The world's largest Apple: on the branch and on the pedestal


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There is Hardly a person today who had never heard of the Apple because this fruit is distributed practically all over the globe. Its popularity speaks at least the fact that there are several thousand varieties and almost half of the garden trees-Apple trees. By the way, the world's largest Apple was also grown in the garden.


The ancestors of modern apples, because of their dwarf size, could not claim the title of Champions of the fruits. Still in our forests you can find wild Apple trees with small fruits and tart-sour taste. It took thousands of years until humankind by breeding learned to put the large varieties.

the world's largest Apple

However, in order to grow the world's largest Apple, requires not only to choose the right variety, but also to know how to do it. Does Japanese gardener Chisato Iwasaki, who devoted himself to the cultivation of giant fruits, many of which are exported.

“Apple” business in Asia profitable as larger fruit presented as a gift to the very respectable people. Price of fragrant fruit weighing one kilogram can reach $ 1,000.

Japanese H Iwasaki, doing gardening than one year, knows how to take care of the Apple tree that she brought a large fruit. Proof – the world's largest Apple, weighing 1,849 kg plucked them from the branch in October 2005.

In the balance and without them

Of Course, the usual apples, lying on our shelves, have a very modest weight in comparison with the Japanese giant. If the diameter of the latter equal to the circumference of the head of an adult, bought on the market in an average Apple weighs 180 grams. If it is with the skin, and without it 40 grams less.


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Most weight fruit interested in those who want to count calories. Weigh the apples each time-exhausting, so for ease of calculation it is possible to estimate by eye.

weight of Apple

For Example, if the fruit is placed in the ring formed by middle finger and thumb, so his weight is around 200 gr. Small Apple with a diameter of a matchbox it weighs about 80 gr. And the fruit is medium in size located in the ring between the index finger and thumb, – 130 g.

Of Course, there are also fruit-giants. The weight of an Apple in the first place depends on the variety and care. An experienced gardener from Khabarovsk Krai, Vladimir zangief, collects dwarf Japanese Apple fruits weighing up to 350 g.

In the world of the giants

Apple is, without a doubt, the fruit is very popular since antiquity. Recall, the Apple of discord that led to the Trojan war, and the phrase long ago became a household word. In modern Britain even the established feast dedicated to the delicious fruit.

Should we then be surprised to learn that in many countries there are sculptures personifying giant apples. In the US, for example, in addition to the crystal Apple, located at the entrance to the store of the famous brand Apple, at different times, installed several monuments in honor of the beloved in the country of the fruit.

giant apples

In Russia apples are also at a premium. One of the sculptures located in the centre of Kursk as a tribute to the local cultivar Antonovka, which is brought out to the table of Catherine the great. Weight of the monument is 150 kg, it may not be the world's largest Apple among the sculptural images, but agree too impressive.

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