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The Use of natural elements in the interior of apartments and houses-is far from new. It is a modern and very relevant trend. Many designers quite successfully used sea pebbles in interior design. Most often it is an indispensable element of coastal style. But we should not forget about the other directions. Pebble can become refined and original decoration of different styles.

sea pebbles


Sea pebbles (photo illustrated original solutions) has a wide range of applications. However, the choice of its functionality depends on the characteristics of the interior. For example, to this style, as high-tech, pick up it will be very difficult.

Quite often use the pebble while working on the walls or floors. It can help you in the best light possible to present arch. One of the most bold and winning decision is the finish pebbles of the podium.

This material can be used in order to create the interior in a Maritime style. It would perfectly blend in with the environment.

The Plus is that it is very easy to use. In order to create lovely decor, enough to get the glue through which sea pebbles attached to surfaces. After she is securely fastened, the top is recommended to cover the surface with varnish. Of course, this lesson may take a long time, but the result is worth the effort.

Decor pebble with your hands

For interior decoration you will need the material. Where can I get it? Sea pebbles can be purchased in the store. But it is much easier to collect it on the coast. Of course, welcome the second option, as it is possible to obtain a unique result which you, as master, will be very proud of.


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sea pebbles photo

With the help of pebble you can draw anything. It is actively used in decoration of the landscape can also be construction. In each case, it will look very unusual and interesting.

So, if you decide to purchase in the store this material, you should know about some of the benefits. It would seem, can ease labor purchase sea pebbles? The description of this material will completely dispel all doubts. The fact is that most often it is already fixed on the grid. Such pebbles selected for their size and color.

Work with the grid very easy. She is well attached with construction adhesive. Plus is that it is not necessary to put one pebble. To create the desired pattern, glue ready-made set.

After the glue dries, remove excess. You can use grout. By removing all unnecessary, residual grout is easy to remove with wipes or wet towels.

The gravel on the mesh will help hide any irregularities of the walls and refresh even the most problematic surface.

Working with such material flows quite easily and quickly and leads to excellent results.

Construction of a bathroom

Sea pebbles (the photo below shows the unique interior) is very beneficial to look in the bathroom. It is able to emphasize the uniqueness of the design and to add a little nautical theme. In addition, it is ideal for rooms with high humidity.

colorful sea pebbles

So how do you use this item? Consider the following solutions:

  1. Gravel can be used for flooring. It is able to replace the tile in the bathroom. With its help you will create the most amazing and unique marine-inspired decor.
  2. Pebbles can be an excellent element of the interior. For example, using this material would make the skeleton bath or foot shell. Quite impressive it will look on the empty spots near the crane.
  3. This material can perfectly decorate the walls. For this purpose it is not necessary to glue the pebbles to the surface. You can, for example, during plaster walls to create a drawing using indentation of stones in raw materials. Then the surface must directly align with a roller. To strengthen the result, it is recommended to treat the wall with varnish.
  4. In addition, it is possible to accentuate the bathroom interior, decorating with pebbles skirting.

In the choice of ideas and solutions rely on their imagination. So you get not only the original but also unique decor.

colorful sea pebbles and other stones


Shingles can be rightly called a universal material. Very unusual and modern it looks in the living room. The decor is a natural element. Therefore, it is beneficial to complement the overall picture of the design.

The Multicolored sea pebbles and other stones can diversify any room and give it a touch of the sea.

The Designers recommend the use of this material is as follows:

  1. To give a living room the sea breeze, you can arrange pebbles arches or pillars. Thus, they will not only look great, but also accentuate the General decor.
  2. Lay the artificial podium. The lateral surface (space), designed decor, will appear visually higher.
  3. To Highlight pebbles can fireplaces. This is a simple, but quite original decision. Because these fireplaces take on a special magnificence that will surely give personality to your living room.
  4. In addition, pebble is able to act as an independent element of decor. If necessary similar items, you can always remove or replace. Small items created from sea rocks, is able to emphasize and highlight the inconspicuous, but very important items.

sea pebbles description

Kitchen Design

The walls of sea pebbles will be a real highlight of the room. Enough to decorate only one surface. For example, create a unique kitchen apron. Such a surface is quite practical to use. In addition, they are very nice.

Pebble is suitable for any room. It is a natural part of the decor, which was valued at all times. Very unusual pebbles will look great in a glass vase. Such a decision would create the premise of strict style.

Basic methods

Sea pebbles is quite daring material for decoration. Each element is decorated with its help, I can make notes of freshness and diversify any interior.

So the pebbles can be used for:

  • Clearance of skirting boards;
  • Decoration of walls and ceilings;
  • Decorations of arches and walls;
  • Finish of the sink and countertops;
  • Accent decorative finish;
  • Create a mini-SPA.

walls of sea pebbles

Latest tip

Pebble is inexpensive but very practical material. Such decoration gives the impression of extraordinary and exquisite solutions. Very original look multicolored sea pebbles. To do this, the stones painted in different colors, creating a single composition.


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