The landscape of the suburban area with their hands: technology and practical advice


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A Suburban area or a country home is a cherished dream for most citizens. The modern pace of the metropolis exhausting people, and they seek by all means in my spare time to get to the bosom of nature.the landscape of the suburban area

First steps

If you are lucky enough to buy their own plot of land, then sooner or later you'll want to equip on your own taste. The landscape of the suburban area able to create not only a professional. Such work is beyond the power of most ordinary gardener – just know some of the laws and rules of this art.

The Design and landscape of a suburban area will be in harmony when all the spaces match in the same style, in combination with the exterior of the buildings. The main task of design in the garden – harmony and beauty in a particular territory.

Rules of the countryside landscape

The first step is to create a plan of your yard and indicate all existing and anticipated objects – home, bath, shrubs and trees. So you can see how to better organize the available space.the landscape of the suburban area with their hands

Landscape Design suburban area - employment is extremely exciting. The plants that you picked for his "Hacienda", it is better to group than to plant singly. But it is necessary to ensure that they do not interfere with the growth of each other. In addition, it is not necessary to plant trees in a straight line – strict symmetry usually deprives the area of naturalness.

The Center of each landscaping project is the main building (house). It is in line with his style matched the main parts of the exterior – lawn, trees, a pond is made (if any), small architectural forms (lighting, walkways, garden figures).


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Landscape of a suburban area: their hands create masterpieces

All the owners of suburban areas tend to isolate their territory from prying eyes. This does not necessarily erect a three-meter brick fence. Looks much more attractive hedge. It not only will protect the area from prying eyes, but also decorate it. Think what you want – from vines or evergreen, low or high. Very impressive is the blossoming of a fence to create that perfect almond, lilac, mock orange, wild cherry.landscape on the dacha

If you choose conifers, it is better to add to them an annual twining instances. It could be morning glory, sweet peas, climbing roses, ivy, etc.

Practical advice

For the suburban area of a large area is not difficult to create decorative and vegetation zones. It is more difficult for owners of modest-sized cottages. How to create a landscape of a suburban area with their hands, if the latter not more than six acres? The little cottages are always charming with its unique atmosphere. Here, every Bush, every element of the design is on the mind. So all the details you need to consider carefully. For example, in the absence of a large amount of free space you can create a tiered garden composition.

In a small garden, the ground must not be empty, but this does not mean that the parcel must be saturated. To visually expand the space by using artificial hills, fenced by low stone walls.

Landscape of a suburban area with a slope

For some, this cottage seems like a punishment, but some perceive it as a huge success. This plot offers a great opportunity to create a landscape design. Not in a hurry to level the slope. It should be strengthened and nice to beat.landscape design suburban area

Choose a style

The landscape of the suburban area of unconventional shape requires a special approach. Plants for landscaping are selected depending on the natural characteristics of hillside – drying out of the soil, openness to winds, composition and depth of the soil. On the plot with slope, you can do:

a bed with spikes.

Alpine slide

- the Heather garden;


- waterfall and rocky stream;

a vineyard.

Plot area of 10 acres

It's not a small cottage. To landscape a suburban area 10 acres turned out organic, make a list of everything that, in your opinion, should be in the country. Select a style that will stick to – this largely depends on the end result. If you feel that you can't make this work, turn to the experts. Landscape design suburban area, of course, is not cheap, but the cost is justified.landscape design suburban area

If you decided to do this work yourself, after compiling the project proceed to the selection of plants. They must comply with the climate, which is giving. Do not overload the plot. All the buildings, track, pool or natural pond require special attention and patience. Create landscape gradually, all at once is impossible. Plan work and follow them step by step.

Japanese garden

This is a very original and very unusual design. It carries comfort and peace of mind. The Japanese garden combines three elements-stone (strength and durability), water (movement and growth of plants) and live elements, conifers and beautiful flowering trees. Mandatory elements of this garden should be a bridge across the pond and gazebo. A plot of 10 acres it will allow you to create a Japanese garden where you can be alone or spend time with friends.

“wild nature” in the garden

If your site is located on the border of the forest, it is a completely natural will be your decision to create the nature reserve “wild” of nature. Wild trees are perfectly combined with the cultural that you diversify them. Plant under trees of shade-loving plants, for example, a fern.

Rustic style

This garden is filled with details of village life. It may seem that he looks somewhat neglected and a bit rustic. However, it requires no less attention. Floral arrangements in this garden create in tubs, wooden boxes. Relevant here is the fence-the fence with pottery, buildings with whitewashed facades. Well in such a landscape will fit in the cart. It can become a luxurious framework for flower beds. The fit and Moorish lawn-flower meadow, pleasing its owner bright colors.landscape of a suburban area 10 hectare


It is not only used in the interiors of apartments, but also in the design of the suburban area. The peculiarity of this landscape is concise and austere shapes, colors. Characterized by clear and straight lines in furniture and breakdown lanes, the use of modern materials in the manufacture of small architectural forms. This garden provides open spaces, plants often strict forms, clipped.

Mediterranean style

It should remind about holidays in warm countries on the Mediterranean coast. In recent years it has become very popular among gardeners. In this garden must be a patio, shady corners, paved with natural stone of light colors track, herbs and flowers in pots made of ceramics, wrought iron or wicker furniture.

Landscape small garden

The center of the landscape composition may be a round flower bed, perhaps with a small fountain. You could do it with their hands. If the fountain is not included in your plans, set instead a small statue. Track in the bottom of the garden better to fill with gravel or gravel and paving and did not refuse. From plants is better to use ornamental grass, a bright Phlox, lavender or geranium.

Animate the plot of even the smallest body of water that can be done, for example, from the bath. &Ldquo;shores” plant daffodils, mint, primrose and irises.landscape of a suburban area with a slope

Make the center of the site

Start with the center, to create a harmonious landscape. On a country site it is often issued in the form of a tree with sculptured cut foliage, the fountain, surrounded by sculptures, flowers in vases of different heights.

Children's Playground and a lawn

If you have children, you will need to create a special landscape suburban area. With your hands, you can make an excellent children's Playground. Better to create it under the Windows of that room where the parents or other adult family members spend most of the time. Lawn better to do at the exit from the terrace or veranda. It is possible to arrange a recreation area. On the edge can be to build a sheltered barbecue area.

The Bench

Perhaps, without this piece can not do any landscape suburban area. Own hands to make a very simple bench, probably every man. Make some original, exclusive model can only master. First, decide what benches you want to see on your site. Today there exists a great multitude – metal, stone, wooden benches, rocking chairs and other models – it all depends on your financial...

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