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Currently, the hoods have become an essential device in the modern kitchen. Thanks to the beautiful design they blend harmoniously into any interior. On the background of a wide range you can select the brand «Crown». This company is quite reliable and specializiruetsya it is on the manufacture of such appliances. Extractor hood "Crown" – a modern device with wide functionality and technical characteristics. It has many significant advantages and positive reviews.review hoods Krona

A Few words about the company "Krona"

First of all, it is worth noting that the German firm, and the quality of its products have long won a great feature. Its products appeared in Russia in 2001 and immediately gained a leading position on the market of household appliances. Extractor Krona (customer reviews allow you to judge the good quality of the product), it's safe to say, is the hallmark of the company.

Introduce several important factors possessed by this firm:

  1. Flexible pricing policy, are made as an elite expensive models, and cheap economy class.
  2. Warranty period for drawing from 2 years or more, depending on the models.
  3. Equipment different principles of operation, more than 200 modifications.
  4. Even in the manufacture of models in the economy class is guaranteed a high German quality.
  5. A Wide range of design solutions.

Standard model hoods

Hood "Crown 600" – standard option for modern kitchens. It is configured as a recirculation and ventilation of air. The design of such hoods often a classic. Their shape is rather flat, allowing you to install this appliance under overhead cupboards. Standard exhaust with a simple method of fastening. As a rule, they are installed directly above a hob, mounted to the wall or ceiling.


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hood crown

These models come with features such as auto off timer, dirty filter indication and Control. standard - button. Exhaust recirculation principle of operation, we have included a few spare filters. The cost of these models low – starting price from 2000 rubles.

Built-in models

Hood "Crown" embedded has a fairly compact size. Thanks to its specific construction, these models are installed in the specially made furniture. These hoods are ideal for small rooms. However, compactness does not affect their functionality. All these models have good performance characteristics and high performance. Many devices are equipped with a special sliding panel, which greatly increases the breathability. The model economy class are about 1500-2000 RUB, but there are elite models, the price of which is 15000-20000 RUBhood Krona reviews

The domed Hood of the firm "Krone"

The Form of such models to its name. Hood Krona (customer reviews attest to the popularity of such models) its design resembles the upper part of the fireplace. They have different functions, working principles, power and other indicators. As a rule, the optimal choice must take into account the room size, the volume of the ventilated space, the presence of the duct and, of course, its performance.

If for some reason there is technical possibility to connect the hood to the vent, then you need to opt for recirculating models. These hoods draw the air, passing it through a special filter, and already cleaned will return it back to the kitchen.

It is Worth noting that the size of the dome models, compared to the above, few more, however, among this assortment is a corner model. Such options are optimal that you can use them in the most remote places. The cost of the dome of the extracts varies from 3500 to 15000 RUB.hood Krona 600

Kitchen with island range hood

Island range hood for kitchen "Crown" can be installed in any location, as its feature is the ceiling mount. Such models can be used only in a spacious rooms with a special shape kitchen.

Island hoods have a high cost, but their benefits, functionality, technical characteristics and power justifies such costs. German manufacturers, in order to fully compensate for the lack of pricing policy, produce such models in various design options.extractor fan for the kitchen crown

Appliances premium

“Smart” extractor hood "Crown" has many advantages. First of all, the content in accordance with the latest developments in technology. To provide the most comfortable conditions for a device coated with a special soundproof layer, which ensures maximum attenuation.

The Use of high technology allows you to control the hood and remotely program it on a certain mode. Such devices will adorn any modern space because they are multi-functional, high-tech and designer devices.models of hoods premium

Hood "Crown" – popular household appliance for modern kitchens. Currently, thanks to German quality and high technology, this product is a bestseller.


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