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Grape Memory Dombkowski also called BCS, or beskonechnoy black hardy. This name captures the characteristics of varieties. There is another combination of these qualities: CBS. Brought the variety and distributed it to growers F. Shatila in 1983. The name he received in the 90-ies of the last century in honor of the scholar-husbandman of Ioannina Dombkowski. What is it valuable?

Grape Varieties

They divided into groups according to various indicators. The maturing ultra-early, early, medium early, medium, late has grapes. Reviews of gardeners indicate that in order to get a good crop of grapes, you need to consider several factors. First and foremost it is the climatic conditions. It is best to grow the middle, early or very early grapes. They are more likely to Mature in all weather conditions. The earliest varieties of grapes ripen in late July or early August.

According to the purpose they are divided into canteens and technical. The first are more suitable for human consumption, the second – to make juice and wine.

All varieties can be divided by color. There are varieties of white grape, pink, red and black. Often the berries have a wax coating. Especially beautiful it looks on the black berries. He gives them a dark blue hue. Not to say that the varieties of black grapes are tastier than white or Vice versa. It all depends on the characteristics of the specific varieties. But it looks different colour berries in the vineyard is very impressive.

the grapes of memory Dombkowski

  • White grapes early ripening – White a miracle, Laura, Sultanas-342.
  • Pink - Gourmet early, Deluna.
  • Some varieties of black grape early ripening – Harold, the Beauty of Nikopol, Rochefort.
  • Red - Aristocrat, lolita, Scarface.

Black grape varieties is the Memory Dombkowski.


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Description class

It combines the best features of “parents”. Grape Memory Dombkowski obtained by crossing the following varieties: dawn of the North and Raisins unique. A tall Bush with thick vine. The leaves are dark green, large. Flowers grapes Memory Dombkowski is bisexual. So a pollinator is not necessary to him. Begins to bear fruit in the third year after planting. Constant crop yields from the fifth year. The number of ear-bearing shoots – about 90 %.

grape Memory Dombkowski

Grapes Memory Dombkowski has large thick brushes. The average weight of one - 300-350 grams, the weight of large – up to 800 grams, sometimes even more than a kilo, size - 13×20 cm If the crop is not normalized, there is a form pea.

Berries of medium size, oval, black with a waxy bloom. They are used for making grape juice and wine. They have a Burgundy color and original flavor.

early grapes

Size one of the berries up to 13×16 mm. Taste qualities are good and harmonious. The skin is easily eaten. Sugar in the grapes, about 20 percent, acid – 10. Taste the quality appreciated by specialists on 8.4 points.

An early Variety. Matures in 90-115 days from Bud break in the area of the Central Chernozem region in the end of August, North – in the first decade of September. Long hanging on the branches, it becomes even sweeter.

white grapes

A Very frost-resistant. Suitable for cultivation in the Northern regions.


One plant in a production environment receive approximately 12 kg. household harvest much more.

Landing site

The Soil for planting grapes must be Chernozem, clay-loam, well fertilized, and supplied with moisture. The place needs to be chosen such that the Bush is well lit and berries have enough sugar. In areas where the climate is not very hot, the grapes should be planted near South, South-West or South-East wall, near the high fence.

varieties of black grapes


The Pit for planting in the form of a cube with sides of one meter it is better to cook in the fall or early spring. Gardeners with experience say that enough pits with a side of 70 cm, as the root of grape growing to 60 cm. the Bottom is sprinkled with gravel or sand. On top of the drainage stack, which can be sawdust with a thickness of 10 cm or small plates. The pit warms up in the sun. For this purpose it is covered with foil. Soil mixed with humus, sand, expanded clay. Add half a kilo of ash. This also poured a couple of glasses of wheat or oats.

The Grapes cannot be planted in places where stagnant water in the lowlands, areas with shallow groundwater. The Bush is tall and spreading, because of his need to plant at a distance of 3 meters from each other. The ranks are usually located in half metres. If dig a pit of a smaller size, to grow the grapes will be, but to bear fruit at full strength will not. The bushes are planted in late may. Before that for a couple of weeks the plants were quenched, bringing to the street and gradually leaving for the night.

Planting seedlings in the ground, pour warmed in the sun, the soil in the prepared hole, resulting in the mound dig a hole depth of 30 cm and the method of handling is dipped into it a clod of earth with the plant. Covered with earth, watered and covered with black tape. It will protect the soil from drying out. Can instead film cover with a layer of mulch, using Packed sawdust, grass or straw.

the grapes of memory dombkowski description

Grapevines Memory Dombkowski form the braided, or have a fan on a vertical trellis. Pruning is carried out for 7 buds. Variety forms a brush on the residual kidney. On rich soils with irrigation, given the strength of the Bush, leaving the trunk high, fruit stems trimmed to 10 buds.


One of the easiest ways – layering. Escape, tilted to the ground, Crouch even lower and added dropwise. For reliability, you can pin it wooden rohachyk or fix something heavy. The disadvantage of this method is that it should be done directly next to the parent plant.

Growing from cuttings is a bit more complicated. But it gives you the opportunity to obtain a large number of seedlings in any convenient place. The cuttings should have a length of 15 cm, thickness - not less than 8 mm, and three, at least two, kidneys. Store them in the fridge or cellar at a temperature of about 5 degrees Celsius. In the spring the cuttings treated with potassium permanganate, cut. The upper section of a processed garden pitch. Well before planting, soak the cuttings in a solution of bio-stimulator. Doing down the knife scratches, where the faster the roots are formed.

In a box with drainage fill land with sand, so it was easy. Can be planted directly in plastic cups or cut bottles. Cuttings are soaked in spring water for several days, dipped in clay mash and planted in the ground to a depth of 5 cm water, the cuttings covered with glass, or film. Box set in a warm place, after blooming buds cover shoot. Planted in the ground, a little deepening for the formation of additional roots. First, you can plant in buckets. So they will be convenient to carry from place to place while hardening.

In more southern regions it is easier to plant the cuttings in the ground to a permanent place by tilting them at an angle of 45 degrees. Two lower buds are immersed in the ground and tamped. The kidney, which remained with stalk lightly covered with earth. These cuttings watered constantly, not allowing to dry out. Winter shelter from the cold.

Propagating softwood cuttings is similar to the previous method. Cuttings, cut when thinning Bush, planted in cups. Lower leaves before it is removed. The upper section is a couple of centimeters above the kidneys, do the lower obliquely under the node.

To test whether growing your grapes, you need to measure it in the fall. Bush needs to be up to half a meter tall, have few branches and a strong root system.


In cloudy rainy weather, water the grapevines Memory Dombkowski once a week. In dry weather it should be done in a day.

The following year, in dry weather, watering once a week. Adult bushes are watered.

Formation of the Bush in the summer

To Break off the green stems should be regularly and on time. Otherwise Bush will zapustitsya and will acquire the shoots, the berries are small, can gorositza.

grapes reviews

To Get the fruit larger can, using the complex breaking shoots and spraying with gibberellin-a plant hormone. They treated Bush during the active flowering and at the end of it. Diluted at a concentration of 30 and 70 grams of gibberellin per liter of water respectively.

If winters grapes Memory Dombkowski without shelter and freezing temperatures do not exceed 28 degrees, it freezes less than a third of eyes. So it's best to cover it for the winter. Vine by this time is fully Mature. To cover need materials that leak air. Otherwise, it may rot during the thaw.

Pests and diseases

The Grapes in memory of Dombrowski does not suffer from fungal diseases. The infection of downy mildew and oidium is medium. In the rainy season spend a couple of sprays from these diseases.

Berries, ...

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