Moving skyscraper in Dubai: the most ambitious project of modernity


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Dubai — not just exotic city. It is a favorite place of tourists from around the world. On top of that, he impresses by the abundance of tall buildings of various shapes and outlines. It is estimated that the number of storeys it is the highest city. Hard to believe that half a century ago it was a rundown cattle of the village.

History of Dubai skyscrapers

In the eighteenth century the settlement was distinguished by the construction of the fortress called al-Fahidi. And although there was only one floor at the time it was pretty massive building, besides performing defensive functions. You can consider this fortress as a point of reference, which began subsequent high-rise construction. The peak of it was the project that built a moving skyscraper in Dubai.moving skyscraper and Dubai

The Next giant was a business complex in 39 floors with a total height of almost 150 meters, built in the 78 year of the twentieth century. It was followed by the hotel Burj al Arab, in 60 levels, “born” in 2000, to specially formed the island. The year 2008 enriched the Dubai Almas tower in as many as 74 floors, and 2010 - Burj Khalifa, stretched more than 828 meters and includes 163 level.

Rotating house: the project

A Masterpiece of engineering needs to become a moving skyscraper in Dubai. Tourists anticipating the appearance of this diva, gave him a not quite correct, although it is under construction already rocked the whole world. Of course, to move the building is not, it is beyond the power of modern technology. Will turn the floors. The idea as such was born the Italian Fisher, who decided it would be fun and very romantic to see the sunset in the same room where you watched the sunrise.moving skyscraper


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The world's First moving skyscraper is not the highest in Dubai — a total of 80 planned floors. But everyone will turn on their own, not depending on other levels. However, to obey the voice commands are just some of them - those where supposed to be equipped with the most expensive apartments. The others will rotate automatically.

Technical framework

Moving skyscraper in Dubai will be placed on a solid fixed Foundation. In the center of the structure along its entire height you plan to mount a huge ultrastrong core, which will provide the structure stability and integrity, and the steering mechanism will contribute to the proportionality of the rotation. The ability to turn will provide solar panels to the solar cells and turbines that run on wind. Over the entire height of the building will operate elevators, incl. connecting passengers (and, most curiously, cars) directly to the occupied premises. Thus, a moving skyscraper will be very comfortable for the guests.first moving skyscraper Dubai

Some curious fear that the rotation may create difficulties for everyday life. It is not so: it is planned that a full rotation of the floor will take three hours, so that during the movement will not be dizzy, not disturbed coordination and should not beat the dishes.


Moving skyscraper in Dubai was conceived back in 2008. The designers were burning with enthusiasm and promised to finish it by 2010. Carried out all the necessary calculations, and estimates, investors are found. However, start of construction is delayed, and not for the first time. This is due to the need to re-check all the technical parameters of the impending miracle, it hit those only in appearance, but intended mechanisms. First moving skyscraper (Dubai) needs right from the opening day to demonstrate their capabilities. Because actually planned to build four such buildings in this city alone, and another — in Moscow. Failure with the trial version will destroy the other grandiose plans and projects.

At the present time, I heard a cautious promises to lay the Foundation whether in 2014 or in 2015. The solid launch date for the facilities in operation now not known, although, according to the calculations of designers, and each floor will take no more than six days. the world's first moving skyscraper

One thing is for sure: when moving skyscraper in Dubai after all is ready, the number of tourists to this country will increase many times over. Even now, despite constant delays and lack of information regarding the completion of the project, interest in the idea of the Fisher in travelers falls. When will be able to see the original structure firsthand the delight of the curious.

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