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Increasingly, on the shelves and in advertising, you can see mattresses and latex pillows. Not everything is explained, what are they so good and why this material is suitable for healthy sleep on it. So, what is latex? And what is it used for?

What is latex?

For many people, the emergence of natural cotton, linen and silk are not surprising. But the fabric that is made from the SAP of the trees? Knowing what latex is and how it appears, many did not initially believe. And the fabric, this material does not like to touch it just like synthetic.

Strictly speaking, even the natural latex is not, it is produced in a special way rubber is the SAP of the Brazilian rubber trees grown on plantations around the world. By the way, similar in properties to the substance is familiar to almost any European in the milk of the common dandelion. The raw material treated, adding to it various ingredients to a homogeneous liquid at first, and later more viscous substance.

clothing latex

This material has unique properties, so its application is widely, but there is one serious drawback - for some people it is allergenic.

Artificial latex

Perhaps, it is Hard to imagine a more unnatural stuff, but it exists. Made of synthetic rubber using the technology of emulsion polymerization of synthetic latex in many respects differs from its counterpart obtained from natural raw materials. They are not quite identical even in appearance, not to mention some of the important properties. But artificial hypoallergenic, so that it can successfully replace brother when the need arises. In other cases, natural is preferable. By the way, sometimes manufacturers mix the two of these varieties, obviously, trying to reduce the cost of manufacture, but to retain the advantages of the material of natural origin.


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what is latex

First, artificial latex absorbs water, though not much better than its counterpart. Second, it has no odor, while the natural may initially have a specific scent that disappears in a few days. In addition, synthetic latex is more rigid and dry, and eventually it becomes brittle. Generally speaking, the quality of the final product is entirely dependent on the raw materials, sometimes the difference between artificial and natural material is minimal and almost invisible.


The feel and look of this material something like vinyl or rubber, but differs from them in chemical composition. The main properties possessed by natural latex, are as follows:

  1. Elasticity. This material stretches and flexes, but easily takes the same form.
  2. Hygiene. The juice of rubber trees initially has antibacterial properties, latex saves them, so products made from this material for a long time does not accumulate dust, mold, do not start foreign "residents".
  3. Durability. With careful use of pillows, mattresses, clothes and other items made of latex retained its properties for a long period.
  4. Softness. Latex products though keep their shape, pleasant to the body.
  5. Thermoregulation. Comfort during sleep is very important, so that good conductivity is a good quality mattress and pillows.
  6. Water repellency. Natural latex does not absorb moisture, which often only increases its service life.

latex mattresses

Modern use

Areas of use of this unusual material is quite a lot. First, it is widely used in medicine and used to make gloves, elastic bandages, bandages, plasters. Second, because of its properties it is suitable for such items as pillows, mattresses, linoleum. Third, for make-up artists and prop this material was a real find - masks, special pads for face and much more. Finally, it is used in the production of clothing and footwear, especially athletic. Not always they are made from latex, but with its application. And balloons, condoms, baby pacifiers, etc. in addition, industry latex used in the treatment of certain minerals, so the need for the emergence of a large number of plantations is not surprising.

natural latex


What is the latex from the point of view of its chemical structure? It is similar to the porous sponge of the circular elements arranged orderly. They provide elasticity and good heat dissipation. So pillows and latex mattresses have become so popular - similar materials that do the job of providing comfort during sleep is much worse. And they eventually become a real hotbed for dust mites that cause terrible allergies.

In addition, latex pillows are considered orthopedic, they provide a correct head position and prevent zaselyatsya small nerves in the cervical spine. As a result the person after the sleep feels really refreshed and ready for new challenges. It is also an excellent prevention of degenerative disc disease, so people guard their health, choose latex. Reviews about sleep on these pillows make really thinking about purchasing these mattresses and pillows, because the quality of leisure largely determines health throughout the day.

artificial latex

As for the mattresses, another advantage is the lack of springs. Surely everyone at least once in my life slept on a horrible old lumpy mattress. It felt every dimple and bulge, and even metallic elements can produce unpleasant sounds. Hard or soft, but always firm mattresses made of latex are very long and just can't cause such feelings. And if a similar materials for the effective adoption of the form of the body require an increase in the temperature, in this case it is not needed.


The mere fact that latex doesn't absorb moisture, says that wearing it everyday will not work. On the other hand, it can be well suited for clothing in rainy weather, though, and retains heat pretty bad. In addition, it is soft, the word is quite specific material.

latex reviews

However, the clothing made of latex is often used as stage costumes of the artists, but in the minds of the inhabitants it is associated with eroticism due to the effect of "second skin". It hardly compensates for the fact that at the slightest increase in temperature above ambient in such a outfit is very hot and uncomfortable. But couturier strenuously trying to force girls to wear latex gloves and leggings, which, despite its impracticality, often look pretty nice.


The Most serious and the already mentioned drawback of latex is that some people have for him there is abnormal reaction. This is due to its composition. After all, what is latex? In the SAP of the hevea contains specific proteins, in contact with which the body can react with allergies. So natural material for them, unfortunately, is contraindicated. This greatly complicates their life, because the result can be anything from simple skin irritation to anaphylactic shock and sometimes even death.

latex pillows

Another disadvantage of natural latex, which may bother only at first - the smell. It's not too pleasant property quickly disappears, but some of it can be annoying. Occasionally he returns, but here are the features of handling things.


Perhaps the important benefit of natural latex over other materials is the ease of handling. There are only a few of the features:

  • It is necessary to minimize exposure to direct sunlight;
  • Don't stab sharp objects;
  • To clean, simply rinse in cool water and let it drain;
  • The emergence of foreign smell to put the product in ventilated area.

Obviously, these rules are much simpler instructions attached to many other materials. By following them, you can be sure that any items, whether it's pillows, mattresses and clothing latex will last long enough and good.


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