What is construction in progress?


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"construction in progress" - the definition is quite complex, which includes the cost of the works already. In addition, this category may include the amount taken by the customer and already paid for processes expressed in price terms. It should also be remembered that in the named section enters on top of the cost of various technological equipment: as already established, and are in the process of installation. Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that the unfinished construction will certainly affect the state of balance of the customer and fully belongs to the category of installation design and survey activities assigned to unfinished construction objects or do not put in time in conditions of normal operation.

construction in progress

Distinctive traits

Construction in progress - an important economic indicator that should be allocated against other similar. It's all in the similarity of the name and quite different definitions. For example, the most similar term (construction-in-progress manufacturing) denotes the cost of the performed installation and construction activities, which, in turn, may not be taken and paid directly by the customer. Agree, the difference is quite significant.

construction in progress definition

The Perimeter of influence

Construction in progress is reduced as a result of the elimination of the size and number of possible interim payments. In addition, has a significant impact on the aforementioned parameter, the degree of transition of the object into a phase of mutual settlements between the customer and the contractor. On the other hand, the reduction in the value of the parameter "construction in progress" entails an increase in the aforementioned index, such as work in the construction industry. Thus, computing a single criterion, it is possible to observe the change in behavior of another.


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unfinished construction Object definition

Construction in progress

The Definition of this term is quite simple, but consists of many groups and varieties. For example, this concept can be attributed to any object of a construction contract, which is in direct dependence on a variety of reasons. Such bases can be considered as a lack of balance of the customer a sufficient amount of funds and insufficient provision of construction materials. As a result of these factors the object of construction is preserved, and for some indefinite time remains on the unfinished stage of formation. Speaking literally, then such term may include any buildings, structures and buildings, construction and arrangement of which was not finished. With the exception of the above rule be all sorts of temporary structures such as sheds, buildings and various other similar pavilions.

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