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The Latest trends in interior design are encouraged to bet on the personality. It depends on us how will look like our wall – the more unusual the better. Today can't be bad, wrong, absurd choices on color and type of paint for the walls. The only limitation is just lack of courage in putting forward their own ideas and lack of imagination. And at this stage very popular painted walls in the interior. How to choose the right color and type of paint depending on purpose of the room, will consider in our review.

Entrance Hall – dark or light?

Entrance Hall – the space, the arrangement of which must be approached with caution. This room connects the outside world with the interior of the house or apartment, confronts and shares, creates the first impression and talks about what awaits us in the following areas over the next threshold. As a result, this room must successfully perform several functions, among which the most important – it is aesthetic and functional.

painted wall

Painted walls in the interior (photo): entrance hall

Modern paints allow you to achieve fast, effective and durable coating. The walls in the hallway with them – is quite popular and simple way to update the interior. Very interesting offer are structural colors. After applying them with acrylic plaster wall assumes the character of a structured plaster, thanks to what looks spectacular in the room.

Ceramic paints are very scratch resistant, so that they can be easily washed and cleaned. They can cover the front side doors as well as hallway furniture. And for areas especially exposed to mechanical damage and to pollution of various kinds, are perfectly suitable emulsion paint.


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painted walls in the interior photo

Choosing the color for painting the hallway

If we ask the question, what painted walls to choose for hallway, corridor or hall, you should keep in mind that these are the places with whom they have contact not only guests immediately after crossing the threshold of the apartment. After all, we are litsezreem the hallway many times a day, moving from one room to another. The color scheme of the interior of the lobby should cause a smile, and he is to provide convenient storage of all necessary accessories: clothing, shoes, various accessories, etc.

Proper selection of color of paint can make a dark hallway will be bright, which will significantly increase its space. The paint color you need to choose regarding the color of the other rooms in the apartment and remember that the hall can greatly affect the overall style of the interior of the house. Therefore, it is necessary to try.

Lounge: painted walls in the interior

Photo (living room or other premises) interior posted in the review, clearly indicate that this method of wall decoration is justified. Especially in such rooms, where the action of all household members. Here the inhabitants are resting, playing, and feasting with invited guests. Living room should be so arranged as to perform its functions. It is also important that everyone who enters should feel home atmosphere and friendly climate. Before you paint the walls in the living room, you should think regarding the color and type of paint. Because the living room – this is the most presentable place in the house. It should look beautiful and create a comfortable conditions for rest. This largely depends on a properly selected interior colors.

painted walls in the interior hallway photo

Select the color of the walls in the living room is fraught with many difficulties. It is often difficult to decide whether to choose muted tones or maybe more intense. If you have already decided, then move on to choosing a specific shade. And here the possibilities are many. Manufacturers offer a huge range, but often fashionable names of colors do not facilitate this task.

What color to choose for the interior of the living room?

Blue – it is fresh and cool color. But remember that the colors of the cold tonality, so if you dream of comfort, the blue is not the best alternative. This color is visually expands the space. Different shades, ranging from light delicate blue, dark to nearly black with garnet, provide a means of applying color in different variations. Blue promotes relaxation, for some people, it fit perfectly, painted the interior walls (photos prove it) are very popular in this color.

Orange – the colors of cheerful people, gives a boost of energy and has a beneficial effect. Lights house, creates in the imagination a tropical climate. It is beneficial combined with the blue (on the principle of contrast), white (in his support seems to be even warmer), with green. Part of the shades of orange is too intense. They should be used as a Supplement to the main solution.

Green – relaxing, calming effect on the nervous system, improves lung function and normalizes blood circulation. In the living room you can use a variety of shades ranging from deep green, giving the interior a strong character, and ending with a cheerful light green, which perfectly illuminate the room.

painted walls in the interior photo living room

Yellow color rich in hues ranging from deep, rich and warm and ending with cold lemon. This is a very positive tone, such painted walls in the interior photo taken at their background, look very profitable. But using this color, it should be borne in mind that present in excess it can get tiring or annoying. Yellow-this color, which improves digestion and appetite, perfect for dining. This color looks good combined with white, green or blue. Looks great in the grey company.

Red – stimulates to action and adds energy. But used in excess can be annoying. Safer to use red color in add-ons. Particularly well suited for use in the interiors of minimalism in a cold tone. Painted walls in red color go well with gray, blue, white accents. The living room it will give a mysterious Oriental character when used with blue, purple or pink. This offer is for the bold. Interesting solution in the living room will look like one wall painted red. This will add interior depth and comfort.

White – will fit in a strict and minimalist interiors. White leads to the fact that the space becomes visually more transparent and colder. However, to avoid monotony, you can use a few bright accents: pillows, the dresser, the bedspread, which will dilute the white.

Modern and trendy grey

In the living room very will look good painted walls in all shades of gray. This currently fashionable color perfect for any contemporary interior, as it is really unique. Accordingly, the use of grey adds a touch of elegance to any room. Provides a special climate and not overwhelms it. Interior designers advise you to choose a combination of several shades of grey in the living room. You can freely choose between warm and cool colors.

Painted walls in the interior of the apartment in grey color well focus on the furniture. Would look lovely in white, yellow, blue furniture and accessories. This color is the perfect accent for a minimalist, ultra-modern interior. Will look great in the living room, decorated in loft style.

What wall color to choose for the bedroom?

A Bedroom is a special place in every home. In this room we spend a lot of time. From what color to paint the walls in the bedroom, depends not only the appearance of our home, but also health, quality sleep and rest. What color to choose to have painted walls in the interior of a bedroom, a photo taken in it, brought only joy and satisfaction?

painted walls in the interior of the apartment

How to paint the walls in the bedroom?

Select the color of the walls in this room is so important that it significantly affects the quality of your rest. Of course, the final choice depends on the personality and imagination of the owner, however, the bedroom is a place where the colors should be more restrained. This does not mean that the bedroom in red or yellow is prohibited, as the majority depends on the shade, not from a specific color. Painted walls in the interior of the bedroom, however, it is better to leave without experimental ideas to try and checked the hints, which are intended to create a truly interesting room is arranged.

Colors that are always perfect for bedrooms – pastel and neutral shades: white, beige, light brown. If you have a dimly lit bedroom, it is better to choose warm colors to liven up the interior. If there are no problems with access to sunlight, the cold color, of course, quite acceptable. It is worth remembering also that if the bedroom is small, best to look light colors that visually expand the room.

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