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The Implementation of reliable joints for metal is welding machine "Cedar". High quality and affordable price makes the inverter is one of the most popular among the same welding equipment.

Area of application

The Scope of operation of welding equipment is quite extensive: the living conditions, industry and large-scale construction. The manufacturer released the model with different power and performance levels, allowing the inverter Kedr can perform tasks of any complexity. The use of a particular instrument depends on the thickness and type of material and conditions of performance of the work.

Depending on the thickness and characteristics of the welded material is selected welder. For household use is sufficient inverter "Cedar And 220". Professional and semi-professional equipment works for long time without overheating and shutting off. The maximum welding current up to 300 A.

cedar welder


Manufacturer appeared on the market in 1998, but it offers a wide range of welding machines "Cedar". Equipment manufactured by the firm, enjoys considerable popularity due to the high quality build of the devices and the reliability of their work, coupled with affordable cost.

The inverter Model is selected depending on working conditions. The possibility of smooth adjustment of welding current for different thickness of material, convenience and ease of transport of the device thanks to the carrying handle and compact size, the presence of a digital display are the hallmarks of the inverter "Kedr MMA".


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Range of welding machines

The Company offers a wide range of equipment for different target usage:

  • Inverters for manual arc (MMA) welding;
  • Equipment for argon welding;
  • Apparatus for plasma cutting;
  • Semi-inverters for welding in inert gases.

welding machine price


On the structures of low alloy and mild steel and cast iron joints are created by using welding machines" Cedar" for manual arc welding. High-alloy steel welded with special electrodes. This category includes three-phase and single-phase devices with a maximum operating current of 400 A. Compact model of the inverter "Kedr MMA-160" refers to the above-mentioned categories. Operating current is adjustable from 20 to 160 A. the operating power of the device is 6.6 kW, despite the average level of performance.

"Kedr 200"

Welding machine model "Kedr 220" operates with a current of from 20 to 200 A. C by the inverter is allowed to use electrodes with a diameter of 5 mm. power of the unit is quite large and is 7.2 kW. The equipment is powered by single phase.

"Cedar MIG-250GW"

The category of three-phase welding machines applies the model of "Cedar MIG-250GW". This mechanism is used for welding in inert gases. Operating current is adjustable from 40 to 250 a, weighs 23 kilograms.

welder cedar reviews


A special Feature of this inverter is that it can operate with 4 electrodes at maximum welding current of 180 A. the Power of 7.2 kW. The cost, on average, 10 thousand rubles.


A Distinctive feature of the F family of inverters is the high efficiency of the Converter and reduced power for the same amperage. Control allows you to switch the inverter in TIG mode. The cost is 10 thousand rubles.

"Kedr MMA-180GDM"

Welding machines family GDM designed for MMA/TIG welding. Equipped with digital display mode pulse current, which allows welding of thin metal sheets. Ease of use and broad feature set overlap the high cost of 16 thousand rubles.

inverter Kedr

"Kedr MMA-200GDM"

Semi-professional line of inverters equipped with a digital display. Can be operated in modes DC TIG/TIG Pulse. The average cost of this model of welding machine is a 17–18 thousand rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Features of welding machines "Cedar" depend on the selected mode of operation. Inverters for manual arc welding of this brand have the following advantages:

  1. Noiseless during operation.
  2. Power Surges in the electrical network easily carried by the models of welding machines of the brand "Cedar".
  3. Automatic shutdown of the inverter if it overheats.
  4. System of forced air cooling through embedded ducts.
  5. It is Possible to use electrodes of any type.
  6. Small weight and compact dimensions.
  7. Functions hot start and antislippery electrode.

The Manufacturer produces semi-automatic welding equipment brand "Cedar", characterized by the ability to adjust the voltage, amperage and inductance. The flame of the arc during operation is supported on a permanent basis. Information about the welding process, the magnitude of the current and voltage is displayed on digital display unit. A disadvantage, judging by the reviews on welder "Cedar", is only a small length of power cables. In addition, there are reviews of too high of power consumption with the average level of performance of the devices. In terms of the need for constant welding and electricity-saving such parameters do not always satisfy the user.

cedar 220

The Advantage of products "the Cedar" is the price of welding machines. The cost of the simple functionality and characteristics of the mechanism of this stamp is 8 thousand rubles, while a similar device, designed for the welding current 250 A, will cost several times more expensive. Three-phase equipment with a lot of features being implemented at a cost of 14 thousand rubles. This price welding machines "Cedar" is a very attractive and affordable.

The comparison of products "the Cedar" with similar inverters for other brands may be noted their reliability, quality performance and reasonable price.


Users who have worked with welders Kedr, note their excellent build quality, high performance and functionality. For models with a welding current of more than 220 And have no complaints, however during the maintenance customers may experience problems with the ignition electrodes. The quality seams very high.

It Should be noted, during welding, the metal is nearly to avoid splashing. Light weight and compact size of the device facilitate the operation of the inverters. Different interference and power surges occurring in the network have no effect on the welding equipment. Forced cooling system prevents overheating of the device during long operation. If this occurs, the inverter is automatically disabled.

cedar MMA

The Most common complaint of users — a shortened power cable. Extend the wires on their own is not recommended, because after such changes the inverters are removed from warranty service.

In the market of welding equipment is popular for inverters not only foreign brands but also domestic. When choosing the right equipment in the first place it is necessary to pay attention to the technical parameters of the devices. Brand devices is chosen only after determining the conditions in which the equipment will be used.


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