Foil vapor barrier: types and applications


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Foil vapor barrier is typically a film with a reflective effect. To reach him failed due to the presence of the metalized layer should face the heat source.


foil vapor barrier

The Described materials used as vapor barrier in high humidity areas type baths and saunas. The film does not melt and does not emit into the air is dangerous to human health substances, can be operated at temperatures up to +120 °C.

At device modern pair reflective properties of the foil vapor barrier is very important, because the sauna has after melting furnace to warm up in a short time, energy consumption must be reduced. However, the foil vapor barrier is used today not only in the bath.

When building a frame house are increasingly a normal vapor barrier began to replace the foil. For the same heating power using this approach could increase the temperature in the premises at 2 °C. However, such material must be used wisely, because it should not be used for internal thermal insulation of buildings of concrete and brick and other heat-intensive materials.

Recommendations for usage

foil vapor barrier for saunas

If the walls are frozen, it will worsen the climate. As for a wooden house of timber or logs, for internal insulation foil vapor barrier is the best option. It can be used for unheated loggias, laying under the finish flooring to make it warmer. Glazing the open balcony when the perimeter is expected to be finished sandwich panels do not produce heat, foil vapor barrier reduces heating costs.


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Varieties of foil vapor barrier

foil vapor barrier Izospan

Foil vapor barrier for sale today in a wide range. In order for the material to perform its functions, it is important to make the right choice. You need to pay attention to the fact that the polymers in the composition of the substrate, can have very different structure. They are made up of polypropylene and polyethylene. For more impressive temperatures, it is necessary to use the first option, while the second is relevant for the less aggressive environment.

Foil vapor barrier for saunas is presented in varieties of ‘Panaterm”. In this case we are talking about material which includes a foamed penopropilen. To exploit the material in the temperature range from -40 to +150 °C. vapor barrier characteristic of low-hazard class of toxicity and moderate Flammability. When using thermal shrinkage is almost non-existent.

If you want to build a system of Underfloor heating, you should prefer NIPPLE. This variety can be used for the steam room. Foil vapor barrier "Izospan FB" is designed to generate steam barrier in saunas and steam baths. To use the material at a fairly high temperature. That is why the vapor barrier «Izospan” plus foil insulation is an excellent choice for extreme conditions.

Features “Alfama” and “Tapiola”

foil vapor barrier for home

The Basis of polyethylene foam has “Alufa”, which has sided coating of aluminum foil. Operating temperature ranges from -60 to +100 °C. vapor barrier performs the function of sound-, hydro-, steam - and heat insulation and also protects against radon. It can be used for thermal insulation of roofs and floors. Wrinkled texture, you can bend around curved items minor radii without tearing of the coating.

Polyethylene Foam is the basis of “Tapiola”, which in different variations has a reflective layer on one or both sides. The temperature effect can vary from -60 to +100 °C. to Use the vapor barrier for the insulation of ducts, roofs and walls and under floor heating.

Foil vapor barrier for your home should be totally safe, this should include ‘Izolon”, which is environmentally friendly. At the core is foamed polyethylene. Vapor barrier a vapor-proof, durable, flexible and soft layer of foil.

Features “the heat insulation material is laid" of foil vapor barrier for the attic

foil vapor barrier for attics

If you need a foil vapor barrier for the attic, you may prefer a ‘heat insulation material is laid”, based on material thickness ranging from 0.2 to 1 cm foil Thickness is 20 µm. It is important to take into account the reflection coefficient, it is equal to 97%.

In the market you can find material for use in the harsh climate, in this case, the thickness of the base layer is 40 mm. Foil layer creates a barrier to heat transfer by polyethylene foam, which has a huge number of pores filled with carbon dioxide and air. Operated “a heat insulation material is laid” alone or in combination with other insulation materials. Especially helpful if you want to warm the surface and not lose valuable space.

Additional solution for the attic: "Endotis R Termo"

foil vapor barrier for walls of timber

Use this material for insulation of metal and wooden structures. When the insulation of the attic or under the device of a roof in a residential attic film to retain heat and reduce heating costs.

At the same time this vapor barrier is 1,000 mm water column, with regard to the minimum water vapor permeability, in days this parameter is less than 10 g/m2. The material is quietly undergoing changes in temperature ranging from -40 to +120 °C. Considering the strength, it is necessary to pay attention to the breaking load, which is 150 km along the N and 130 N across. This indicates that this foil is capable of withstanding the weight of an adult.

Key benefits “the heat insulation material is laid”

reflective foil insulation

Prior to the acquisition "of the heat insulation material is laid" it is important to pay attention to its advantages, among them:

  • High level of environmental protection;
  • Low water vapor permeability;
  • Easy installation
  • Ease of transportation;
  • Small thickness;
  • The ability to noise reduction;
  • High resistance to fire;
  • Inaccessibility for rodents.

Main disadvantages of “the heat insulation material is laid”

Some consumers refuse to purchase “the heat insulation material is laid” when they discover about its shortcomings. Among them:

  • High impact;
  • Inconvenience when mounting regarding the need to use special glues;
  • Insulation of the outside walls of the ‘heat insulation material is laid" involves the use of material only as an additional layer of insulation.

As for the high penetration, it will be manifest even with a slight pressure, due to this characteristic of the softness of the material.

Varieties of foil vapor barrier in the form of a film

Foil vapor barrier for walls can be represented by the film. It is able to protect the insulation from moisture that penetrates from the premises. If you use a vapor barrier in the bath, the inner lining may be protected from rot and mold, which appear due to condensation after turning off the steam.

This foil reflective insulation will reflect the heat, and the condensate simply to settle. Made the film may be based on Kraft paper, this option is inexpensive, is easy to handle, hygroscopicity and the fact that it is quite simple to break.

To Run the vapor barrier can still polymer-based, in this case, it is durable and durable, but will cost more. If the surface is present in the aluminum coating, the thickness will start from 0.3 microns, however, with decreasing thickness of deposition of heat-reflecting ability will deteriorate.

Foil vapor barrier for walls of timber can have a base of aluminum foil. The thickness of this layer will be starting from 10 µm, which will ensure the maximum level of reflection. Such materials are subject to corrosion, therefore, require additional protection. Experts advise to insulate the walls of rooms with high humidity using foil films, plastic with an aluminum coating as they are not subject to corrosion and is able to endure high temperature. They are durable, which greatly simplifies installation.

The Film based on Kraft paper, you can only use in dry areas, they can not be used in bathrooms or kitchens. For floor heating it is recommended to purchase the tape with aluminum foil, which distributes heat while the cold joints if the pipe will be laid tightly enough.

Variety of drag...

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