What harm does beetle-barbel?


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Beetle-barbel (or long-horned beetle) belongs to the family of beetles, in a squad which includes more than 25 thousand species of insects. Their development is connected with shrubs and trees of different species. Bugs accurately determine whether a particular tree for nourishment of their larvae.

Who is the beetle-barbel?

the Capricorn beetle

The Adult has a length of 22 mm. Females can lay up to hundred eggs in the cracks of the pine blanks: flooring, rafters, doors. From the eggs are born the larvae feeding on the tree. The larva turns into a chrysalis, but the transformation lasts for a very long time, sometimes up to 10 years. It grows to 30 mm and feeds on dry wood with their jaws with such a crunch that you could even hear it.

Beetle-barbel - risk home

After leaving the pupa, the beetle gnaws its way out. This hole with the dust — the only apparent fact that the wrecking of this insect. If you try to stick to the infected knife, then login it will be soft like butter.

Also beetle-Longhorn beetle larvae eat flowers, pistils, leaves, young bark. The greatest harm it brings, the larva of the beetle barbel, which develops in many kinds of trees, destroying them. The larvae are hardy. If the tree dries up and dies gradually, they can exist in such an environment to 45 years and then turn into a dwarf beetles. Externally the larva barbel yellowish or white flattened body with well developed chest and the involved head. Ends, the larva strong jaws, dark brown in color, stretched forward.

larvae of the beetle barbel

Beetle-barbel differs a slender elongated body and an unusual mustache, which in some species even longer than the Taurus. At the base of antennae located eyes kidney-shaped.

Beetle-barbel, common in the forests of the Amazon, grows to a length of 180 mm, a Brazilian types — up to 140 mm. The longest barbel of Russia lives in the Ussuri taiga (its length is 100 mm). Of course, there are smaller varieties. Doing all kinds of masonry in the cracks of the wood, in the bark or gnaw small caves.


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Brownies barbels

beetle Longhorn beetle threat to the house

There are varieties of Longhorn, which became unpleasant companions of people. For example, Hylotrupes bajulus — little representative of the order Coleoptera with a small mustache and a rounded headboard. Color they can have from black to brown and dirty-gray tones, with the elytra oblique bands.

The Natural habitat for this species — not an option. They prefer to live next to a man in his wooden dwelling. Settle in the floor, upholstery, partitions, wooden shelves, claw foot tables, and beds, in the roof etc. Female home Longhorn beetle will lay more than 400 eggs deep in the cracks or the cracks of wooden objects. Takes a couple of weeks and the eggs hatch into voracious larvae feeding initially, the outer layers. This indicates the appearance of wood dust. Furniture or building in the near future will simply collapse.


In the struggle setim pest chemicals used: KE, me, kinmiks. Their was diluted in a 10 litre bucket of water. Taken 2 ml of decis, 90 g of Malathion, 2 ml of FE. The resulting solution should be sprayed twice a habitat for pests. A good effect is obtained from a single spraying with a solution of FE and 2 ml of karate, dissolved in 10 liters of water.

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