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Beautiful decoration of the facade of the house is the dream of most owners. It is no secret that this is – no easy task. Not enough to choose a beautiful facade, you also need to stay on the best option, both for relevance and durability, and price.Beautiful house facade

Today the construction market offers a huge variety of materials designed for exterior. Moreover, the use of innovative technologies allows you to create beautiful facades of private houses, corresponding to any desires of their owners. It is uncontested that the style of the exterior of the structure is often a reflection of not only a favorite color palette of the owner, but also tastes, and in some cases way of life.

Selection Requirements

From the point of view of professionals, a beautiful facade of the house is its architectural attire, ie the so-called outer shell, which will depend on the first impression not only about the building but about its owner.

At the stage of drawing up a design project at home is very important to correctly choose to use a finishing material, which must be not only visually appealing, but also functional. The material used must be resistant to corrosion and lose moisture, not to deteriorate from the sharp temperature differences and the influence of ultraviolet rays. In addition, the facing facades should have a high insulating characteristic and the absolute non-toxicity.

The choice of stylistic solutions of the facade it is also important to consider the climatic conditions of the area in which the structure and its territorial specificity. Features of the neighbouring buildings is not less important than the external finish of the concrete house because the owner will issue its possession, depends on the circumstance, how it will blend in with surrounding buildings or to stand out among them is a bright spot.facade Cladding


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Designers believe that with the right decorative design any structure you can change almost beyond recognition. Therefore, facing of facades and development of design projects for their design must be carefully considered: it is necessary to consider any, even the most minor details.

Basic rules of exterior finishes

Psychological perception of any building depends almost entirely on its color. It was he who set the construction of a certain mood. To the walls of the house were deprived of flat monotony, it is very important to choose the right texture of the material used for the decoration of the facade. This will give the building a certain structure.

With regard to the generality of the stylistic concept, it will be the result of a balanced combination of color and texture of the veneer material.


To Know all the details of design, to create a beautiful facade, of course, necessary, but very important and practical side of the issue. First and foremost, this concerns the correct choice of material for the exterior. Facade cladding can be done with plaster. The latter is of several types - mineral, acrylic, silicone and silicate. Often used tile or stone. The most common form of cladding is a siding. In addition, a beautiful facade of a country house, you can get oblitsevat the surface of the brickwork.Beautiful facades of private houses with decorative stones

Each of these options varies not only with its advantages and disadvantages, but also some features.

Plaster Finish

The Façade is clad in stucco, the experts call “wet”. This is due to the technology used in the process of finishing. Today the construction market offers users a variety of compositions, which plaster the exterior walls of buildings. Each of them has its pros and cons. For example, a beautiful facade of your home, you can get the surface finished with mineral plaster, which although has a low cost, but its plasticity and durability leave much to be desired. Therefore, experts often abandon its use, despite the ecological purity of its components.

Acrylic plaster, which is characterized by high plasticity and excellent water resistance, too hard to call a good choice. The fact that this material has one characteristic: the formation on the treated surface of the film preventing the building of “breathe” and evaporates moisture.

Silicate plaster became the material that has absorbed many advantages of air - permeability, high plasticity and antistatic properties. Thanks to the latter, this facade will not attract dust particles. Given the excellent results in terms of beauty and long life of this material is one of the most expensive as the price characteristics and the installation costs.Beautiful facades of private houses

Kind of Silicone facade plaster combines all the advantages of its ‘colleagues’. It is considered the most successful among all available varieties of plaster for the exterior facades. Thus, despite the fact that the silicone composition has the most successful combination of advantages, he has a more than an affordable price.

The Decoration of the facades siding

This is beautiful, fast, and inexpensive to equip the front of the house. With siding, you can easily remove all external defects. The facade, faced with siding, gives the structure an aesthetic appearance.

This exterior part of the building for some time got quite a lot of popularity. Today's construction market there are many types of siding: it is ceramic, wood, aluminum and even cement.

However, the most common due to its quality characteristics won the regular vinyl. The numerous positive properties, practicality and ease of installation of vinyl siding – this is only a small part of the pros, forcing home owners to choose the exterior.

Home, made of such plates, will not lose its aesthetic appearance even after long term. Vinyl panels is not afraid of any natural disasters.Beautiful wooden facades

Veneer stone

Today, many people own a country house trim brick or tile. You see other beautiful facades of private houses: with decorative stones, natural granite, etc.

It allows you to create presentable and respectable appearance to any residential structure. Natural stone is quite expensive building material. It requires professionalism when dealing with him, so beginners difficult to clean the finish of the facade. The complexity of installation first and foremost is the gravity of the material, so that the natural stone is badly fixed to the wall surface. So it utaplivayut in the solution, then fix it.

Decorative elements

This environmentally friendly material as an ornamental stone, is very durable and reliable, with excellent sound and insulating characteristics. If finances do not allow to finish the facade is natural stone, it is possible to otdelenov only parts of it: the angles, the base, openings, combining in some places with decorative plaster.Beautiful decoration house facade

The stonework of the exterior walls for many years will become a reliable protection of buildings from any adverse external influences. In addition, this beautiful house facade made of natural material, organically blends into the landscape of any area.

Trim the tree

Increasingly, the townspeople flock to his look to nature. They move to the suburbs, build a house and try to spend more time outdoors. That's why today outside the city you see beautiful wooden facades of houses. This material is on the outside of the building allows you to bring landscape design owning a certain touch of eclectic and ethnic sentiments. In addition, the wooden facade cladding with shingles and other types of such coatings are considered environmentally friendly as it is made from natural material, which is now increasingly used in the construction of a safe at the home.

Styling the appearance of the building

This aspect of igre an important role to ensure that the building is harmoniously looked on the background of the surrounding buildings and landscape ensemble.Beautiful facade of a country house

As the facade design is a creative process, during which every owner of a suburban housing effectively commensurate opportunities and flight of fancy, it is very important to find a middle ground, whereby it becomes possible to create the project of your dreams. There are several stylistic solutions used in the external finish of the building:

  • Classic;
  • Country style
  • With visible English and canadian motives;
  • Structure of the mod...

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