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Any interior sooner or later fades and becomes dull. It can be applied to absolutely any room-bathroom, living room and even the kitchen. Therefore, the question of repair of the apartment is always relevant. Everyone wants to give the room sparkle and make the room more comfortable and attractive. Often in the course of repairing the finishing materials are tiles. It has good performance, so it is ideal for kitchen or bathroom. Also today, a wide range of these products. Tile you can buy in different sizes, in any color. But buying – is only half the battle. After acquiring the required number of building materials a new question arises: how to put tile on the wall and floor? At first glance there is nothing complicated. But the procedure requires a lot of time and effort. The result did not disappoint, need to know how to put the tiles on the wall and the floor. In today's article we will analyze this issue and describe how the procedure is performed with your hands.

Why is it so popular?

This material is commonly used not only in the bathroom but in the kitchen and in the living room. Many have already appreciated the advantages of tiles that are:

  • High durability. the Material does not lose its appearance for several decades. Unlike Wallpaper and other finishing materials, tiles does not lose color, not cloudy, it is difficult to damage. By the way, the class of durability of this material is divided into five categories. If you are planning to buy the tile for the bathroom, enough of the third class. Products in this category are a versatile solution for all home premises.
  • Fire resistance. the Material is not afraid of fire and does not emit toxic compounds, often used for fireplaces and for arrangement of warm floors.
  • Utility. the Material does not attract dust and does not require frequent maintenance.
  • Hygiene. Tile prevents the growth of fungus and other harmful bacteria, which is especially important in high humidity areas.
how to put tile on the wall with their hands

How to lay tile on a wall or the floor? This operation consists of several steps. Each of them we will describe in detail below.


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Step 1: preparation

To the resulting surface was smooth and strong, you need to prepare the wall or floor for the application of tiles. First of all repaired premises need to move all the furniture, machinery and equipment. So we facilitate the process of assembling a building material. If the repair is made in the bathroom or toilet, is to dismantle the toilet, sink, and shut off the water supply.

How to lay tile DIY? To do this, we must first dismantle the old. For this you can use a tool such as a drill. To them, we heave the edges of the old tiles and thus destroying it. Don't be afraid to break the tile along with grout. The less old material will be on the surface, the better.

Note: do not rely on the fact that the irregularities can be further corrected by applying large quantities. So you won't get quality results. Therefore, after the destruction of the old tiles be sure to form a screed, but if it's a bathroom, then another layer of waterproofing.

The Coupler is made by two methods. It is a dry and wet method. If you want to lay the tile in the bathroom, experts recommend to do it on a concrete base. This is a wet screed. Before you lay the tile, hands level the surface with cement mortar. If the walls need plastered them. This is done with the use of special reinforcing mesh. Filler to achieve the desired result is not obtained, because this material degrades the adhesion. It should also remove all skirting boards and architraves to doorways.

Step 2: layout and installation of supports

Before laying tile in the kitchen, you need to prepare the markup for the first row:

  • If the walls in the lower part is attached to wood lath or plastic area. It builds the first row of material. Then, draws the line by means of a plumb. So we will control the vertical stacking level. If you use colored tiles placed should be marked with labels, the shade of which varies from building material.
  • If you put the tile with your hands on the floor, draws the line spaced part of the first row. What about colored material? The location of the tile you need to mark in places where it will be different in pattern. This will significantly simplify the solution of the question of how to lay tile on the floor.

Step 3: put one piece

How to lay tile on the wall with your hands on? After preparing the layout and all the landmarks (if the material picture) can proceed with installation. To do this, prepare a solution of tile adhesive. It can be prepared either dry. In the latter case it must be diluted in the required proportions (which varies and is indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer). Ideally, the glue the consistency should be like thin gruel.

can you put tile on tub

Apply it with a notched trowel of the type on the wall. The layer should be thin. Then leans against the surface of the tile. It placed first on the cradle or the cross, and then carefully lay the tile on the mortar. Optional hard to push the material. The adhesive completely around the back of the tile, the latter is slightly rotatable about the axis. So we reach maximum adhesion.

Note: to dismantle the tile after application to the floor or wall will be very difficult. You need to make up her mind if I put tile on the floor, she should lie as evenly as possible. Move it any way without damage is sometimes impossible. Another popular question: "If I put the tiles on the floor, is it possible to use auxiliary tools?" Experts give a positive response. When laying the tiles using a rubber hammer. They cause light strikes the material. Thus it is more tightly in contact with the surface.

How to lay tile in the bathroom? Need to know the measure. You can't press down hard tiled floor (so that the edges of the leaves the glue). Gaps between tiles should be clean. They will continue to use grout, which will protect the surface from ingress of moisture and dirt, as well as give an aesthetic appearance.

Is it Possible to put the tiles on the bath in pairs? If an arm and you are confident in your abilities, you can install several tiles at a time. While each needs to be seated in a circular motion to the solution as uniformly as possible dispersed on the surface. Then distributed the crosses in the gaps.

With each new set you need to use a level. Them we check how the number went to the side. Ideally, these deviations should not be. If you check each new row on the layout, you can eliminate such defects. But once you start laying the new series is not worth it. Experts recommend to endure a little time, until the tile normally grab. So it will be easier to apply subsequent tiles to the surface.

how to put tile on the wall

In the process of laying the new series better not do pauses. If you still need to take a break, you need to remove the mortar around the edges (not under the tiles-this is important). If this is not done, the layer will dry up, and this would adversely affect the strength of the joint material.

Step 4: put the missing tile

After laying the solid materials you can start cutting and assembling the missing pieces. What can I do that? Cutting tile is recommended when using tile. It can be both manual and electric types. In the absence of such equipment, use a glass cutter or a grinder with the appropriate type of circle. Please note that when cutting the material generates large quantities of dust.

how to lay tile in your own hands

Therefore it is worth the presence of the respirator. The Windows in this case, it is better to open to dust quickly left the room. If you have to form an uneven cut, you should use manual tile cutters for any machine with a diamond circle.

Step 5: grout

This process is also known as jointing. But it is necessary to begin only after complete drying of the solution. Having laid the tiles, you should leave it at least a day at room temperature. If she's outdoor, in any case can not walk on it at this time. So there may be involuntary deformation of the material. The next day, you can safely remove the crosses and produce jointing. There are different types of grout:

  • Silicone.
  • Epoxy.
  • Cement based.

You can Choose the right costs on the basis of the colours of the tiles. Also remember that the cement grout is only sold in dry form. For use it should be diluted with water. Epoxy and silicone are sold in finished form, usually in tubes with a thin nozzle under the gun.

Regardless of which ...

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