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Currently, the shelves are crowded with smartphones with large touch screens. Thanks to advances in modern technology, they can replace the users computers. However, there is a category of buyers who prefer the usual “calling”. This group of people appreciates in phones is not advanced functionality, but, for example, the reception quality of the signal. They do not need the heavy duty performance of the gadget the main thing – is constantly connected. And for these purposes, some manufacturers still produce a simple push-button machines. One of these is the mobile phone Nokia 105 (2017). Reviews about it and will be discussed in this article. Also describe and characteristics of the device, and at the same time we find out if he features.

Compare this model with smartphones makes no sense, since it is much inferior in equipment, but this does not mean that the Nokia 105 will not be able to attract the attention of a certain group of buyers. So, what I decided to impress the company Global HMD, releasing a device running S30+?

A Little history

Before you can start studying reviews of Nokia 105 Dual SIM (2017), let's look at the history of this brand. Start of activities of the Finnish company had in 1896. At first it was engaged in the manufacture of paper. After a few decades was launched the additional direction – rubber products. Electronics manufacturing was opened only in 80-ies of the last century. Products became in demand, therefore, for this area was allocated a separate unit. Mobile phones sold under the Nokia brand, almost immediately became popular. The owners of these devices consider them to be legendary. Surprisingly, but some devices work to this day. Finnish products are very fond of and a domestic buyer.


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Reviews of Nokia 105 (2017)

Unfortunately, the company wasn't always very successful. The decline occurred approximately 2010. It was at this time in the mobile market began to appear smartphones. Almost immediately, the leaders had escaped manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. Their popularity is due to the fact that they took into account current trends and able to move quickly. But the Finnish company missed the point, and its products began to lose the leading position. On the market, of course, came the smartphone on Windows Phone operating system, but they are unable to compete. It has even come to the fact that the production of phones in General became unprofitable. Then it was decided to sell the unit to Microsoft. But it didn't help the situation. Gadgets were produced under a different brand, but they are lost in a wide range.

In 2016, the right to release phones under the brand Nokia was bought out by company HMD. To try to regain popularity in 2017 was released on the popular smartphone OS, “Android”. How this decision was successful, time will tell, but the fact that the manufacturer does not forget about this category of buyers that prefer to use simple push-button phones, definitely deserves respect. Because at the moment these models are so small that users simply have no choice. So, let's look at the specifications of Nokia 105 (2017) and feedback on the model left by real people.

Nokia 105 (2017) White

Target audience

This telephone was designed for a specific audience. Young people are unlikely to become potential buyer. However there is a caveat. Those young people who by the nature of their activities often in extreme conditions, they will prefer simple device ensuring stable signal and long life. The Nokia 105 is perfect for lovers of retrocrural. But still a large part of the target audience-the elderly. The fact that the manufacturer tried to take into account in full such moments that best facilitate the use. We are talking about the convenient keys button keypad, simple menu, large font. Many people pay attention to the fact that to make the call no need to do complex manipulations, but for the elderly it is extremely important criterion. What else stated in the reviews of the owners? Let's deal.

Nokia 105 (2017) Black


The First thing buyers pay attention to – design. Expect any frills from a simple handset for calls, of course, not worth it. For this reason, not all users have delighted with this model. “New-well forgotten old!” - this phrase comes to mind when you first see the Nokia 105. The shape of the housing of the new device resembles the model 3310, which has become a true legend. Users believe that, despite the large size (112×49.5×14.4 mm), the phone does not looks bulky. The advantages they carry little weight. With such dimensions, the device has a weight of 73 g. These results managed to achieve thanks to the plastic body.

Mobile button Nokia 105 (2017)

Also on a wide range of colors stated in the mobile phone Nokia 105 (2017). Black (black) White (white) Blue (blue) – in such colours decorated the hull of this model. A pleasant tactile sensation called polycarbonate, which is used for the main surfaces. Its quality is the confidence of the owners, which is confirmed by numerous comments. The build is excellent. When interacting with the phone creaks, crunches, backlash is completely absent. Naturally, it pleases the buyer, as the high level of reliability differed, all models of the Finnish brand. Importantly, the user does not have to constantly use cover to the phone is not polluted.

The non-marking option – the Nokia 105 (2017) Black. The reviews on this instance States that the surface of the body, no fingerprints, no dirt, absolutely invisible. By the way, according to most, it is a black phone looks very interesting and stylish. A great addition acts as a rubber keyboard. It will be discussed in detail a little later. Also on the front panel of a screen. It is not very big, but pleasing image quality. In the off state, the display seems much larger because the manufacturer used a fairly wide black frame. The owners claim that with this model they were able to return to the past and nostalgia.

What else stands out in appearance? Connector for charger is located at the upper end of the body. This nest is in the format of micro-USB, which fully corresponds to modern standards. At the center of this end of the displayed led light bulb of the flashlight. Also do not forget the developers and the connector to connect audio devices. The usual lock key and volume controls on the side edges are not displayed. On the back cover flaunts only the logo of the company.


Most of the positive reviews the Nokia 105 (2017) receives thanks to a comfortable keyboard. It consists of a control panel and a digital block. The owners focused on the material. Rubber keys are pretty easy to use – the finger, when pressed, does not slip, move clear. On the control panel, which is located right under the screen, see three large buttons. Two of them are located on the sides, designed for two positions. The one that is on the left side, is used to unlock (top) and answer (bottom). The center has a joystick. He is working on five positions: “OK”, right, up, left, down. To the right is a button that you can end the call (bottom) and back while in a menu.

Keyboard Nokia 105 (2017)


Now consider the characteristics of the phone, and find out how they were rated by users in reviews. Nokia 105 DS (2017) – modification, which is equipped with two slots for SIM cards. For sale there with one. The indisputable advantage is considered a small, but color screen. Its diagonal is equal to 1,8 high. The device is able to work only with 2G networks. It is based on the S30+. It comes with three games: Crossy Road, Snake Xenzia and Doodle Jump, so you won't be bored. Given that the cost of this model only about 900 rubles, he is not equipped. Of course, this is currently a significant disadvantage. Music lovers can listen to their favourite tracks, including FM radio. It works only with headphones which act as antenna.

What is important for a simple “calling”, the phone has a phonebook. It is allowed to store up to 2000 contacts. Also memory is enough for 500 messages.

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