost 310 dollars, which for a phablet of this level is really a ridiculous price. In return, you get out of the box ready to work the gadget.

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