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Many growers are willing to buy such plants, which would simultaneously be beautiful and undemanding to care, this flower is scabiosa. Growing from seed is considered the main method of reproduction, although the number of years of instances can be increased by dividing the Bush. Homeland of the plant is southern Europe. There are many kinds of scabiosa, its height ranges from 30 cm to a meter, and among the most popular colors are blue, white, purple, violet, pink, red, blue, there are dark shades that look black.

scabious, growing from seedFlowers are very beautiful, large capitate or globose inflorescences can even be cut in bouquets, the leaves resemble the bird's feathers. Meet perennial and annual species and belongs to the plant depends on the care and breeding of this flower, scabious. Growing from seed does not cause any difficulties even for inexperienced gardeners. The plant usually blooms in July, but it depends on the time of planting seedlings.

If you really want to start early to enjoy the beautiful flowering scabiosa, it should be sown in boxes of seed in late February or early March. The seedlings appear after a week or two. The seedling is planted in the open ground in may, at a distance of about 20 cm from each other, so it will be feel myself well scabious. Growing from seed is possible in open ground, it is necessary in the first half of April to sow them on a bed. Cold-resistant plant, so the night frost should not be afraid. Some growers practice planting seeds for the winter in the open ground, then the seedlings appear in early spring and the flower will bloom faster.

scabious photoBreeding ground – that's what requires scabious. Growing from seeds allows the seedlings to get a healthy plant that will bloom 60-75 days after seeding. Is better to choose solar because this flower light. The soil should be humus-rich, neutral and drained. Before planting the seedlings, you need to add humus or manure in the calculation of a bucket per square meter.

Drought is very endures scabious. The cultivation of this flower is not problematic, because it almost does not need to look. Water you need to measure, and then only in very hot weather, after watering the ground preferably proryhlit. Perennial scabiosa can be propagated not by seeds but by dividing the Bush. This procedure is performed in spring or autumn. Generally flower tolerates transplanting at any age. Even during the flowering it does not wither, only the soil must be thoroughly compacted and watered.

scabious growingOn a background of grass, in flower beds, ridges, rocky hills looks great scabious. Photos of these beautiful plants allow us to understand how they are all different and unique. The most popular among gardeners use scabious dark purple, star-shaped and Caucasian. The first two annual and the last many years. All flowers have beautiful appearance, harmonious look with other plants, a long standing in the slice.

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