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Viatores petrol – a handy device that is used to remove branches of trees, giving crowns and shrubs to a specific shape. Operation of the power tool allows you to work from the ground without the need of lifting to the high branches of greenery on the stairs. Let's find out what characteristics should be guided, choosing viatores gasoline, consider the popular brands of these units.

Design features

victores petrolIn fact, this garden tool is nothing more than a motorized saw mounted on a telescopic handle. The effectiveness of each individual unit is determined by the parameters of the headset, which tree trimming as well as motor power. The cutting part of visitorsa identical to gasoline or electric chain saw. It consists of a stationary bus and a moving metal chain with pointed elements.

Engine fuel

victores husqvarnaThe bulk of visitorsof petrol type are equipped with two-stroke single-cylinder engines. However, there are hybrid engines.

To ensure the operation of the engine there is used a special fuel mixture. It connects cooking oil intended for 2-stroke engines, and gasoline AI-92. The use of a higher fuel fraction leads to overheating of the units and their inadequate functioning. The proportions of mixed components are indicated by the manufacturers of some models of visitorsof in the technical manual.


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It is Noteworthy that the manufacturers of the devices for the care of garden plants rarely engaged in independent development of engines. Most manufacturers of visitorsof order from other companies.


pruningHigh performance petrol engines that are installed in viatores, allows to provide the devices in this category a wide range of cutting tools. Here can be used:

  • Trimmer cords – handy when pruning leaves, branches slight thickness;
  • Circular knives – suitable for roughing of trees and shrubs;
  • Drive-mill – offer the opportunity for cutting the branches of medium thickness, harvesting small trees;
  • Chain saws – used when cutting large, coarse threads.


Rod visitorsof have a slide-out design. Telescopic system can be collapsible and have a diameter of from 25 to 35 millimeters. Inside the bar contains metal shaft that transmits rotary motion from the engine to the cutting part. The latter can be represented in the form of a rod or cable.


petrol viatores champion pp126Petrol viatores are equipped with various types of handles, depending on the features and operation of the unit. Light devices that are used to perform tasks that require high maneuverability of the tool are equipped with D-shaped handles. In this case, the control panel functions of vistorta is located on a separate handle attached to the rod.

When mowing weeds, cutting low shrubs are used J-shaped handle. The latter make it possible to reliably hold the tool with both hands in the case of tilting heavy cutting to the ground.

Viatores: petrol price

What is the cost of petrol visitorsof in the domestic market? The average price of models from reputable brands is 20 000 rubles. Increase the price depending on functionality and configuration of the unit.

Popular brands

victores telescopicChoosing viatores petrol, it is recommended that priority be given to the products of the following brands:

  1. Champion – devices from the specified manufacturer differ in ease of use. Equipped with telescopic supports, which are able to move apart to a height of over four meters. Thus, in the course of pruning trees gardeners do not have to use a ladder or stepladder. Very popular among consumers enjoy petrol viatores Champion PP126, which is characterized by affordable rates and enough high power. It can be used to cut thick branches with a diameter up to 20 centimeters.
  2. Viatores Husqvarna – devices of this brand have a lightweight design and are extremely maneuverable in the work place. These units are equipped with powerful saws, which consume the minimum amount of fuel. The complete set of visitorsof inertia wheel allows to significantly reduce vibration when starting the engine. The result of the pruning is better. The use of soft, well-designed handles to reduce strain on the hands.
  3. Viatores petrol “Calm” – to the category of devices for the care of the garden are extremely comfortable and secure fit. The main advantage of units of this brand is the trim directly from the earth branches, located at an altitude of more than 5 m. such viatores installed engines that are a combination of four-stroke and two-stroke mechanisms. Such innovation contributes to a longer service units, and also provides low noise and vibration level during the work.

Advantages and disadvantages

victores petrol priceThe Choice of petrol vistorta provides the following benefits:

  1. Unlike mechanical, battery and electrical devices viatores petrol boasts massive power. The indicator is provided due to the configuration of such devices productive internal combustion engines.
  2. Petrol viatores telescopic, despite the presence of a productive engine, plays relatively low level of noise.
  3. Units of this category have excellent balance. So it is convenient to hold over the head of even at arm's length.
  4. Viatores different gasoline economical fuel consumption. As practice shows, one liter of fuel is enough for repeated handling of the green areas around the infield.

With regard to the obvious drawbacks of aggregations of the categories here may be noted the relatively high cost of models from reputable manufacturers. Among other things, gasoline viatores need regular maintenance.


Choosing petrol viatores, should focus on these points:

  1. The Volume of upcoming work. Estimating the scale of future events, you can select a device, the performance of which will be sufficient to achieve the objectives. This will avoid the overpayment for the more powerful model.
  2. Dimensions. It is recommended to choose the most lightweight, compact, but at the same time a productive unit. Light weight and ergonomic design allows long time to keep the device at arm's length, not feeling tired.
  3. Rod Length. The longer telescopic part of the tool, the more convenient to reach branches that are located at a considerable height.
  4. Pick the oil pump. Implementation in the design of the specified element provides the grease cutting part of the saw in progress.
  5. Quality cutting blade. Used in the construction of the tool must give a clean cut. This will prevent injuries to individual parts of trees and shrubs.

In conclusion

victores petrol ShtilAs you can see, gasoline viatores serves a practical, powerful device for care of green plantings on private land. Every year the demand for this tool purpose is only growing. Since the ability pruning trees from the ground without the need of ladders looks very attractive to avid gardeners.


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