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If the lawn or turf on a country station or a private house you are not too satisfied, then save the situation with a trimmer, which, though different from that of a lawn mower that is not capable of great things, but acts as quite a handy and maneuverable tool. Choosing this equipment, you need to pay attention to what will be finished device during operation. Before purchasing this unit, you need to think about what kind of load you intend to impose on the equipment. Because to mow the plot offers not only the usual grass, and weeds.

Some regular care for the grounds, while others prefer to leave it as a virgin, which only from time to time mowed down the weeds. It is important to consider also the area that you want to process, because this will depend on capacity. The larger the value, the longer amount of time to be ready to serve tool for small loads. Therefore, before purchasing a trimmer you need to consider what area you want to Refine.

Description gasoline trimmer brand PROMO PBC-43

trimmer Carver

Quite often lately, the consumers choose the trimmer "Carver" this equipment is versatility and long service life, and low cost. As an example we can consider the PROMO model PBC-43, which will cost 5600 RUB This device is used for cutting shrubs and young grass.

The device Works due to the two-stroke engine with chrome cylinder. On one handle controls to control the instrument. He has a pair of cutting equipments, namely, trimmer line and a three-bladed knife. In order to reduce the load on the hands of the operator, the equipment is equipped with a shoulder strap.


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Specifications PROMO PBC-43

Carver trimmer reviews

Selecting the trimmer "Carver" the model mentioned above, you should become more familiar with the technical characteristics of this equipment. So, the power of the device is 1.7 HP or 1.25 kW. Engine size - 43 cm3. The thickness of the line is equal to 2.4 mm. the Device has a rigid drive shaft which is sealed. You should expect that you will be able to provide the width of the mowing 25.5 cm Equipment emits noise at 110 dB. Inside there is a tank with a capacity of 0.95 L. the unit Weighs 8 kg, to work with it, you can be managing tool due to a Bicycle handle.

Consumer Reviews of PROMO model PBC-43

trimmer petrol Carver

The Above trimmer "Carver" has many advantages. Among them consumers particularly note the air-cooled engine that extends the lifetime of the unit. Not to mention that Cycling grip ensures natural movement of the spit. On it for better control contains all the controls. Customers note that the equipment supplier takes care of the safety of the operator, providing the unit is a large protective guard.

To the air filter if necessary, you can get easy access without using additional tools. To work the two-stroke engine, it will be necessary to prepare the fuel mixture in the tank Bay oil and AI-92 gasoline.

Description trimmer brand GBC-025В

spare parts for trimmer Carver

Selecting the trimmer "Carver", you can pay attention to the model that was referred to in the subtitle above. It cost a little more compared to the above and is 6,000 rubles Equipment designed to effectively cut grass like a knife, and fishing line. The device has a powerful enough motor, a shoulder strap, which is included in the kit. Rod is detachable, which provides a compact transport and storage. Chrome plating of the cylinder increases life of the tool and the life of the engine. Equipment at work uses a sufficiently small amount of fuel, trimmer increased torque and reduced vibration. This the manufacturer was able to achieve thanks to the latest system Clean2™.

Specifications GBC-025B

Carver trimmer carburetor

Trimmer petrol "Carver" today is very popular among consumers due to the portability of the device, because the country is not always possible to connect to electricity. This applies to the models described in this section, the capacity of which is 1 HP or 0.75 kW. Engine capacity is equivalent to 25 cm3, thickness of a scaffold is equal to 2.5 mm. the Equipment is equipped with dismountable flexible drive shaft. Width mowing is 40/23 see the handle of the equipment is J-shaped, and the weight is 5.8 kg. tank Capacity equivalent to 0.5 l, but the cutting tool can be used not only a knife, but the fishing line.

Reviews about the model

As a tool for garden care you can also choose the above equipment "Carver". Trimmer reviews, which willuseful to read before going to the store, according to users, is characterized by many positive features. For example, the rod is collapsible, which is very convenient, because the storage and handling of the tool easier.

Consumers like the high level of protection provided by a special casing. He closes the operator during operation. Consumers note that the J-shaped handle has a soft coating, which helps to keep the tool safely. Not to mention even on a light launch. This was possible due to the presence of the fuel pump.


Spare Parts for trimmer "Carver" you can purchase at an affordable cost. For example, the coil will cost 229 rubles, and an improved plastic bobbin – 310 RUB. In sales, you can find more trimmer head, without bolt, it is more expensive, the price is 1490 RUB the Trimmer "Carver" of the carb which will cost 1240 RUB, reliability and durability, so you can count on the fact that the spare parts have to be purchased quite rare.

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