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At first glance, it seems that to grow good garlic is fairly difficult. Many believe that this culture is very picky about growing conditions and planting. It is actually much easier. Knowing a few tricks, you can grow great garlic without much effort.

predecessors garlic

The Need to change cultures

A Huge role in growing this product play the precursors of garlic. Almost all vegetable crops need podobrat. Thus the soil is not exhausted, but on the contrary, is enriched with all the necessary elements. An important part of selecting precursors of a vegetable is the root length of the plant. Every year on the same area, it is recommended to plant vegetables with different length of the root part. Thus, each of the plants depletes the soil at different levels.

predecessor under garlicGarlic has a very short root, which means that the predecessor under the garlic should be a long root system. A great option could be a vegetable like zucchini. It has a very strong root system. Besides, before planting squash, as a rule, the ground is saturated with potassium. And the ground for the garlic also needs a large amount of potassium. Another important factor when planting garlic is the acidity of the soil: this vegetable only grows in non-acidic soil.

Fertilizer before planting garlic

It is Not recommended to use organic fertilizer before planting the garlic. This vegetable is very sensitive to various fungal diseases. With such a fertilizer in the soil gets a lot of different fungi that may harm the heads of garlic. Allowed the use of mineral fertilizers in small quantities. Many gardeners strongly suggests that fertilized predecessors garlic organic matter. For example, on land imported organic fertilizer and planted cucumbers or zucchini. In July, these vegetables are clean and give the land to rest. About a few weeks before the start of the cold snap on this site it is possible to plant garlic.


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Bad predecessors garlic

Not all vegetables can be precursors of garlic. Not recommended to plant garlic where it grew onions or carrots. Onion belongs to the same family as garlic, and impoverishes the soil to the required elements. As for carrots, although it belongs to a different family and has a long root, however, it depletes the soil. If you put the garlic after the carrots and onions, the harvest will be very poor. It is also desirable to plant it after the potatoes and beets.

Good plants predecessors

The Best precursors for garlic – crops and winter grasses. As a rule, oats, barley, wheat, alfalfa, clover have a good root system. Due to this, they extract useful elements from the deep layers of the soil. The use of grain crops and winter herbs as a predecessor called "green manure". After crops will grow 15-20 cm, plot perekidyvaetsya together with sprouted herbs, and the earth is prepared for planting of garlic.

predecessors of garlic under the winter

Except that the grain after the soil is saturated with many elements, strong root system scores various kinds of weeds and weeds. Another advantage of cereal crops is that they kill different kinds of fungi and other pathogens. Thus, the use of crops of winter crops and herbs not only enriches the soil with all necessary elements, but also disinfects it.

When to plant garlic

Typically, garlic is planted either early spring or fall. It depends on the grade and the expected date of harvest. Spring garlic (also called spring) will sing longer winter and has a lower yield. However, garlic is stored like this much better. The forerunners of spring garlic are grains and winter grasses. And squash, zucchini, cabbage – precursors of garlic under the winter planting.

For spring garlic, for example, in late August, the land planted with wheat. After germination 15-20 cm it mowed and dug up the plot. The land rest and overwinter in this form, and in the early spring in this area you can start planting spring garlic.

the best predecessors for garlic

Winter garlic planted in areas where there were precursors of garlic before winter. It is very important that before planting the vegetable land have a rest dug in the form of at least a few weeks.

Following the above described tips in your area you will be able to grow a good crop of garlic.

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