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Soviet buildings at the time forced most of the population to live in a tiny apartment. A plan makes a person to face such a moment as the narrow room. The design of such facilities in those years created simple: white walls, standard furniture, low accessories. Looking at this through the prism of modernity, and wants to change and rearrange. How you can intelligently design to create a narrow, long room, like a trailer? What should you consider? Read about it below.

What is the room-a pencil case?

So the weak point of such facilities to its width. In the best case it reaches 3 meters, but it also happens that this value is equal to 2.5 or even 2.3 meters. These dimensions fundamentally depends on what kind of functionality will be complete this room. In case you want to furnish a narrow living room, the wall width is 2.3 meters certainly not perfect.

Problem will create in this room and the bedroom as the width of the bed will occupy almost the entire width of the room, and the passages places will not quite. If the bedroom to organize in the room-trailer is necessary, you can use a Queen bed, or buy a built-in design, leaving no distance between the mattress and the wall at all.

The Most successful design is created narrow room for children. They don't need large beds, large wardrobes and other bulky furniture items. Similarly successfully in the "wagon" will fit in the Cabinet. However, this place will have to correctly zoned (see below) that the walls don't press against the eyes. Great this room will look dining room. It is only necessary to combine a large arch from the kitchen that visually expand its borders.


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room design with a window at the end

Now let's move on to the design tricks that will be useful in the design of narrow rooms. They work for all types of premises.

Wall coverings

The well - chosen walls- the key to a beautiful design of the narrow room. What rules should be followed?

  • Small wall you want to select. It is recommended to paint them in a bright color or Wallpaper paste over expressive (with ornament, pattern, etc.). Long wall painted in beige, white or milky tone.
  • Design a narrow room with a window at the end of the standard case. For such premises is a fit blinds with a 3D print. If at the end of the room there is no window in the far wall to depict the landscape. Most importantly – then set the backlight on this wall is a masterpiece.
  • Similarly, there will be work desktop with a horizontal perspective. They can be painted any landscape.
design of a narrow Cabinet

Conditional zoning areas

This does not mean that the room has to be split across the screen from floor to ceiling or to obstruct the passage of the Cabinet. So you deprive the most proximal portion of the room light and generally turn the room into two closets. What are the options?

  • Build a podium. If it's a bedroom, then it must be the mattress (not bed with legs, as you are very cut and still the height of the walls) or the Desk chair, if that office. By the way, under the catwalk, you can store a lot of things.
  • In the design of narrow rooms need to be bright accent that will simultaneously serve as sonorous factor. Its role is brilliantly performed by a carpet with a pattern or simply a bright Palace. But in any case, do not use in the interior of two different floor coverings - the effect will be counterproductive.
  • When it comes to narrow, but this large room, across it you can put the sofa. Where is his "face", will be the living room, and his back-to-back can be a dining room or work area.
  • Screen or mobile partition, which acts only on half of room or less. To place it transversely, and this element of the decor should fit the interior. Similarly work and the curtains.
design narrow nursery

The Furnishing by the rules

To design a narrow room with a window on the far wall is impossible without competent arrangement of furniture. The principles to be followed in this issue:

  • In No case do not place furniture along the walls. It is best to group it in one corner, so will create a sense of space.
  • Choose the best short sofas, however, they should not be part of the same headset. The main may be the beige sofa in the art Nouveau style, and will complement her chair-the couch in the Baroque style and a double sofa in the style of neo-classicism.
  • Visually change the proportions of the narrow room round items. They should be in decor and furniture. The easiest option is to use round tables and stands or tables.
  • On hand to play and a screen. If it is large and performs its direct functions, then place it across the room, as described above. When the screen is small and decorative, it can be supplied in the far corner of the room.
design narrow bedrooms

About the use of mirrors

As they say, all genius is simple. Mirrors alwaysvisually expanded the boundaries of the premises, and in this case this effect is a must! If one of the narrow walls of free (i.e. it has no doors or Windows), then under it you can put a wardrobe with a mirror surface. At the same time both aesthetic and functional solution. At the same time on the long wall hang a small mirror that will have a fundamentally different forms, and frames. By the way, this expansion of space will go perfectly with any style of interior. This applies to classics, Baroque, hi-tech, and modern, and other less or more popular destinations.

Having Described the General trends in the design of a narrow room, we missed something important. In such a room could also be nursery, or even the bathroom. How to be in such cases?

design narrow living room

Children's Room

If a child lives in my room, the furniture in it is made by the General rules and guidelines that were described above. Only standard furniture is changed to bright, the nursery, the screen can be replaced with interesting games and booths for training, etc. But the design of the narrow children's room, designed for two toddlers, created by an even more simple scheme. Need all furniture items to place in a mirrored order. That is, two identical beds opposite each other, tables that will stand the headboards, lamps, etc. the Asymmetry in this picture you can make by using small elements of decor. But we should not forget about some General rules. On the far wall, if there is no window, you can apply wall murals or painting a picture. In the presence of the window it is to crown curtains with an interesting pattern.

Design narrow child

Bathing room

This phenomenon is, of course, is rare, and it is found in the individual projects of private houses. If you become the happy owner of the bath-corridor, and I can not apply what to do and how to beat, try to take the advice of designers.

  • Two levels. This means that the far part of the bathtub can be raised a notch (or two). In this zone, depending upon width, is bath (across) or shower.
  • The Mirror. We already described that the expansion of the room mirror needs to be mounted in the narrow wall. In the case of bath operates in a different rule. The mirror is made of a long wall against which the wash basins and bath. Width is automatically doubled.
  • The narrow design of the bathroom plays an important role type of masonry tile. On the floor it is best to lay diagonally, and on the walls in a mosaic, but not a Ticker.
  • Excellent "lubricate" the faults of such premises and angular design. It can be a bath or a shower in the corner.
  • Another option is to make the long walls of the niche products that will be further highlighted.
design narrow bathroom

Summing up

When making narrow space issues come up automatically. Hard to pick the color and texture of the walls, it is difficult to choose and arrange the furniture, do not understand where and what accents you need to specify. We hope that our article will help you to create cozy and most importantly - plain design narrow room. The photo attached to the article, recommendations and tips make it a little bit to break the former post-Soviet stereotypes and to create even in this "strange" room interior a real tale.

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