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The Owners of private houses and suburban areas are often faced with the problem of the emergence of "uninvited guests". Frequently found earthen bee – large and bright enough insect. His wings are painted in a brown or purple color, the body is black in color, and legs with the head contrasting red shade. The average size of the bees is about 18 mm.

ground bee


Being wild creatures, they live in fields, forest plantations and on sites in quiet areas, where the soil contains a large amount of sand. They are grouped by families with large numbers, then the offspring is next to the old house, because of what is under the ground formed a large area of the settlements.

The Tunnels in the homes are very durable and go very deep, as the ground bee is an excellent Builder. Insects are quite peaceful and do not attack for no apparent reason. It should be noted that these individuals, as well as any other, at different times, may be more aggressive.

ground bees how to get rid of

Actions by the bite

Before you get rid of underground bees in the area, it is worth remembering about the probability of a possible bite and know about the measures that should be undertaken. The insect venom contains a substantial dose of histamine can lead to allergic reactions. It is expressed by inflammation of the tissues in the site of the bite and swelling. You must immediately remove the stinger to reduce the potential consequences, it can be done with the help of small tweezers. If it does not protrude above the surface, enough to pin down a bit of the surrounding skin.


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Poison neutralizes alcohol, in its absence, you can use sweetened water. The wound is treated with a liquid, is applied on top wrapped in gauze ice. Due to the fact that the bite of a mining bee can cause allergies, it is advisable to take an antihistamine or use a special ointment. During the day it is necessary to increase the total amount of water consumed. It is extremely desirable to drink alcoholic beverages, as alcohol can increase the effects of the toxins contained in the poison.

May be a manifestation of a severe reaction requiring immediate treatment in hospital, requires special attention to the sharp deterioration increasing the area of edema and shortness of breath.

bite earthen bee

Excavation bees: how to delete

The Insects are often located in inappropriate places on the site and occupy a large area. They can also pose a threat to many people, since not all faced with bees, and many do not know whether they are allergic. Are also at risk for children and Pets. Therefore, from insects to begin to fight immediately after they were discovered. There are several common methods. It is easier and safer to seek help from professionals. Today there are many companies that specialize in insect control, including with ground honey plants.

Many beekeepers know about what you need to do to force the insects to relocate to another location.

But if in the village there are no such companies, with no friends beekeepers, you may have to get rid of tenants. Despite the seeming simplicity of the task, it is not necessary for it to be taken without preparation.

how to get rid of underground bees in the area


The first step is to get protective clothing in beekeeping mesh gloves from a heavy canvas jacket and trousers. It should be carefully inspected for damage. In the process of events, no one should be, including animals, as angry individuals can sting. It is believed that insects are best tackled in spring, after complete snow melt and drying of the soil. At this time, they only Wake up after zimovane. Evening is the most suitable time.

How to withdraw earthen bees: basic methods

Most Often used the flooding of homes and fumigation of insects. The first method is more simple, it requires about 15 liters of boiling water. The number of bees affects the amount needed of boiling water, and a large number of tunnels may need more boiling water. In this case it is better to overdo it, as an insufficient amount of water will incapacitate them for a short time. Subsequently, they will get out of the home and themselves attack others.

Fumigation of produce is a bit more complicated, but the result is more effective. You need to purchase a special poison for insects and smoker-a device for treatment of smoke. To avoid unforeseen situations during the work, all tools and accessories shall have appropriate documentation and be purchased here.

how to withdraw earthen bees


Before you fight the earth bees, the place of their settlement is being processed a sufficient amount of smoke. It acts in such a way that insects become lethargic and are unable to defend themselves. Then gradually introduced the poison. It is important to observe the instructions contained in the instructions for use. Insufficient amount of toxic substances is not enough for young individuals after they can behave very aggressive. For greater efficiency you can slightly increase the quantity of a substance. Then the entrance to the tunnels, carefully covered with earth to prevent wypasanie surviving insects. It is necessary to remember the location of the nest as near it may form a new settlement. Not to think about the problem to help lavender, if you plant a few shrubs in different areas of the site, the bees will pass it by.


The Earthen bee is a remarkable creature. This relative of the familiar melliferous species, which has many features in common. The main settlements are unshaded, dry areas with loose sandy soil. Often bees can be found outside of suburban areas on the vertical cliffs of the rivers and lakes. Insects dig long extensive network of tunnels. Also as the house they choose small hills and trees lying uprooted, forming a plurality of holes in the earthen clods remaining on the roots. Rapid urbanization leads to the fact that earthen bee increasingly common near houses, for example, in the garden and flower beds. Not less willing they are populated in the spaces between the stones filled with soil, and retaining structures.

Educated mink resemble stretching deep into the tunnels. On opposite sides of a dead-end passages located oval space, which are used to raise young and store nectar. In such cavities the honey does not disappear and retains all its properties. This is ensured by the special arrangement of the walls, which requires careful and painstaking work.

how to deal with ground bees


First ground bee digs a small rounded hole and forms in her cell. Formed in the process of the works the ground is mixed with saliva. The mixture is placed and compacted in a circle, then the top is applied the liquid produced by the abdominal glands. Surface when fully cured, becomes the waterproof performance.

It Should be noted that the method of breeding from ground insects differs from that used regular honey. They are filled with the nectar of the excavated cavities and lay their eggs. Within two weeks larvae hatch. New cells individuals shape after sprouting offspring.


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