The ultrasonic flies repeller: principle of operation, advantages, and features of operation


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Ultrasonic repeller mosquitoes and flies-a new word in the fight against insects. Unlike repellents, other chemically active agents, such devices are absolutely safe for humans. Let us consider the principle of operation and advantages of devices in this category.

ultrasonic pest repeller the flies

What is an ultrasonic repeller the flies and mosquitoes?

Ultrasonic repeller designed as an electronic device that generates low-frequency waves. Setting repeller to reproduce a specific signal makes blood-sucking insects regarded it as a danger. Ultrasound is used for catching different insects, their natural enemies – bats. Emitting low frequency sounds, these animals are not only aware of the space after dark, but get information on the location of production. It is not surprising that a characteristic signal for the reproduction of which is configured repeller ultrasonic flies, insects make instinctively to flee.

ultrasonic pest repeller the flies


Allocate stationary and portable devices for repelling insects. The first is remarkable for the large size and high power. Their operation is appropriate if necessary to get rid of insects, spacious rooms, impressive space. If we are talking about personal protection from flies and mosquitoes in open space, it is better to resort to the use of portable devices. The latter come in the form of pendants and bracelets. They differ in small size and designed to deter insects around a single user. Very easy to use.


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Whatever flies repeller ultrasonic is not required, when the choice is to focus on efficiency and functionality. Note it is recommended the maximum range of the device, as well as cusp. It is desirable that the ultrasonic repeller the flies were made of reliable, safe materials. The ability of the enclosure to resist impact loads is of particular importance when choosing a portable option.

ultrasonic flies repeller reviews


What are the advantages of different ultrasonic flies repeller? The user reviews that already use devices in this category, there are following advantages of these devices:

  1. Security. The generated low-frequency waves are absolutely harmless to human health. Even the insects are not killed by exposure to ultrasound, and only kept from the device at a certain distance.
  2. High efficiency. In the first minutes of work of the device users noted the abrupt disappearance of the annoying hum of insects.
  3. A Variety of design solutions. It concerns not only the possibility of using stationary or portable appliances, but also the size and individual design options.
  4. The Variability of supply. Most models of ultrasonic otpugivateli insects represent a combination of devices which can function from the mains and with batteries.
  5. Quiet operation. The considered devices reproduce sound waves that are not perceived by the human senses. Therefore, their operation does not cause discomfort.

ultrasonic pest repeller mosquitoes and flies

Does the work of ultrasonic devices on other pests?

As practice shows, the ultrasonic flies repeller is unable to affect the behavior of so-called synanthropic insects, including bed bugs, cockroaches and ants. The reason lies in the fact that these pests are not used for communication of low-frequency waves. This means that to combat these insects absolutely pointless to buy a ultrasonic device. It is better to resort to chemical methods of influence.

In conclusion

Ultrasonic otpugivateli insects are the practical devices that are able to provide protection from annoying bloodsuckers in the home and in nature. The device of the plan are easy to control. Therefore, to cope with their activation can even children. To begin to deter insects, it is enough just to connect the machine to the power supply and set into place.

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