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“Golden flower” called the ancient Greeks chrysanthemum. And they had reason. These flowers like the sun reveal its head in the autumn months, filling the garden with its own specific aroma. According to Eastern ancient wisdom, those who grow them, happy and live long.Annual chrysanthemum

General information

From the second half of July, but in some regions closer to September many garden plots and flower beds in gardens, you can see different varieties of this flower. Most gardeners prefer to choose chrysanthemum annual, the cultivation which it requires no effort, besides they have excellent decorative properties and relative simplicity. Of course, they look a little smaller than the perennial varieties, but do not require complex and time-consuming care.

The Annual chrysanthemum belongs to the family Asteraceae. The kind includes more than forty species of these herbaceous plants. It is believed that chrysanthemum annual came to us from the Mediterranean. There is hardly a person who can remain indifferent to the beauty of this flower. Most often in our gardens, is found in chrysanthemum annual-Keeled. Although some regions are quite common and other varieties, for example, Sowing, and Topped with other varieties. Their bright, cheerful blossoms, gathered in a simple, semi-double baskets, decorate the flower beds, starting from mid-June to mid-October.Chrysanthemum annuals


Almost every person born in the era of the Soviet Union, this plant conjures up memories of childhood. Because the first thing we saw at the cottage or in the village with my grandparents, was the chrysanthemum annuals. Photo of this flower is presented in this article. The culture of this relatively undemanding to growing conditions. Rhizomes branched chrysanthemum, they develop parallel to the surface. Shoots are both naked and hairy.


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The Annual chrysanthemum has leaves that are alternate. They are simple, but different in shape and size. The plant can be notched or serrated, dissected leaves, may not even attend. Color usually bright green, although some varieties of it can be dark. Small chrysanthemum flowers collected in a basket. Sometimes she can be quite large. The fruits of chrysanthemums – achenes.

To Bloom this plant will start somewhere in mid-June for two months. Depending on the region, this period may vary. Thanks rich and very long flowering of annual chrysanthemum has been used very effectively in the landscape design. It is great for perennial borders and mixed flower beds, it is often planted in large groups on the background lawn. Annual chrysanthemum suitable for cutting, because it can stand in water for a long time.Chrysanthemum annual photo


In our country is more widespread several ornamental species. Most often found in the gardens annual chrysanthemum Prominent. Shrubs have a height of about fifty centimeters. Arranger graceful foliage, inflorescence large (5-6 cm), Terry, with a pronounced convex receptacle. Flowering plant for a very long time. Especially good in the vase life of chrysanthemum prominent, so it is also called “bouquet”.

Another version – the Crop - has a highly branched shrub, covered with large lemon flowers with a contrasting dark brown heartwood. The seeds of annual chrysanthemum Navicular gave the name to this species. They are like a boat with a keel, because the grade is called Keeled. The blossoms on this chrysanthemum is very colorful, flat, dark red-brown disk surrounded by ray petals with colored rings: white, red, pink, Burgundy, yellow, brown, orange. There are so many variations that to find two plants with the same coloring is impossible.Chrysanthemums are annuals growing


The Plant prefers fertile and well-drained soil. It easily ties seeds and some varieties are typical abundant self-seeding. Young annual chrysanthemum growing fast enough. This flower requires little care, cold-hardy and tolerate weak frosts. He loves the garden in Sunny location.

The Annual chrysanthemum is fairly drought-resistant plant does not tolerate excess moisture. That the plant bloomed on time and pleased to late autumn, it should be planted in Sunny open areas. If the place is primenenem, the annual chrysanthemum stretches, and the color of the buds will be very dim, and the blooms will be short-lived. Not like a plant and cold winds.

Soil Preparation

Chrysanthemums prefer a moderate, and water-holding capacity loamy soil with quality drainage, rich in micro-nutrients. It is not recommended to grow them in acid soil, because the flower on it feels very bad. Normal growth of chrysanthemums affected and neterprise manure.

Before beginning planting in the soil should be two buckets of compost, superphosphate and kalimagnesia is based fifty grams per square meter. Then the place you need to dig to a depth of about two infantry shovel, then plant culture and abundantly water it.


The Plant is able to grow in almost any garden soil, although it prefers fertile, limed soil without excess organic compounds. Best chrysanthemum annual grows on loam. Plant seedlings sown in April, swooping in pots. Planting material in the soil is transferred in mid-may. Seedlings planted at a distance of twenty or thirty centimetres from each other.Seeds of annual chrysanthemum

The Planting material is planted only after heating of soil by sun, in a prepared furrow. They are then filled with peat with a thickness of two to three inches and well watered. After the formation of the first pair of true leaves the seedlings should be thinned.


For the lush growth of annual chrysanthemum need timely and high-quality watering. Flower needs periodic loosening of soil to remove all weeds. After planting the soil around it is best to mulch: it helps to maintain the roots of the necessary moisture.

Like any other flower culture, annual chrysanthemum requires a periodic feed. While it is important when fertilizing - be sure to water the roots, not to burn the leaf part.Chrysanthemum annual, growing from seed

Chrysanthemum annuals: grown from seed

In the middle zone of our country this culture is grown as a seed in the ground and seedlings. Seeds of all the varieties of annual chrysanthemums are sown in March or April in a greenhouse in compost soil with added peat and sand. Seeds sprinkled the sheet with soil, lightly pressed, and then quite abundantly watered. With a thick growth of seed be sure to thin the seedlings.

Other mandatory conditions for normal growth are regular watering and ventilation of the greenhouse. The latest procedure is extremely important as annual chrysanthemum grows very quickly, so at high temperatures it can develop, and in this case, the seedlings will turn out defective. The result should be a squat plant with a good root.

Seedlings of annual varieties are best placed in the open ground in may. Blooming chrysanthemum is a real decoration of the gardens in the fall. This colourful gift of nature, having a sagebrush tart flavor, as if sent to extend summer days.


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