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Vortex generators – is the device, which can be quite simply to heat the living room. This is achieved only through the use of the motor and pump. In General, this device can be called economical, and costly it is for a not attracted to. Standard connection diagram vortex heat involves the use of pump circulation type. In the upper part should be a check valve. Due to this expansion tank can withstand a lot of pressure.

Heating apparatus for heating can be used a variety. The most common are radiators and convectors. Also an integral part of any model is considered to be a control unit with temperature sensor and sump. To assemble the vortex heat with your hands, you should become more familiar with his most famous modifications.

vortex heat-generator of Potapov your hands

Model with radial camera

To Produce a camera with radial vortex heat with their hands (drawings and diagrams shown below) is quite difficult. In this case, the rotor is necessary to choose a powerful and the maximum pressure it must withstand at least 3 bar. You should also make a case for the device. The thickness of the metal required to be at least 2.5 mm. the output diameter must be equal to 5.5 cm. All this will enable us to successfully weld the device to the pipe.

The Output valve is the device is not very far from the edge of the flange. You should also choose to model the cochlea. As a rule, in this case, she used the steel type. In order to set off the ends in advance to grind. The sealer in this situation, you can use a rubber. The minimum thickness must be 2.2 mm. outlet Diameter, in turn, welcomed at 4.5 cm it is necessary to pay attention to the diffuser. With this device, warm air gets into the camera. Different radial modification the fact that she has many tubules. Yourself to cut using the machine.


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vortex heat generators with his own hands

Heat generator of the vortex type with a C-shaped camera

Manufactured with a C-shaped chamber of the vortex heat generator for the welder. In this case, you must first collect the body under the snail. With the cover removed separately. Some experts advise to cut the threads. The diffuser is used with a small diameter. The sealer is applied only from the exit wound. All valves in the system shall be provided two. Fix the snail on the body using the bolt. However, it is important to fix a protective ring. The outlet from the rotor shall be located at a distance of about 3.5 cm

vortex heat-generator DIY drawings and diagrams

Type vortex heat Generators Potapova

Going to the vortex heat generator Potapova their hands with a rotor with two disks. The minimum diameter shall be 3.5 cm the stators are most often installed cast-iron type. The housing for the device you can pick up steel, but the thickness of the metal in this case, the minimum required to be about 2.2 mm. the Housing for a vortex heat generator is selected with a thickness of about 3 mm. All this is necessary in order for the snail above the rotor was sitting pretty tight. In this case the clamping ring is important to use consistent.

The output is set to cover, but its thickness is required to be approximately 2.2 mm. in order to secure the ring, it is necessary to use a bushing. Fitting in this case should be over a snail. Diffusers for this device used the most simple. In this valve mechanism there are only two. One of them shall be placed above the rotor. The minimum clearance of the chamber should be 2 mm. Cover is often removed through the thread. The motor for the device potirayut capacity of not less than 3 kW. Due to this limit the system pressure may increase to 5 bar.

Build the model for two outputs

To Make the vortex cavitation heat generator with their hands is possible with a motor power of about 5 kW. The housing for the device you need to pick up a cast iron type. In this case, the minimum outlet diameter shall be 4.5 cm Rotors for this model only fit on two discs. The stator is important to use manual modification. It is mounted in the vortex heat generator on the snail.

Directly to the diffuser better to use a small. To grind it if desired with the pipe. The gasket under the snail it's better to use a thickness of about 2 mm. However, in this situation much depends on the seals. To install them you must immediately over the Central bushing. In order for air to quickly run, it is important to make an extra rack. The cover for the device is selected on the thread.

vortex heat with his hands for the house

Heat vortex-type three-output

Going for three outlet vortex heat with their hands (drawings shown below) as well as the previous modification. However, the differenceis that the rotor for the device should be selected on the same drive. In this valve mechanism are used most often three. Seals to gaskets are only used in extreme cases.

Some experts also advise to use plastic seals to snails. By moisture they fit perfect. It should also be under cover install the protective ring. All this is necessary in order to reduce wear of the socket. The motors on vortex heat generators are mainly selected with a capacity of around 4 kW. The clutch is supposed to be quite elastic. Also finally it should be noted that the base of the cochlea is installed flange.

vortex heat with their hands

Model collector

To Collect with a collector vortex heat your hands must training corps. In this case, outputs must be provided for two. Additionally, it is necessary to carefully grind the inlet. The cover in this situation it is important to pick apart the thread. Motors with header in the main set medium power. In this situation, the power consumption will be negligible.

Snail is chosen the steel type and is mounted directly on the gasket. In order to fit under the outlet, it is best to use a file. Thus for the construction of the hull must have welding inverter. The collector, like a snail, must stand on the strip. The bushing is fixed in the model with a clamping ring.

Vortex heat Generators of the type with tangential channels

To collect the tangential channels of vortex heat generators with his own hands, it is necessary to choose first a good seal. This enables the device as long as possible to keep the temperature. The engine is most often mounted with a power of about 3 kW. All this gives good performance, if the volute and diffuser.

The oil seal is Fitted in this case to the rotor. In order to consolidate, many experts recommend using double-sided washers. Thus the clamping rings are also installed. If the bushing for the fitting is not suitable, it can be turned. To make the camera with a TV there is a possibility of a cutter.

vortex heat generators

The Application of unidirectional twist

Going with unidirectional twist vortex heat generators with his own hands is quite simple. In this case, work needs to be standard to start with the preparation of the device. A lot in this situation depends on the size of the motor. Collectors, in turn, are used quite rarely.

Set of unidirectional twist only after the fixed flange. In turn, the casing is used only at the inlet. All this is necessary in order to reduce wear of the bushing. In General, unidirectional twist allow you to use fittings. The Assembly of a vortex heat generator inexpensive cost.

Using annular sleeves

Build with an annular bushings vortex heat with their hands will succeed only with the help of the welding inverter. In this case it is necessary to prepare in advance the hole. The flange in the device should only be installed on the mounting bracket ring. It is also important to choose the device a quality oil. All this is necessary to ensure that the wear ring was not significant. The sleeve in this case is mounted directly under the snail. The cover for it is rarely used. In this situation it is necessary to calculate in advance the distance to stand. To touch the clutch it should not.

vortex cavitation heat generator with their hands

The Modification with drive mechanism

To make a drive mechanism of vortex heat with your hands, you first need to pick a good motor. The power required to be at least 4 kW. All this will give a good heat output. The housing for the device most commonly used cast iron. In this case, the outlets need to grind separately. You can use the file. The rotor for the electric motor is better to choose the manual type. Attached coupler is required on the protective washer. A snail many experts suggest only be installed after the diffuser.

Thus, it will be possible to put the gasket on the top cover. Directly, the drive mechanism must be positioned above the motor. However, today there are versions with side installing it. Stand in this case, it is necessary to weld both ends. All this will significantly increase the durability of the device. In the least it is important to deal with the installation of the rotor. At this stage special attention should be paid to fixation of the housing.

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