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To maintain the home comfortable and convenient, requires a complicated technique. It greatly facilitates work in the home, but its maintenance requires certain skills and knowledge. Not everyone knows all the capabilities of modern instruments and use them to the fullest. If a little change, you can get easy homemade devices for the workshop.homemade devices for workshop

If you gradually acquire a model popular brands, they will be durable and reliable assistants. In addition, a necessary device for positioning and fixing of workpieces during their processing. In the country it will be the joiner's workbench.

The accumulation of inventory of the house master should be sort by groups:

  • Metalwork and joiner's tools;
  • Devices;
  • Electrical.

All post allow devices with their own hands: shelves, drawers and cabinets. Maintain equipment in clean and tidy allows you to create a comfortable environment for work and provide long-term preservation tools.

Homemade adaptations for tree processing

Wood is the most common in the household. Useful in homemade devices for the workshop is the workbench. It needs to be comfortable for the height. Its cover is located at the level of bent palms. If you want to raise it, at the bottom of the dowels set bars desired thickness.

The making of the modern workbench

Classic workbench consists of a cover with front and rear grip. This design is more suitable for manual operations. It is ill-suited to work with power tools due to the fact that the blanks can be difficult to fix. You can buy a modern compact MASTER cut 1000 workbench $ 12 thousand RUB together. It is possible to install hand tools: circular saw, jig saw and router. But then it will have to be redone. Good features of the Festool MFT 3 workbench. However, the price of 30 thousand rubles is thought-provoking. The wizard may be able to make homemade devices for the home Studio, working not worse.homemade tools for woodworking


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To make a workbench, you will need smooth plywood without knots. The thickness should be at least 20 mm. with the bottom of the jigsaw, you can cut the Board and the small bars along, across, angled and complex curved profiles. The tool performs additional functions circular and band saws.

First is the top. It is cut an arcuate groove for setting a guide for workpieces to be mounted at any angle. Under the jigsaw is a guide with a slot. Its width is chosen according to the size of the sole of the tool.

Plywood should be cut the sides and glue them to the top to give it rigidity. The legs of the workbench are made from the bar. You can make a metal frame and then attach with screws to the tabletop. Then the design work is lightweight and durable. Bottom rails are attached to the tabletop furniture nuts.

A Jig is installed on the bottom cover workbench - “upside down”. Top remains visible only a nail file. For convenience, a jigsaw, an extra switch. The guide should also be easily removable, so you can easily replace the blade tool. For easy access to the underside of the table top can be hinged, the hinges.

The Workbench takes up little space and can be installed even at home. To do this, make it foldable, so that it is easy to disassemble and clean the Cabinet or pantry.

How to make a workbench for the garden

To work in the country or in a country house needs a strong bench. Countertop knock together of thick trim boards up to a length of 2 m. will Not be superfluous, if further secured with screws. Bottom perimeter countertop is sheathed with timber. The legs of the table make a square cross-section 120x120 mm. They can be buried in the ground or attached to concrete base. The whole structure is treated with antiseptic and covered with varnish.

When the workbench is installed, it installed devices with their own hands: guides, device fixing workpieces and tools.

How to make tube Bender with your hands

At the farm you must have a device for bending metal pipes and profiles. The simplest homemade tools for bending of pipes with diameter up to 20 mm is the steel plate with welded pins. Inserting between them the workpiece, it can be bent to the desired curvature. In such simple devices, the pipe crushed in place of the bend. To avoid this, it is necessary to tightly fill the pipe with sand. Will also help heating it with a blowtorch, any masters.

makeshift To improve the quality of the bend instead of pins, use 2 of the profiled roller and the retaining element. You can also make special profile from a steel angle and plate and pin it to the workbench with a solid Foundation. In the picture the design is attached directly to the boards. You can make it portable by mounting on steel sheet and securing the bottom of the countertop. Then the tube Bender, which we rarely use, will not interfere with the carpentry work. A portable device, like other homemade fixtures for workshop, can be used in the garage. There it is convenient to fix, and it may be necessary not only for pipes.

Homemade circular saw

The Branded machines have great prices, but a private user is quite suitable improvised tool for the home workshop. This can be a circular saw, made on the basis of hand, cheaper models.homemade devices for the home Studio

The Workbench for circular saw needs to be stable. On the countertop, attach the base frame with a slot for the disc. As the material best suited sheet metal or strong wood that can withstand heavy loads. He has a minor thickness that gives you the opportunity to use most of the drive and saw the product of adequate thickness. In addition, the frame is attached to the tool and fixture for machine tools. A guide strip is moving on a steel or aluminum skid, or attached using clamps.

Hand saw is mounted from below the countertop on the frame. You can also use the grinder or drill, but they are not as effective and do not allow you to use the entire working area of the disk. The mount can be any if only it was reliable.

When working with a circular saw, it should be remembered that it is of high speed and need to follow safety rules.

fit your hand

Homemade bow saw

The Homemade devices for wood can be very simple, but effective. These include the bow saw. Fine linen allows you to quickly cut a large log. It is easy to replace with the new one, when the saw becomes blunt. Bow-shaped saw can be made from 3 cubes of solid wood. Two handles with notches on the ends are connected in the middle by the cross member using the connection “ship - nest”. In the slot is inserted into the blade and fixed with two nails. On the other hand it is tensioned by means of rope loops draped around the handle and twisted the knob.

How to sharpen a knife

Hand sharpening for knives more efficient since you get a strong cutting edge. To facilitate widespread self-made device. It is a rod clamp for block, the basis for fixing the knife and the counter regulation of the installation angle.sharpening of knives When the reciprocating moving rod fixed thereto a whetstone is sharpening the blade. Pressure of the abrasive surface to the blade is only possible when moving from the heel to the tip. Slightly changing the design of the base sharpening for knives, you can also edit blade carpentry tools.

Homemade devices for the garage

A Garage is not only a place where to hide the car, but also a workshop where you can store tools and make repairs.

Shelving and racking

The Procedure in the garage provide devices with their own hands. This made the rack which is usually placed on top. Then he will not interfere with the movement inside. From the bottom install a small workbench to work with, which also holds tools. It's convenient to place all along the back wall of the garage. Then the side aisles will be free.

Inspection pit lay a brick or cast them in concrete, and then covered with a lid, so it does not interfere with the passage.

homemade devices for garage

Manufacturer of puller

A Regular job with a car is done using a standard set of tools. Craftsmen produce special equipment. For tightening the bearings often requires a puller. The most convenient is the three-valve design. Standard devices may not be enough. If you make a puller with your hands, it will last for many years.


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