How to care for petunias (seedlings): tips and advice


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Petunia – this is one of the most beautiful and bright summer colors. They decorate flower beds, balconies, loggias, window sills. Growers are crazy about petunias, because they are surprised by the variety of hybrids, colorings and shapes. These relatively low-maintenance plants are pleasing to the eye bloom from spring to late autumn, to take care of them easy. But in terms of growing seedlings of many inexperienced gardeners have some to care for Petunia seedlings

Planting petunias

From the moment of sowing of seeds starts on the care of flowers. In mid February you can start to prepare the boxes and the substrate. Seeds are sown in early March. If the seedlings you plan to grow at home, not in a well-equipped greenhouses, you should not save seeds because many seedlings may not germinate due to lack of light. Substrate it is recommended to choose easy and nutritious, before sowing seeds should be mixed with sand and evenly pour on the ground.

Boxes of petunias need to be covered with glass or plastic. At high humidity and the air temperature is about 21°plants sprout after a week. It is important to know the basic rules of how to care for petunias (seedlings). So, the grower is obliged daily to maintain an acceptable temperature, high humidity level, the presence of the light source. If done correctly, then in mid-April, the seedlings can be moved into a greenhouse or planted in the open ground.ampelnoe Petunia seedlings

Pick petunias

This treatment of seedlings is carried out after the first three or four leaves. Swordplay allows you to form a strong root system and strengthen the stem. Some novice growers don't know how to care for petunias (seedlings), so overlooked the picks. In result, the plants get weak and sickly. You need to pre-prepare the substrate and small pots or regular 100 g plastic cups. The container should be filled with soil in the center to make a small indentation and pour. Plant vykovyrivat with a knife and transplanted to a new location. In any case it is impossible to prevent kinks or inflections of the roots, if they are too long, it is better to shorten them immediately. The dive can be repeated after a month of planting the seedlings in a large container.


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Transplant petunias

Almost all plants should be transplanted in cloudy weather or at night. Transplanting petunias is only after a good wetting of the substrate. This is done in order not to injure the roots. The seedlings are transferred using a small blade along with a clod of earth. After transplanting, the soil should again be watered from above it is recommended to be covered with humus or peat.transplanting petunias

Whether to pinch back flowers?

How to care for petunias (seedlings), experienced growers can talk for hours. The question is, is it worth it to pinch off, opinions differ. To understand what to do, you should understand what the procedure is and why it is needed. Nipping and removal of excess shoots growing needed to improve the flowering and the formation of a more beautiful and luxurious Bush. After transplanting in the open ground plants acklimatiseras and start to quickly grow up, just behaving in pots and hanging plant Petunia. Seedlings after pridobivanje slowing in growth, she is starting to custimise lateral shoots and appear larger and more beautiful blossoms.seedling petunias photo

Planting petunias in the open ground

Depending on personal preference in vases, pots or the open ground seedlings planted petunias. Photos of bright, double flowers maddening gardeners, but to get such a beauty, you need to work hard. In beds of petunias usually planted in may, but before that, the seedlings were quenched to low temperatures (10°C), so that the flowers are not afraid of night frosts. Plants with strong root system quickly take root and are growing. To petunias were beautiful and in bloom until autumn, in the ground as fertilizer to pour ash, peat or humus.

Helpful tips on caring for flowers

Many novice gardeners do not at first to grow flowers, because they don't know how to care for petunias. Seedlings need to do daily, to prevent drying of the soil, gently and moderately watered. The lack of moisture the plants are dying, and in waterlogged sick "black leg". Small seedlings can be washed out with water, so watering should be under the root.

Not to grow hothouse plant that is afraid of drafts and the slightest temperature drop, starting from the second week, it is recommended to open the window for 10 minutes for ventilation. The flow of cold air should not go directly into the flowers. Don't forget about the dressing: a few days after the first pick you can start to introduce complex mineral fertilizers and growth stimulants, alternating between them. Later, you can pour and root feeding.seedling petunias price

In the early stages especially requires care seedling petunias. Price for one plant is in the range of 15-100 RUB (depending on variety), it's not too expensive, considering the fact that to grow healthy and beautiful flowers can be very problematic. Seedlings need bright light - if there is no possibility to dosvechivat fluorescent lamp in dark weather, and keep dim lights at night, petunias can not do at all. Even if the seedlings appear, they will be weak and will soon die. It is impossible to prevent the appearance on the soil crusts, and excessive pulling of seedlings should be pour into the drawer of the substrate. Adherence to these recommendations will allow you to get a healthy, blooming Petunia.


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