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The Arched door — a fabric with a rounded top edge. Such a door requires the Assembly into the appropriate opening in the form of an arch. Initially the design was known as the entrance door to the cafe, shop, private homes. Later products were installed and interior doors.

Types of arched doors

Designers are developing various forms of structures. Made openings and round-arched shapes. The rounded aperture is divided into such types as:

  • Classic — the arc with the correct radius;
  • Ellipse;
  • Modern — the arch of the instep;
  • Romanticism — the center of the arc straight shape with rounded corners.

The Arched door set of any shape in accordance with the General design of the room. Interior design are divided into hinged and solid models.

arched door

Produced and arched sliding doors. In the wall on each side made opening, running arch. Into the holes are fastened to guide rails. Mount door leaf. When opening the door leaf will go in the wall.


The Arched door with the position the functionality is almost no different from the usual paintings of traditional forms. Feature — aperture in the form of an arch.arched doors

As for advantages, the products are unable to boast of, except that:

  • Installation of interior arch products — a good solution for people of high growth. The height of the opening is increased by the arches.
  • Door in the form of an arch provides visual increase of the room.
  • The original interior of the premises.

A Significant design flaw: the need for a pre-prepared high and wide opening.


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The Arch and style of the room

Design in the form of an arch due to the variety of design embodiments is considered to be a universal tool for interior decoration. The products are suitable for such styles, as:

  1. Classic. Feature — conciseness. The concept of the decor is combined with a door made of wood, MDF.
  2. Oriental style with success is complemented by the structure in the form of an ellipse. Luxury, exotic interior accentuate the arched door of dark wood solid wood.
  3. Country — the design solution, it is advantageous in harmony with the horseshoe models. The canvas is definitely light shade, devoid of the slightest hint of varnishing and lining.
  4. Chic shabby — the concept with a twist subtle patina of time, artificially created by the designers. The style blends well with products stylized antique of any shape.

arched doors photo


The Door arch is made of different material. Is it wood, MDF, glass, plastic, chipboard. Connoisseurs of unusual interiors buy interior door with the as a stylistic preference, and budget.

But arched door — not a cheap pleasure. Since the production consumes more materials, respectively, is reflected on the price of products: price is higher than traditional construction.

Chic expensive models are made of solid oak. Tree species is characterized by wear resistance and external splendor. Models of oak belong to the prestigious products, most often performed under the order.

Beech, pine or ash — the exquisite product, but much cheaper than oak. In addition to aesthetics, these types of wood adds to the atmosphere, a beneficial effect on health. For the original stylistic effect Supplement manufacturers design with colored inserts.

Also made an arched door of glass. Through the glass in the room gets more light, so the product is better to install on the light side of the room. Apply this technique:

  • Fusing — beads, pieces of colored material, like a mosaic;
  • Stained glass — a colored product with an ornament;
  • Sandblasting — treatment of glass sand.

In the manufacture of glass doors is tempered raw material in the production. Due to this is attached a high strength.

Arch designs are Made from plastics based on metal profiles. The advantage of the product — easily. There is no need to strengthen the door opening and the massive use of loops. The producers of "mask the" plastic wood, stone or metal. Due to this implements a variety of stylistic decisions.arched sliding door

Arched doors (photo above) made of MDF in combination chipboard. Design suitable for bathroom facilities or kitchen with a wide temperature range. The material is presented in different color combinations.

Over the past half century the popularity of the arched openings subsided, but the designers have revived the fashion for these designs propose to replace the traditional cloth. Arch gives the space a grandeur and sophistication.

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