How to build a cellar with his hands in the garden


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The Cellar, people have learned to build long – when there was not only refrigerators, but even electricity. Natural conditions conducive to the good climate, constant temperature – all of this promotes long-term preservation of vegetables and fruits (as their presentation and taste). The owners of country houses, especially those involved in growing their own vegetables and fruit, without it simply can not do, and therefore anyone living in a private house, sooner or later have to think about how to build a cellar. Under the house garage or cellar is usually built before the erection of the building. Therefore, consider the question of creation of this economic space into the garden (suburban) to build a cellar with his own hands

How to build a cellar with his own hands

First of all, you need to determine the place of construction, based on the level of groundwater. The easiest way to do this, drill at the future site of the cellar hole to a depth of not less than two and a half meters. After that, it is necessary to bury the pipe and ensure that it does not appear water. If water is not – can get to work. Otherwise, you will have to find another place, preferably on a hill.

Then proceed to the digging pit. It is usually the optimum size is 2.5 meters in width and length and the same in depth. The pit can be dug manually or with excavators.

The bottom of the trench must be thoroughly compacted, and then pour gravel cushion height 30 cm, including 20 cm of sand, and 10 cm – gravel. on Top of the pillow is placed a metal reinforcement rods 8 mm thick, after which fill it with a layer of a mixture of sand and concrete in proportion 1 : 3.


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How to build a cellar with his hands in compliance with all technologies? For this it is necessary to provide waterproofing to protect the floor and walls from moisture. With this purpose apply any waterproofing materials. Commonly used roofing material that is placed on hardened concrete, and then coated with tar. If roll width is less than the width of the cellar, he put lapped, and the edges lift, then to glue the tar paper to the walls.

As the material for the walls can be concrete or brick. How to build a cellar with his own hands by the method of monolithic construction? To do this, first you need to install a reinforcing frame made of rods with a diameter of 10 mm, and then to build the formwork on both sides of the valve. Width of the future wall should be at least 10 cm After that you can proceed to the Gulf of the mixture, which should be compacted to prevent the formation of voids. The drying time of the mixture in the dry Sunny weather is about ten days. The formwork can be dismantled no earlier than three to build a cellar under the house

Gluing the roofing felt to the outside of the walls, to fill them with a layer of clay to improve the protection from damp and compacted. Ceiling can be done either with concrete slabs or wood. The latter option is much simpler, both technically and financially.

Now we have to install a roof (shed or gable) with a hole and build a ladder. The roof should be insulated. This can be done with turf or artificial heaters (natural material is still preferable). On top of it must cover the slate.

How to build A cellar with his own hands, the products were stored in it for a long time and there is dampness? Of course, it needs ventilation. With this, you can use any pipe with a diameter of about 10 cm Can be installed even in two different parts of the cellar. The bottom edge of one pipe is at a distance of 20 cm from the ceiling, and another – at 20 cm below the floor. From the outside of the cellar they must rise above the roof level by about 30 cm For interior decoration it is best to use a to build a cellar in the house

Care cellar

The Knowledge of how to build a cellar (in the house or in the garden), is no guarantee that the products will be stored long enough. The cellar should be annually cleaned, aired and disinfected. The simplest method of disinfection of the cellar is whitewashed with lime solution prepared from the calculation: 1 bucket of mortar on 5-6 buckets of water with the addition of copper sulphate (for 1 bucket of solution – 1 kg sulfate). All work on disinfection must be finished at least a month before laying the next harvest.

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