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Any owner of a country site wants his site looked modern and well kept. How well are decorated lawns of the house will depend on the external picture of the landscape. When laying the turf in recent years is quite common the use of lawn grids. Grass paver for Parking with their hands can easily be stacked.

They are practical, but before you buy these grills, you need to decide what kind of design will be most preferable.

Purpose of lawn grids

The main purpose of lawn grids acts to protect green space from external influence. For this reason, most often such installations are installed in Parking lots and near walkways. Grass is retained as the load is distributed on the walls of the cells. Eventually, the root system remains intact, and the excessive amount of moisture goes through the drainage system, which is located under the lawn.grass paver installation with your own hands

If you are considering whether your site grass pavers for Parking (with your hands which are fairly easy to install), you should pay attention to their positive qualities. Grass paver prevents the application of lawn mowers and facilitates the work of lawn care.

Varieties of lawn grids

Grass paver are the modules based on the most commonly used plastic or concrete. The first type is considered the most modern and the last time he was the most popular due to its attractive appearance and ease of installation. Concrete grass pavers have a long history. grass paver for Parking with their handsAmong their positive qualities can allocate a small cost, durability and long life. The profile of such design win, as the shape of the modules can be different, every owner of a suburban area will be able to find something similar.


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Plastic lattice

If you have already decided to install grass pavers for Parking with your own hands, you can choose a plastic design that are very modern. The basis of such installation used a high-strength material that can withstand loads up to 1.2 tons per 1 square meter. The period of use of such grids is also great and can reach 25 years. In the form of a plastic grid may be different.grass paver for Parking with their hands

If you decided to use on its territory plastic grass pavers for Parking, with your own hands you can install them using special locks that ensure secure fastening of the modules in a single frame. You do not need to use a special technique. If there are geometrically incorrect, the plastic grid for lawn can be laid according to the territorial features of your site. Such structures are very resistant to chemical attack by petroleum products and acids. Under ultraviolet light these elements do not melt, besides, they are not afraid of cold and preserve in harsh external conditions, their characteristics and qualities.

Grass paver installation

Grass paver for Parking with your own hands can be stowed using the following technologies. Initially, you should produce preparatory work that will enable marking of territory where the Assembly of the lattice. At this stage you need to define the purpose of the future lawn. It can be a usual lawn or the one that is supposed to be used as playgrounds, and games or car Parking. Based on the goals, you need to choose the kind of grating. After the site was marked, with a need to remove the soil.grass paver installation for Parking with their hands

Grass paver for Parking with their hands set in such depth, which is determined by the height of the gravel beds - it must be equal to 5-20 cm (the final value will depend on the expected loads). If the bars you need to equip a Parking space, then use this option you need to the maximum. This is because there may be situations in which it will be necessary to Park not only the car but also a special technique, as well as minibus. The thickness of the levelling layer shall not be less than 3 cm Need to remember that the height of the grass paver is 5 see In General it will be necessary to remove the soil, the thickness of which is equal to 28 cm

Recommendations for contractors

Laying grass paver for Parking with their hands on the next phase involves carrying out the tamping of the soil, and the strengthening of boundaries. The last manipulation can be made by use of bricks and stones, and can be applied and technology of concrete pouring. The next step allows you to go to the installation of the grass paver. Must be prepared the crust, which consists of sand and gravel that you will need to mix. The sand needed to gravel fairly tightly formed and not move under the influence of mechanical loads. grass paver installation by their handsOn Top of such training shall be placed a geotextile that will protect the lawn from weeds and grass. The next step is to fill the sand in a thin layer whose thickness is 3 cm Geotextile needed not only to protect from weed - it is used as the separating layer.

Features of the installation of the grid

Installation of the grass paver is made by their hands in a specific pattern. In this example, would be considered a variant in which used plastic lattice. The wizard requires that you pay attention to the fact that each module has connecting elements, they have to use the Assembly structure into a monolithic sheet. Before purchasing be aware that the dimensions of a single module of a plastic grid is 40 x 60 cm

Final phase

When settling ecoparking for the garden, lawn lattice (with their hands to install which just) should be placed, and its cells have to fill up the soil, which needs to reach the top. It is preferable to use a light soil - this is great for a peat or compost. After filling with the ground should be filled with water, allowing to settle to the ground. Now you can fill the grass and roll the surface. Grass paver installation with your own hands at this stage completed.

Now you know how to install a grass paver in your area.


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