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Tahitian Gardenia, or flower tree tiara, is one of the most perfect plants, created by nature. Tiara – flowers of the same name of a shrub that grows in the Islands of Polynesia. Incredibly delicate, fragile, snow-white flowers - the world-famous symbol of the island of Tahiti.

The Aroma of Tahitian Gardenia description poorly, smell her unique and flawless. This is the perfect fragrance of nature – soft and versatile, refined and indescribable. In short, the Tiare flower is perfect! To prove the beauty of the Tahitian Gardenia the photo below.

Tahitian Gardenia

Some facts

The indigenous inhabitants of the island of Tahiti, there is a special culture of relations to this marvelous plant. It is commonly used as a decoration, and quite informative. If the girl holding the flower absolute of Tahitian Gardenia (Tiare) behind the right ear means she's free from any commitment and ready for a new relationship, for the left ear attaches Gardenia betrothed or married woman. There is another variation of wearing tiara – on both sides. This suggests that the man is married but won't mind new adventures. This decoration worn by men, only the flower must be unsolved, that is, Bud.

Tahitian Gardenia perfume

Of Course, this flower is widely used in the creation of perfumes, in aromatherapy and medicine. A perfume with the scent of Tiare has a lovely, sensual sound that captivates from the first moments of meeting.

the absolute of Tahitian Gardenia Tiare

The Essential oil derived from Tahitian Gardenia – very expensive product. The cost due to the fact that on a low tree in a year grows by only a few inflorescences that are going unsolved by hand. And also from the flowers tiara is a product to care Monoi de Tahiti: they are immersed in purified coconut oil, which after a time draws their sweet and refined flavor.


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Gardenia at home

This delicate beauty is very heat-loving and fussy, which explains the southern origin. That's why she is absolutely contraindicated any drafts, cold and dry environment, rapid temperature swings.

In the home bred low bushes with dark green decorative leaves up to 50 cm Tahitian Gardenia blooms from mid-summer to October, pot at this time, like a bride adorned with velvety white flowers. They can be solitary or gathered in small inflorescences. The fragrance of tiara at home - very delicate, amazing. It recalls the intoxicating scent of Jasmine - a little intoxicating, but at the same time exquisite.

Tahitian Gardenia photo

How to care for the Tiare flower?

It should be noted that Tahitian Gardenia care incredible fussy on the growth and maturation of the Bush is affected by any factor. A bad attitude is reflected immediately.

  • Temperature. In the spring and summer the room temperature should be around 23 degrees in winter – 17-18. Regime change and drafts a devastating impact on the burgeoning beauty. If you put the Bush in the heating season to the battery, the kidneys will not be formed.
  • Lighting. Gardenias need a lot of light, but not direct sunlight, they can destroy it. The best option – a sill on the East or West side.

Soil for gardenias

The Gardenia fibrous rhizome with many small roots, which just feels better in the loose soil. When preparing a mixture for the pot to add to her sand with peat and grassy land in the same proportions. Soil for plants should be acidic or slightly acidic. To improve ready shop makeup, you can add sphagnum moss or perlite.

Tahitian Gardenia flower or tree tiara

How to throw?

The Mixture in the pot should always be keep moist, but without standing water. It is necessary to perform a systematic spraying as Tahitian Gardenia prefers the upper irrigation with a uniform wetting of the soil. For irrigation use boiled or rain water at room temperature. In winter, the irrigation system should be changed in the smaller side, but avoid drying of soil. For acidification used lemon juice, it takes a few drops per liter of water. To acidify the soil every third watering.

Tahitian Gardenia description

Transplant Gardenia

The Younger Bush should be transplanted every year, while adults with good care - in the third year. Tahitian Gardenia transplanted in new pots with a drainage layer, if necessary, you can add new soil. In any case it is impossible to break off the rhizome, so remove the plant should be with extreme caution. After planting irrigation is done by water with the stimulator.


To stimulate the growth of Gardenia flowering, you will use various acidic fertilizer that includes a combination of micronutrients recommended for azaleas and other plants. Once a week pot local anesthesia is sprayed on the composition of mineral fertilizers inlittle concentration. Winter Gardenia prefers treatment with potassium sulfate and chelates of iron, these elements must enter the plant through the top of the spraying.


There are various disease of Gardenia:

  • Oblecenie leaves from the Bush. most Often it is caused by a failure temperature, poor lighting, and dampness.
  • The Browning of the foliage. to turn Black, the plant may dry or, conversely, overly moist soil.
  • Yellowing of the leaves. Signals the need to reduce the amount of watering or the presence of drafts.

All of these signs can also talk about the excess of lime in the soil and chlorine, the shortage of nitrogen fertilizers or insufficient light.

Reproduction Gardenia

To Propagate the Gardenia room in different ways:

  • Cuttings.
  • Seeds.

Grow a Gardenia flower from seed - quite troublesome task, requiring much time, the same result is not always happy. Gardenia does not grow from old seeds that have lost viability. How to prepare seeds?

  • Pre-before planting, soaked in the stimulant of a mixture of "Zircon" and aloe juice.
  • For the Top seeds it is advisable to sprinkle a layer of soil (about 0.5 cm).
  • Next the soil carefully watered and cover the pot with foil to create greenhouse conditions.
  • The Container is aired periodically for a few hours.

The Seedlings appear in about a month.

Tahitian Gardenia care

Propagation by cuttings

The Process of breeding cuttings as follows:

  • After flowering, the plant must be cut, shortening the shoots by 2/3. Received almost odrevesnevshie cuttings with a length of 10 cm, is self-cultivation of gardenias.
  • Soil for plants is prepared from a mixture of sand and peat in equal proportions.
  • Shoots must be soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate, and then planted in a pot and cover with a film, thus creating a small greenhouse.

To accelerate the appearance of roots before planting, the tips of the cuttings should be dipped in solution "IAA" or "Alpin".

Plant Care in the home is watering, ventilation and keeping the temperature of about 25 degrees.

Winter Gardenia

“Hibernation” of Gardenia lasts for about a month and a half. At this time, you should stop fertilizing and reduce the amount of watering, the lighting should be the same. During the rest period you need to avoid drafts and hypothermia roots.

The Temperature in the room where the winters Gardenia, should be around 17 degrees. These are ideal conditions for the formation of flower buds.

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