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Rose – recognized for a long time and all the Queen of gardens, flower beds and parks. No self-respecting grower not restrain myself not to plant at least one Bush, and nurture it, care for it and be proud of it. Sensitive and breeders every year (well, maybe a little less) tempt gardeners with something new, delicious and tempting. Last decade and a half such a seductive novelty remains Benjamin Britten - rose, which belongs to the group of so-called English.Benjamin Britten rose

What is the English roses

The Official this term does not exist. However, worldwide, the rose is known as “English”, and we have affectionately called ‘ottenkami”. These include rose Benjamin Britten. The background of the emergence of this category «Queens beds” that is: trying to get a bright, elegant buds, roses, breeders at some stage, with bitterness found out that overdone. Floribunda and hybrid-tea varieties has practically lost its flavor, and “vintage” variety was almost lost at the beginning of the twentieth century. Of course, the new and fashionable hybrids have their own advantages: they are in bloom virtually all season, not just in the first week of summer: they gained a richer palette. But attractive they were buds and further flowering of hybridisation interested a little. And the shape of the bushes makes them not too attractive in the garden.

The English breeder David Austin who are interested in a “historic” flowering, has set itself the goal of preserving its flavor and giving the plants ability to bloom longer. To do this, it crossed “classic” variety (damask, Bourbon, and other roses) with tea hybrids and the representatives of the class of floribunda. The first recognized success is considered to be Austin's Graham Thomas, which received international recognition in 1985. And last (for the moment) - Benjamin Britten, rose, awesome for English its color.


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rose Benjamin Britten

Unique features of English roses

“Stinky” confident of beating rivals such qualities:

  • Excellent resistance to frost (which is particularly appreciate the Russian growers), immunity to some diseases and endurance;
  • Rich, lush blooms, repeating again;
  • Gentle but persistent and “personal” flavor;
  • Variety and decorative types formed by the bushes.

Their Only disadvantage is that the bushes, including those that form Benjamin Britten (Rosa), take up a lot of space on the site. But the beauty and length of flowering – above all praise.rose Benjamin Britten reviews

Rose Benjamin Britten: description

This variety has only been in existence since 2001. Bush height – average, up to one meter; the diameter is achieved by 75 inches. Flowers gustomahrovye, large (about 12 cm), unusually for the English roses color: first pale pink and have a rich red tint with hints of orange. Shaped like a Cup; as they Mature the flowers open in the socket, preserving the bowl-shaped outlines. Often flowers are collected in inflorescence of the three pieces. The aroma is strong, but not Intrusive, with fruit and wine notes. Bush rose Benjamin Britten forms a dense, well-branched, with dense foliage.

The First, most powerful and abundant wave of flowering occurs in June (mid or end of the month, depending on weather). Secondary bloom, somewhat more modest in number of flowers, captures the end of August or beginning of September.rose Benjamin Britten description


Benjamin Britten - Rosa, loving the sun, so it is necessary to select a well-lit place. Some partial shade is fine, but the lack of light will bloom late and be less lush and abundant. To plant roses better in the spring: fall planting in the event of a harsh winter can carry it over bad. Will freeze is unlikely, but the recover will be long, respectively, and rapid flowering will not have to wait. Land is prepared in advance: enriched fertilizers with humus and loose. Saplings helpful to soak corporatation day to survive in the settled warm water. At the time of planting, the inoculated area deepens a few inches. The pit is filled with a mixture of the extracted earth, compost and a small amount of bone meal.

Particular care

No too different from the General rules of action is not required, except for one thing: like all English varieties, rose Benjamin Britten reviews, which emphasize her good health, somewhat nervously refers to excessive humidity. If there is a consistently rainy weather, the buds will not open, even if already ripe. And this can lead to the development of Botrytis and late arrivals all flowers. Therefore, the growers are faced with the phenomenon, the rains or heavy dew to periodically shake the bushes, to drop did not stay on the buds.

grade rose Benjamin Britten

Rules for pruning

Systematic pruning is not required for the grade. Roses Benjamin Britten by themselves form a Bush harmoniously. Can be a little ahead of the formation. If you need a low Bush with large, albeit in smaller numbers, flowers, shoots are cut in half. If the desired high, with abundant blooms (but have a correspondingly smaller diameter of flowers), stems are cut selectively and a third.

In April, making sure that the plant went through the winter without damage, a prophylactic pruning: shoots a weak, small (still, they are unlikely to bloom, and the juices from roses pull) or suspicion of the disease; if the Bush is already old – it is too much, woody.


It is believed that Benjamin Britten - Rosa, does not require shelters. It really is surprisingly hardy. But we should not forget that the climate in Britain is still milder than in most parts of the Russian territory. Experienced growers, who settled the flower on your flower beds a few years ago, I advise you to focus on your intuition and observations of flowers on a personal site. In any case, the young plants planted this year, they are still advised to shelter before winter. And pay attention to those who first cultivated roses Benjamin Britten, carefully remove this cover in the spring: thanks to its resistance to cold, it can start the growing season still hidden, so remove the covering material should be very careful not to damage the plant.


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