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Today, in many countries rapidly developing area of production of finishing materials. One of the novelties of this sector is stone veneer. Among buyers it is gaining popularity due to its attractive appearance.

Often with the help of stone veneer designers create the interior of the monumental style. Panels of this material can also be successfully used as one part of the composition. Stone veneer, photos of which are presented in the article, is resistant to mechanical stress.


Natural stone veneer is widely used by designers in the design of buildings for various purposes. Its rough surface makes it possible to apply the material in the decoration of furniture, cars and yachts.

The Sheets of veneer used for laying paths, steps, wall foundations and curtain walls. Stone veneer can be used even in wet areas, for example, when decorating a bathroom. This material, mounted on ceilings, walls, floors and fireplaces, in the living room creates the atmosphere of aristocratic interior.

stone veneer

Thin and light sheets equally well look like in public areas, and a cozy home rooms. All the walls need not be made only from veneers. Some owners prefer to make it only picture frames. In this case, the interior already looks finished and refined. Another option of decorating the partial veneer can be called its inclusion in the trim entrance and interior doors.


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The Technology of production of stone veneer

The creation Process is rather complicated and time-consuming, but the result is the leaves unique patterns on the surface. On the conveyor it is only layered rock such as shale.

Stone veneer, the production of which involves the creation of the finest plates of rock with a thickness of only 0.1-0.2 mm, manufactured on an industrial scale only in few countries of the world. Polyester resin applied on the back side of the material, securely attaches it on the basis of fiberglass.

The benefits of using stone veneer interior

1. The sheets are suitable for interior and exterior decoration.

2. The flexibility of the material allows it to be used on curved surfaces.

3. For protective treatment of veneer you can use standard varnish. Over time, they will make the surface color deeper and more saturated.

4. The mounting leaves are simple and fast, as their standard sizes are relatively large (610х12200 or 1220х2440 mm).

5. Waterproof barrier in the veneer creates a thin fiberglass substrate. She gives the material additional strength.

6. The small weight of the sheets facilitates their transportation and installation.

7. Cutting sheets of stone veneer you can run any carbide woodworking tool or snips.

stone veneer reviews

8. For attaching the veneer to the surface you can use a variety of formulations: PVA, contact, construction, epoxy, and other adhesives.

9. The leaves are well-attached to concrete, brick, plywood, particleboard, MDF and other surfaces.

10. Stone veneer combines a rich set of colors and textures.

Customer Testimonials about finishing furniture stone veneer

Many Housewives are faced with the problem of the ugliness of the facade of the kitchen. All fasteners, hinges and other hardware do not require replacement. Order new kitchen is irrational, because it only changes the appearance and the inner content will remain the same. And here comes stone veneer. Another problem faced by landlords is the unattractive appearance of the furniture and walls. Again helps trim the stone veneer. This is only a facade.

According to customers stone veneer in the interior (the photo in the article clearly confirms this) looks very good. The strength of natural stone and the interesting texture change the situation beyond recognition. It is noted by all customers. Many Housewives have a kitchen with a facade of veneer, the good news is that the stone is not afraid of water, so easy to care for them.

stone veneer production

The Possibility of creating curved elements also pleases many owners. Stone veneer can be used instead of ceramic tile in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Typically, companies that perform services for the finish, offering customers more than 20 colors material.

Create a mosaic of stone veneer

One of the advantages of the material is the large size of its leaves. They can quickly decorate the wall. But in some cases designers have resorted to the opposite finish technologies, that is, dividing large elements into smaller ones.

stone veneer photo

Stone veneer, which reviews are almost always positive, can be used to create mosaics. This material is cut into equal square or rectangular elements. Of the individual parts and going to mosaic. It can be placed on the floor or the wall. According to reviews, customers are happy with the result.

Use stone veneer for interior decoration in a private house

When developing the project of a private home is taken into account a lot of factors and variables. Mandatory calculation requires the load of the building to the Foundation. The lighter the material the house, the cheaper the cost the Foundation. The natural stone facing looks very impressive, apart from the high price, this method of finishing is dire. Each plate size 2500х1500 mm and weighs approximately 300 lbs.

stone veneer interior photo

The solution to this situation is always there. Finish at home you can perform stone veneer. Relatively light sheets just to transport and install. Thus, the load on the Foundation is reduced, and the appearance of the building almost does not suffer. This is confirmed by numerous positive reviews of customers.

The Causes of the negative reviews about stone veneer

Some customers are dissatisfied with the veneer on the doors. They claim that the material is quickly crushed by mechanical action and is subject to swelling from humidity. The reason for such reviews is to buy low-quality artificial material.

Natural stone veneer reviews in most cases, deserves a positive. It is not affected by the environment. With it you can easily wash away the traces of children's drawings. Natural material does not remain scratches from the claws of animals and other mechanical influences.

natural stone veneer

Thus, the stone veneer is the perfect finishing material, which can be used in all parts of the house.


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