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You can Control lighting you can use simple devices called switches. They come in different types, which affects their price: there are expensive models with lights, and there are cheap Chinese counterparts, which most people have simply no trust. Among them are devices with three keys, what used to be a novelty. Now they meet more often. Largely due to the simple wiring diagrams are three buttons switch, because it is almost identical to the two - or one-button counterparts.

Connect three buttons switch diagram

Consider why such switches have become very popular and what is due to the ease of use.

To save

It Often happens that the annual increase in the cost of electricity is forcing many people to save. Some time ago the prices were within normal limits and those who live in high-rise suburban homes, could nothing to worry about. Moreover, in many houses the light in the corridor was burning almost around the clock.

The Choice of three buttons of the remote control will allow more efficient use of precious electricity because you can easily control your lighting. It is not necessary that all the lights were burning in vain. The light will be where it is needed at any given point in time.

Some tenants try to do everything with their hands and are interested in how to connect three buttons switch. Wiring diagram care especially newcomers.

Three buttons switch and a life

Currently the majority of tenants in your space has a considerable number of light sources. And their number exceeds several times the demand of each of us. As our study reveals, if we are not going to light extra lamps, the energy savings can reach 30%. Which is not bad for the family budget.


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How to connect three buttons switch wiring diagram

Three buttons switches significantly improve the comfort in the house. Though such devices have a simple design, they can solve some important problems, providing the opportunity to separate zones of lighting.

Obvious advantages

Some of the benefits we have already seen above. A large amount of light is important to ensure complete comfort. For any modern apartment or a country estate three buttons switches a necessity rather than a luxury item.

Wiring Diagram three buttons passing switch has the following advantages:

  • Allows you to control lighting from one place.
  • Models have compact dimensions.
  • You Can choose the design according to personal preferences.
  • Modern circuit breakers can be equipped with a device that regulates the brightness of the light, and indicators that makes them easier to use in dark places.

Only these benefits will be provided in the case of correct model selection switch. And here it is necessary to pay attention to their appearance when choosing in the store. The housing must be free of cracks, chips, scratches, abrasions and other defects.

three buttons passing switch wiring diagram

It is Better to give preference to specialized shops, are there a lot of positive feedback. There is one sure way to determine a quality product or not – switch when activated, produces a characteristic click.

Manufacturers three buttons switches

When it comes to repair or purchase any devices for your home, we always try to give preference to proven producers. Only in this case, the connection switch three buttons under the scheme will be implemented without incident. Good production is obtained from the following companies:

  • Schneider Electric. According to the opinion of the majority of experts, this company produces products on a professional level. Since 2008, the company entered the domestic manufacturer Wessen. Among the main advantages include high quality switches, as well as affordable price. This brand is at the leading position compared with other counterparts in the top 2016 and 2017.
  • Legrand. In the top of the best this company is in second place, and perhaps many consumers know about its existence. French high quality due to the use of modern production technologies. It also allows you to give the model the original design.
  • Bticino. In Italy, too, know how to make quality switches, and the firm proof of this. In the course of their manufacture special attention is paid to appearance. In the rich collection, you can find different models, different color design, material and form. Any buyer will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate option.
  • Makel. Connection diagram three buttons switch on three lights of this company will cost a minimal sum because the optimal prices. Currently, the brand is also occupies a leading position on the market. Due to the high quality of the contacts is excluded short circuit and overheating.
  • Viko. This manufacturer is located in Turkey and aims to supply its products to the Russian market. High reliability, low price, good design – all Viko.

Many people choose switches based on cost and how they look.

wiring a three buttons switch with socket

However, this is not the main criteria is to choose the manufacturer with good reputation. Such as those listed above.

How to construct a three buttons switch

How is such devices? Fans of the entire complex will be disappointed, as much of a difference in design here. The principle of operation is also identical to switches with one or two keys. Should not even arise the question of how to connect three buttons switch the same schema, there are only minor differences.

There are also frame and only three keys, which are made of heat-resistant plastic. Not without a working mechanism, or key drive. Frame fixed thereto by means of snaps or screws. Fully assembled construction is placed on the mounting box and fixed with struts.

These devices are used in a more intensive mode unlike other switches. For this reason, their lifespan is 8-10 years, no more. And the main causes of failure can be of two characters:

  • Mechanical & ndash; damage to fasteners and body.
  • Electrical & ndash; damage to the contacts.

Do Not even attempt to try to restore three buttons switch – the faulty device should be replaced. And preferably a job left to a professional who always comply with the safety regulations.

wiring a three buttons switch, three light bulbs

Sometimes the connection scheme three buttons light switch can be implemented on their own, saving the family budget. However, this requires a good understanding of electrical engineering, to be able to use power tools, and also to distinguish between such concepts as phase and zero.


At the initial stage it is necessary to prepare everything necessary, and it is:

  • Screwdriver (may need both Phillips and flat);
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Stripper for Stripping wires (can go up and knife)
  • Pliers;
  • Duct tape or clamps.

Sometimes can not do without the aid of a hammer to the crown, and building level. After that you can go directly to installing the switch.


Before you do self-installation of the switch must be completely de-energize the apartment or house through the switch. If there are tangled wires, the lights will work correctly. Typically, the incoming phase channel is on the one hand, and three on the other outlet.

On the reverse side of any device you can see a small wiring diagram three buttons switch. You need to connect the wire according to the diagram. That is the main phase is directly connected to the switch with one hand to the other to approach the remaining three wires from the lamps (the same phase). Zero in the junction box connected by wires with zero light sources. In other words, when you enable or disable the light split and join phase wires.

wiring a three buttons light switch

Then it remains to fix the switch into the mounting box, for which there are clamping screws. As for wiring, it is better to avoid twisting and use modern clamps.

After the work done you can move on to testing. Turn on the electricity, and in turn presses a key: whether to turn on the lights?

Connecting a switch with socket

Many residents buying three buttons switches along with the receptacle, which is very convenient, as the device has greater functionality. In most cases it is mounted in places where there are a bathroom, a corridor and a toilet. And then, it would seem that difficulties may arise, but in reality everything is the same as described above. The only difference with the connection diagram three buttons switch...

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