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Design furniture, warehouse equipment, garage and small building structures often involves the presence of guide rollers. This element provides the capability of moving the object without harm to its Foundation and flooring. There are different approaches to the manufacture of such elements, taking into account operational features. Thus, the rollers for the rack require smoothness, and the models for the gate should withstand mechanical loads.

guide rollers

Which used rollers?

The Main application of such hardware covers furniture production. Small size, reliability and accuracy of layout – precisely those qualities that are valued by manufacturers of tables, wardrobes, sofas and chairs. The rollers in the design of this item makes it convenient to move it, control of doors and drawers. And this applies not only to home furniture, but also for professional equipment. In particular, the guide rollers are used in storage racks and commercial technical support. Particular types of these devices involves the manufacturers of the portal sections. Models such rollers are more massive in size, high resistance to wear and gentle on the flooring.

Furniture casters

door rollers

Pieces of furniture are supplied with fixed swivel mechanisms, as well as wheels with brake. For each of these systems used special rollers. So, to perform a full commit object in one place, you use the device with the lock wheel and swivel mechanism. But this does not mean that the rollers remain obezdwijivanie forever. By simple manipulations the user can perform the unlock and move the furniture. According to this principle are guides of wardrobes fitted with used bearings or ball elements. This arrangement allows you to preserve the service life of working parts of the Cabinet and at the same time to make a piece of furniture is functional and practical. However, the wheels may be different and the higher their durability and more stable ride, the longer it will last and the main object.


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The Rollers for the doors

rollers for sliding gates

Depending on the characteristics of the door construction, its hardware can have guides with a different number of grooves. In addition, such mechanisms are separated and on the basis of the location, not to mention the division into radial and direct device. Compartment doors on rollers usually include bottom rails, which are integrated of the canvas. The top rails are in this case only adjust the vertical position of the sections. With regard to the number of grooves in the guides, in most cases, it corresponds to the number of movable wings in flight.

For sliding configurations use the guides with one groove, as the movement of the sections occurs in the same plane. In one set of doors on rollers may be supplemented by upper and lower rails. To the characteristics of such systems are that they support the work of two paintings, not one fold, as in the classical design. At the same section in a normal mode of operation is not transferred to the zone of each other's work.

Rollers for sliding gates

rails for the doors

As part of the wheels for the gate are usually applied so-called end or the rollers. The removable elements, which are fixed to the guide profile. In addition to the stroke of the beam, these wheels ensure a smooth closing of the valves. Present in the overall design of the chassis and sliding gate roller with an extension plug which prevents the accumulation of dirt, snow and other foreign elements in the mechanism rail. It is important to stress and performance characteristics, which are rollers for sliding doors as standard versions. Such parts have high wear resistance, thermal protection and, of course, a considerable margin of safety. Determine these qualities are not only materials, but also structural elements – in particular, it may be the presence of stiffeners and side stops. Depending on the design of the gate system can provide and the addition of suspension in the form of limiters, lateral rolling, and special traps for a soft lock of the wheel.

Models with the internal magazine

A model of this type is recommended for use in cases where high loads are assumed. Usually it's the rollers, the diameter of which varies from 6.2 to 25 cm subject to correct installation accessories, with clip rail can withstand axial load of 215 kN. With high resistance to wear such designs are characterized by ease of maintenance. In particular, the guide rollers with the inner clip can be easily removed and replaced. Thread sizes and landing points have a standard format, which makes these rollers are universal in use. However, this does not negate the need for individual selection of rollers for a particular chassis.

Rollers with axle

These models have a diameter ranging from 2.6 to 20 cm In the small support system they used two configuration of single-row ball bearings. Major elements of this type are used in tapered roller bearings. Modifications with enhanced strength also suitable for use in the console and all the standard mechanisms. All guide rollers axle is also on the market in the configuration of the eccentric elements. These models are usually marked with the letter “E” in the description to the video. The advantages of such devices include the possibility of vertical travel on the Cam, which is maintained constant interaction with the surface of the rolling element.

What material do you prefer?

replacement guide roller

A Versatile material from which could be made the rollers for different applications, of course not. In the production of office furniture, for example, use of polyamide and polyurethane elements. Such products are stored optimal characteristics of the contact layer, and at the same time provide sufficient strength. For home furniture usually used beech guide rollers, which in addition to technical and physical qualities of different visual appeal. It is important to understand that a monolithic device for such purposes is not made – the best is the combination of a solid Foundation and an elastic outer coatings of rubber or plastics. Of course, for warehouse equipment, and gates are required videos with a high resistance to loads. In this case, to complete the facilities use high-tech polymers, reinforced with fiberglass. The most durable models are made of steel to withstand the load more than 1 ton.

Mounting clips

If you install the slide rails can be easily performed with the aid of special hardware, the rollers may be completely sealed. But, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, in the support mechanisms of sliding wardrobes weak point experts believe the bottom rollers. The function of mounting the rollers carry out screws, bolts or pins that are fixed in the respective holes. But it is important not to confuse these elements with the regulators. For disassembly only need to remove the nonworking element accessories and install in its place a new one. Thus replacement of the guide pulley must be accompanied by the setting. That wardrobe usually required to adjust the gap between the wall and the furniture door using screws of the landing.

rails for the compartment


In the choice of furniture and the operation of hardware is not always visible. Normally, there are only the decorative elements and details with practical function are overlooked. What these elements include and rails for furniture doors, which are hidden in the working rails, but perform very important tasks. A breakdown of this accessory can make unusable a whole wardrobe – at least in such situations can not do without repair. Equally important is the role of the guide rollers in the mounting structures, winches, racks and other mechanisms. Meticulous care of this hardware will extend the life of its component parts and increase the working life of the main object.

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