Than to wash the plastic window duct tape? How to clean tape residue on the plastic Windows?


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Duct Tape-this tape is coated with an adhesive layer. Sometimes it can be unilateral or bilateral, fast adhesive or slabovidimym. It's just incredibly useful thing in life and construction, but after working with it you can sometimes encounter some problems. The most common are traces of glue on the material or the remains of tape. Very often this can be seen on the plastic Windows, and to remove the tape from the surface, sometimes you have to try very hard.

the clear plastic Windows from tape

At the moment it is possible to meet the plastic literally in any room as it is practical and high-quality material, but to clean with it a lot of hassle. And to maintain the original form has to work. It is extremely important to approach the issue responsibly, otherwise you can cause irreparable damage to the window. But knowing some secrets, you can easily cope with this task and not to wonder, than to wash the plastic window duct tape.

Method # 1

Of Course, it is best to remove tape immediately after will be incredibly difficult to remove the tape without damaging the material. So much better to do everything promptly and efficiently. You can use this method if the glue is still fresh. On top where you left the tape, apply new tape, good press, and then abruptly tear. When the first time will not be able to cope with the pollution, it is possible to repeat the action. Or just use the eraser and remove the pencil from the paper to do the same and with traces of glue.


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Method # 2

For this method, you need something alcohol-based, suitable vodka, Cologne or pure alcohol. A sponge or soft cloth to wet the substance, and then wipe the contaminated area. But there is one important caveat: this can damage some types of plastic, all depends on the quality, so to start is to try on an inconspicuous place.

Method # 3

how to clean the tape from the plastic window

Cleaning products do an excellent job with the traces of the tape. Fit those that are in the form of a crystalline powder or a paste. Wet washcloth is applied to the substance, and in a circular motion eliminates the tape. Only scrub very gently so as to leave scratches on the surface.

Also suitable gels for washing dishes, to use them very easy and absolutely safe. Simply apply to a damp cloth.

You can Still use the same tool as for manual cleaning. Sprinkle the stain and leave for ten minutes then wipe. In conclusion, the window is washed with clean water.

Method 4

Cleanser to really prepare yourself, for this you need to simply mix baking soda with water to make slurry, this mixture is applied to the contaminated surface and left for a few minutes, then rinse with clean water. If you still have traces of the procedure can be repeated. Thus, the question of what to wash plastic Windows from tape, solved quickly and with the help of those tools that is always at hand for any cook.

Method # 5

how to clean traces of adhesive on the plastic Windows

The clear plastic window duct tape? If the material is not afraid of high temperatures, you can heat the plastic with a hair dryer or steamer. It is sufficient to heat only the edge so you can grab and carefully remove the tape after the tracks are still slightly warm and wiped with a soap solution.

A More gentle method of heat treatment is hot compresses, simply heat the water and wet a towel, give him a good squeeze, so it is not dripping with water. And walk them on the tape, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated several times. Under the influence of temperature adhesive tape needs to come off, and it can be removed from the surface, if necessary, you can use additional tools such as a spatula.

Method # 6

how to clean plastic window duct tape

What can wash plastic window duct tape? There are less fiscal, but more efficient and comfortable to use. The modern market offers many products that are aimed at solving such problems. They are mostly made in the form of aerosols and is very easy to use, for example, does not flow down vertical surfaces. After some time the glue on the tape dissolves, and it easily peels away from the surface. This means you can fully clean the window by removing the adhesive residue from the surface. Plus, by purchasing it, Scotch and any other stickers you can eliminate not only plastic, but also with any other surfaces. Yes, and everything else the producers promise that the composition does not damage the material itself, although the foresight to ask before applying to check the reaction on an inconspicuous area first.

Method # 7

How to clean plastic window duct tape? You can use vegetable oil, what kind does not matter, suitable as sunflower, olive or corn. Or different aromatic oils. In this case, in addition to good results will be noticeable and pleasant smell in the room. With gorochki or soft cloth to apply the substance on the plastic, then it should stay on it for 10 minutes, after which you can wipe with a cloth or by making a soap solution to wash the frame. And at the end wipe with a damp cloth. This is a very gentle method that will certainly not leave any damage and odor.

Method # 8

what can wash plastic window duct tape

One of the interesting ways is the removal of tape by using toothpaste. To do this, carefully wipe the surface, remove the Scotch tape. Smear the affected area with toothpaste, leave for a bit, then wipe dry with a cloth. Then the entire mixture to wipe a soap solution. The bonus with this method is that it can help you to not only get rid of the tape and its residue, but also from scratches. So is the answer to two questions: how to clean plastic window duct tape and how to get rid of scratches on plastic

Method # 9

Help may be refined petrol or white spirit, but with these substances should be treated with extreme caution, for the validation to the surface to apply the gel. Then leave for about five minutes, if nothing changes, it is possible to treat the surface. For this purpose a soft cloth or cotton should be moistened in the stuff and wipe the surface. Then walk on top of with a dry cloth.

Method # 10

how to clean plastic window duct tape

Sometimes you can deal with the fact that some Windows are sealed with tape for a long time, and nothing helps to get rid of it in such a complex case. Had to pry it into small pieces, and in the end it takes too much time, and the surface is very unpleasant and sticky to the touch. Than to wash the plastic window duct tape? There is a method that is effective in such cases. In order to get rid of the tape, you will need a two-sided dish sponge, trowel, gloves, soap.

Take the sponge that needs to soak in water, then carefully wring out so it is not dripping water, then the hard part is to lather soap. Thoroughly wash the surface, then wait a bit and neatly podawa with a spatula, remove the tape, putty knife should be sharp, to make it easier to peel. The next question than to wash the traces of adhesive on the plastic Windows are Simply the same hard side of the sponge, making efforts, to walk through the remnants of the glue, carefully scrubbing. After wet a sponge in clean water and wash off the glue residue. In order to get duct tape residue, I have to try. But in this way you can gradually clean the entire window. Although it should be noted that the exercise is very time-consuming.

Remove double-sided tape

And if the solution of the problem than to clean the tape from the plastic box, sometimes takes a long time, with two-way much more difficult. Since he is stronger than ordinary stationery, so first you need to heat it with a hair dryer or steamer, after carefully remove from the surface. With the remaining glue will be able to cope with ordinary soap solution, or any suitable detergents. If they can't repair the tracks, then you can try to apply the acetone. Apply it on a rag and wipe dry, then rinse with clean water. Also, if all of the above methods will not work, you can try to remove the tape cleaned with gasoline, is well suited one that is designed for refilling lighters. But what we should not forget about is the need to check something in the place where damage will not be visible.

Substances which use is forbidden

how to clean plastic window duct tape

  • Powders with coarse grain structure, as they can damage the material and leave any scratches on him.
  • Acid - to use such means is very dangerous. They can spoil the appearance, even then the plastic eno...

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