Egyptian style in the interior: the color of the room, Egyptian hieroglyphs and pharaohs on the walls of Egyptian patterns


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Egypt is synonymous with pharaohs, the pyramids, the desert, and can be traced in the appropriate style. Elements of Egyptian art became popular only in the mid-19th century and are at the peak of fashion until now.

Main features of the style

Any style of interior design has characteristic features that make it possible to know him from many of the rooms. This also applies to the style of Egypt. Be sure to use niches, arches, high Egyptian columns and pilasters directly indoors. The walls are often decorated with frescoes and paintings and the decor needs to be stylistically decorated in Egyptian theme, for example with the image of a scarab beetle, the Sphinx or the pyramids.

Egyptian style in the interior

The Egyptian style in the interior enables the use of large quantities of textiles and carpets that covered the floor. Must attend a strict geometric ornaments and ancient Egyptian symbols.

In this country the interior has always been issued strictly enough. The ceiling has arranged a special border, which were decorated with various ornaments, such as Lotus leaves or papyrus.


The Use of color in Egyptian style satisfied strictly limited. Because this country is in the desert and the colors related. Use neutral colors such as ivory, pale yellow, sand or beige. They are ideal for finishing the ceiling and walls. You can choose materials and all shades of orange because it, too, reflects the sunshine of Egypt, his peachnet. This has its advantages, especially when making the hallway or bathroom. Interior design in Egyptian style will give them a special warmth.


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Egyptian pattern

Allow various color combinations. Egyptian style in the interior is characterized by the combination of gold with black, chocolate, green, blue. Alternatively, for the walls choose a shade of yellow, and the blue ceiling are made with imitation stars. This will create a special impression, if you are in an Egyptian temple.

The Color of a gram due to the peculiarities of climate in Egypt. Because of the constant heat of the walls are often painted simply in white color, to somehow neutralize the influence of temperature. Limitations in color appeared due to the fact that the decoration used natural dyes in pure form, without mixing with anything.

Egyptian column

Interior finishing

Choosing a color space, you need to carefully select the materials for the walls, floor and ceiling. And for that you need to consider certain requirements:

  1. Egyptian style in the interior is characterized by a special finish of the walls. Most often they are simply plastered or faced with rectangular slabs made from Sandstone, granite or marble. The upper part of the walls decorated with borders in the form of Lotus flowers or stems of the papyrus. Wall decor can be used frescoes, icons, bas-reliefs, or just colored stripes or hieroglyphics on the walls. There may be other options jewelry. For example, you should think over where and how to draw a Pharaoh.
  2. Ceiling needs to be decorated in one color with the wall, but to be a little darker or lighter. In some cases, you can bring bright contrast color, such as blue, which will be associated with Neal – the main water artery of Egypt. Looks very impressive decor in the form of gold stars or Egyptian patterns.
  3. Floor Finish depends on the climatic conditions in which the apartment is located. In our conditions it is better to equip a warm floor, which is covered with ceramic tiles in Egyptian style. Looks original color cover with a Mat of reeds or animal skins. Particular finesse can be achieved if to use blankets or stylized rugs. Allowed cork floor, finishing with laminate or parquet with a characteristic pattern.

Design of the Windows and door openings

Stylistically can draw and door openings, and window. It is best for them to choose the arch form. If possible, the inside of the room look good Egyptian columns, and about which further can be written in the style subject. To manufacture these decorative structures can be used absolutely any building material such as drywall.

hieroglyphics on the walls

Rules of selection of furniture

For interior decoration in the Egyptian style do not have to do so all of the elements of the room. Simply choose a light neutral color for the walls, and the entire Egyptian spirit to implement with the help of furniture and textiles. This will give the room a special wealth and luxury, that's why this is the most impressive item of expenditure, and save on this you are unlikely to succeed.

The Furniture must be made of wood, and only expensive and valuable species such as cedar or yew. Special attention is paid to details and the overall design of the furniture. Form very original. First of all it concerns the legs. As a rule, they are made in the form of animal paws. The same form and have armrests. Most oftenthey are made in the form of a tiger or Panther. On the facades there are Egyptian patterns.

color space

The Wooden furniture is decorated with special carvings Egyptian theme, but not only. Look favorably special combo design, when wood inlaid items of ivory or precious stones. Don't be afraid to pick up furniture for his apartment, however, not to overdo it. To prevail have wooden furniture. If the repairs are carried out in the bedroom, you can choose a bed with canopy, lounge suit chair throne or a low couch. In the latter case, the color of the upholstery should be combined with the overall color scheme, such as the color of unbleached linen.

Egyptian textiles

Apartment in the Egyptian style must accommodate a large number of textiles. His choice should come with great responsibility. In particular, it concerns the selection of the special stylistic pattern, and texture are also important. Perfectly fits in this interior, a rich silk or satin. It will only emphasize the atmosphere of wealth and luxury. The monotony of the curtains and bedspreads can be diluted with a geometric pattern, but it should be in harmony with the General concept of repair.

how to draw a Pharaoh


In many respects the accessories and help to recreate a complete picture of the Egyptian style in the interior. This is all, so to think you need every detail. When selecting textiles with ornaments should pay attention to whether the combined clean lines with decoration borders.

Each room should have its own twist, such as the decoration on the curtains in the form of a scarab beetle, or the head of the Sphinx. Finishing the interior will add floor vases to put the reeds or papyrus. Acceptable the presence of a large number of figurines, which represent the culture of Ancient Egypt.

If you decide to register your apartment in the Egyptian style, it is not necessary to use all the details. You can choose some that are most you like and you think their presence is appropriate.

General recommendations for design

Knowing some of the tricks of the Egyptian style in the interior, you can quickly recreate the spirit of the country of the pharaohs in his apartment.

  1. To “disguise” apartments in the Egyptian "decoration" be sure to get a luxurious and sophisticated building materials. The only way to recreate the experience which will be worthy of the rulers of Egypt. The room must be dominated by luxury and wealth, so save yourself you are unlikely to succeed. The main can become a gold color, which is associated with wealth.
  2. Multiple accessories will not be sufficient to fully stylized design. Items must be on the walls and on the floor and on the ceiling, and at the same time be in harmony with each other to attract the eyes of guests and each family member. So to think you need everything, down to the pattern on the curtains and the shape of the lamps.
  3. When you select a symbolic figurines you need to be sure that you know their true purpose, especially if you believe in omens. The Egyptians are known for their love for the afterlife, so they often used this theme in the decoration of their homes.
  4. Egyptian style in the interior does not tolerate the presence of racks and cabinets. It is better to choose small delicate wooden tables or rectangular chests.
  5. There are two variants of interior design in style of Egypt. The first relates to housing the true pharaohs, the second – only an imitation in the spirit of Egyptian antiquities. They differ primarily colors. In the first case, they are more bright and saturated, and the second – dull, there is the effect of antiquity. I cannot say which one is better and more refined, the fans are at all.
  6. Each room has its own peculiarity. If your bedroom is decorated in the style of the Egyptian pharaohs, we can safely use the shaded spaces, e.g. niches, with mysterious lighting. Columns and arches are welcome.

interior design in Egyptian style

A Little history

Egypt is famous for its science and development in General. At a time when the world was still dominated by the stone age, this country was already dominated by mathematical calculation in construction. That's why the décor needs to be strict lines of the ornament. However, the art of attention. Sculptors, artisans, artists had incredible skill and was constantly thinking how to draw a Pharaoh or a beautiful ornament. In the house was in the abundance of different statues, columns. In General, all that ever made luxury.

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