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Stand for TV – a significant element of the interior. As part of the overall design of a room, it carries an important functional load. Therefore, her choice should be approached with great responsibility.

Functionality stands

The Usual and long-time popular analog TV-sets gave way to plasma and LCD. Such options, without a doubt, much more comfortable and functional, because in addition to its technical advantages, have the most important thing – they are compact and do not occupy much space. However, after buying a new TV is often faced with the question of where to install newly acquired equipment. One of the best options is the TV stand. The choice of the stand for TV you should pay special attention. This important piece of furniture must not only be in harmony with the General concept premises, but also perfectly cope with its main task.

stand to TV

TV is designed, first and foremost, To install TV equipment in the case when not to use a special stand or equipment is not fixed to the wall. In addition, the holder can be equipped with special shelves that not only integrate all additional devices (e.g., DVD player), magazines and other things, but also hide unnecessary wires. Thanks to its compactness, the stand for TV takes up a lot of space. It is ergonomic and is the perfect replacement for the usual all tables.

Pros stands TV

Designed for fixing and installing TVs, have a number of advantages, such as:

  • Easy installation;
  • The ability to move in any place of the room;
  • Wide range;
  • Height adjustment;
  • The ability to rotate the screen at any angle;
  • You can hide the wires;
  • There is a place for the installation of additional equipment;
  • Durable;
  • High aesthetic properties.



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It Should be borne in mind that there are no universal designs that has all those properties. Therefore, when choosing one of the many kinds of racks, you need to understand which of the prescribed requirements it needs to satisfy.

Types of TV stands according to place of installation

Stand under the TV can be made in two versions, depending on the installation site:

  • Wall;
  • Outdoor.

Wall mounted racks are convenient because you don't take up much space and help to save space, which is especially important in rooms of small size. With their help, the TV is static mounted to the wall. Drawback-equipment is fixed only in one position. Outdoor the options win the fact that with their help, the TV can be rotated to the desired angle.

Types of rack construction

  • Zip front with twist mechanism. This option has a special construct: the TV is embedded in a special panel, which revolves around metal supports, statically attached to the wall. The usability of these stands are obvious: if necessary, you can rotate the TV from any angle. In addition, this item will be wonderful addition to the interior.
  • Floor stand for TV with roller wheels. This construction is convenient because, if necessary, it can be easily moved anywhere in the room. However, one should note that in such constructions there is no rotary mechanism, and the TV will only turn on roller wheels along with the stand.

stand under the TV

  • Stand with bracket. These options are very functional. A special bracket allows you to adjust the height of screen so that the TV can be easily fixed at eye level.
  • Table stand for the TV. It is a compact and functional option. In some cases vehicles will be deployed on the desktop. This may be due to the limited size of the room or with a design idea. Here come to the aid of a stand under the TV. It is a handy, small design, metal, wood, tempered glass or material combinations.

Materials Used

Today, Manufacturers offer a wide variety of designs designed for mounting LCD or plasma TV. Stand for TV can be done:

  • Metal;
  • Wood;
  • In versions combined with glass, which is mainly made shelves.

Desk bracket

Often the holders are made of durable aluminum tubes, while the shelves are designed for mounting of additional equipment-made of wood, MDF or tempered glass. In any of the proposed versions of the design are robust and practical, so the choice depends on your taste preferences, as well as from the General concept of the design space where you plan to install the item of furniture.

Types of design execution stands TV

  • Corner stand under the TV. Ideal for rooms of small size. It is compact, installs in corner and does not occupy much space.
  • Glass rack under the TV. Typically, these designs are made not completely of glass, and contain the individual glass parts, such as shelves. Main supporting elements are made of wood or metal. In the manufacture of shelves is durable tempered glass.

corner TV

  • TV Stand for metal “stalk”. The most common and functional option. The TV is mounted on a special mount, which, in turn, is fixed on a metal rod. Does not occupy much space and will harmoniously fit into any interior.

What to look for when choosing a stand

When Selecting the rack under the TV, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • As a stand will be combined with your equipment;
  • Whether it fits into the overall concept of the premises;
  • It is safe enough to use (if you choose the option with glass, you should pay attention that it was necessarily tempered);
  • Does the selected strut to hide the wires;
  • Does it stand for your model of TV (a very important caveat – in some cases, inattention can lead to the fact that you simply will not be able to install equipment).

Installation of racks TV

The Process of installation of the rack under the TV largely depends on what variant you prefer. Floor stand TV mounts is very simple. Metal “leg” set on the floor, and the monitor is fixed on special mounting. The shelves need to secure additional items.

glass stand under the TV

Table stand set is also very simple. The most difficult thing here-to secure a TV monitor on a special cross-shaped retainer. But with wall holder will have some trouble. Brackets for installation of this design should be mounted on a specific width, in case of an error to fix the TV would be impossible.


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