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Nowadays, the layout is significantly different from that used thirty years ago. Then it was space, clearly divided into rooms that performs a specific function: study, bedroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, to furnish a Studio apartment

Today, more and more popular apartments with “flow” functions. This can be a living room-kitchen, bedroom, study, dining–living room, etc. experts in the field of real estate say that the studios every year are becoming more popular.

The First house of this type appeared in the United States. The apartment was designed for young employees of large companies. Later in Europe estimated the following plan. In our country about these apartments I learned recently-in 2001. Massive construction began in 2006. In Russia, the creation of the studios became a way of expanding space in small apartments. Especially often this method is used in the famous “Nikita”.

What is a Studio apartment

There is a perception that it is one big room without any partitions. This definition is not quite right. This territory is divided into functional areas. This division is made with modern furnishings. Can be used glass walls, the bar, a transparent or opaque sliding partitions. How to equip a Studio? This question bothers many of our compatriots when there is a need to expand the to make a Studio apartment

Get started

First, consider a design project of your apartment with the combined functionality. Studio assumes optimal zoning area, which can be achieved by using different floor levels, different floor coverings, colors, use of different materials.


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To understand how to make a Studio, so for example let's take a typical two-room apartment in the panel house of the old buildings. Usually they cause a lot of problems while trying to somehow beat. The rooms were small, one of them can be very tiny. In the bathroom not rotate in the corridor hardly differ two people. The rooms are usually minimal piers that do not normally afford to furnish the apartment. How to equip a Studio in this room?the furniture Studio

Destroy the wall

This is the first step in the regeneration of the Studio. It is desirable to remove all the walls – not only interior, but also the wall that separates the hallway from the rooms. But in this case, you might encounter some problems. First, walls can be load-bearing. Such reconstruction must be agreed with the BTI and the architectural Department of local administration. Second, not all want from the kitchen or room to look at the hallway. Many Housewives think that if the hall is isolated, the apartment will be much cleaner.

In this case, you can carry only the upper part of the wall and build it again of glass blocks. As a result, the hall will be fenced off, but the effect of “deaf” wall, and in the hallway there is more light. The walls between rooms are not generally load-bearing, so problems with their demolition will not occur. The resulting space is necessary to convert. After all, the main purpose of such reconstruction-to make the apartment more spacious and more to furnish a Studio apartment photos

Create a dressing room

How to equip apartment, to efficiently use the area? In the former living room, closer to the hallway, you need to isolate a small closet. The apartment will become much freer - the less stuff is visible, the more spacious the room.

Get Rid of the hallway

Does Not make sense to keep this narrow process connecting the hallway to the kitchen. In the Studio apartment kitchen is included in a single ensemble. And due to this corridor can significantly increase the bathroom.partitions in Studio apartment

How to arrange furniture

This is a very important question. The furniture in the apartment must be chosen very carefully in accordance with the style that you choose for your apartment. If possible, you should choose a model as functional as possible.

The Kitchen is better placed on a small podium. And furniture for her suggest to do with glossy facades.

Partitions in a Studio apartment

For those who are not yet ready to live in an open space or sometimes need privacy, you can build light, “partial” partition. They may be a workplace or a comfortable sofa or armchair to relax to furnish a Studio apartment

In this case baffle width should be such that it only cover the necessary area. These “partial” of walls can be made not only of plasterboard, which is used quite often, but of glass. You can apply beautiful racks.

Now it's time to decide how to furnish a Studio apartment. Photos of some of the options we have placed in this article. For example, with a new walk-in closetmay go bed, one of the Windows you can organize the workplace. Large and comfortable sofa to relax on, it is better to put closer to the center. Opposite the sofa, put or hang them on the to make a Studio apartment


If you want to have a modern and beautiful apartment, but don't decide to create a Studio, you can use the option of pseudocode. In accordance with the project in the apartment all the facilities are fenced off, but overall it looks like a Studio. In this case demolished all the walls, and then an apartment block in new ways, highlighting the middle of the circular living room. She is not very big, but it doesn't look cramped, because it is round.

Accordingly, the building of curved walls. They make wide openings that lead into all the rooms of the apartment. From the living room easy to get in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or hallway. You decide how much you have rooms, and what is their purpose. Even if their area is not too large, they will not close, thanks to the round walls. In the end, all the space will be “spun” around the room, and due to the fact that the openings are wide, the rooms visible from the living room. One loses the sense of enclosed spaces, and a feeling of unity of composition, inherent in the classic Studio.the furniture Studio

We tell you how to equip a Studio. Only you can decide if you are suitable for this option.

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