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If you want to make a quality repair, the premises must be executed in the same style, not the extra items that do not fit into the interior. This is especially true for the living room, which can be called “face” of the house. Do not assume that this task is only for the professional. Each house master will be able to cope with the works on creation of a style decision, you will then be able to realize their dreams.

If you have already managed to pick up the blinds, but couldn't find them for the eaves of the desired shape and style, then you can continue to search or perform a niche under the eaves. To do this, today it is common to use different materials, but the most popular are structures made of plasterboard.

Varieties of niches of plasterboard

niche of plasterboard for curtains

The Niche of plasterboard for the curtains can have the most different sizes and to have a certain form. Such structures are usually installed in tandem with two-level ceilings, which are constructed on the perimeter of the room and create a niche near the window. This option is more difficult, however, to choose for yourself, you can and simple solutions.

As one of them on the ceiling formed a box, which is located along the wall. It will be located along the side walls of the window. Alternative solution would be the creation of boxes along one wall. Sometimes the design is wide, in some cases, this parameter does not exceed 20 cm, However, in a wide box look great spotlights.

If you will run the niche of plasterboard for the curtains, the box can make a height in the range from 15 to 50 cm it can be rectilinear or curvilinear shape. The variety is fairly large, but the choice is yours. It is not necessary to search difficult ways, after all, a simple niche will look impressive and aesthetically pleasing.


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Preparatory work

niche for curtains drywall

To Begin the work necessary with the acquisition of materials, among which should be highlighted:

  • Plasterboard;
  • Screws;
  • Putty;
  • Profiles;
  • Tape for sealing joints.

Choosing the profile, you should prefer two varieties:

  • PP 27х60 – ceiling;
  • MON 28х27 – guide.

Training tools

niche under the curtains of drywall

If you will run the niche of plasterboard for curtains, you will have to prepare more and some tools, namely:

  • Hammer;
  • Knife;
  • Roulette table;
  • Strong thread;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Spatula;
  • Pencil.


how to make a niche for curtains drywall

A Very important stage is to apply a markup. At the heart of these works lies the correct location of the structure. Here it is necessary to navigate through the radiator or windowsill. The cornice should be placed inside the living room, in relation to the listed elements should be deleted on the 16th.

To determine the size of the protruding part of the radiator and the windowsill, to the value necessary to add exactly 16 cm, this will provide a place to mount the cornice. This size is transferred along the side walls. Two received points make painting the ends of the cord to get a straight line. It – end niche for curtains and the beginning of decorative boxes. From this line it is necessary to postpone the width of the boxes inside the living room and strike another line that will allow you to obtain the mounting dimensions of the boxes. You can now go to work on the Assembly.

Implementation of the Assembly of the frame

niche for curtains drywall sizes

If you have done a niche of plasterboard for the curtains, then the next step may be to assemble. Prior to work needed on the floor. Of the guide profile prepared designs for the shape of the letter P. the Top shelf – the width of the room, for example, you can take parameter equal to 3.2 m. as for the pillars, their length is 8 cm Standard profile length equal to 3 m, this indicates that one product is not enough, so will have to implement the extensions.

To do this, make 20 cm from a piece of profile, bending it at an angle of 90 °. It will allow to form the rack. These same manipulations are carried out with the main profile. Miss will not be 20 and 28 cm This indicates that you will have to add a piece with this length. Extender profile fit inside. Mounting screws, two will go to each site.

If you will run a niche for curtains drywall, at the next stage, the entire structure must raise the ceiling and attach to the lines. Through the profile with the gun every 60 cm bore holes. To start work it is necessary, moving away from the wall by 5 cm In the holes shanaytsa metal dowels, which are called quick installation. They should be thrust into the ceiling according to the principle of nails, using a hammer. At this stage fixed rack.

Technique works

how to make a niche under the curtains of drywall

Now there are two small cut studs. The installation is performed on the lower extremities. The mounting is carried out by two dowels. These sleepers will be needed to ensure the rigidity of the frame. Further increasing the two profiles, their length will be the width of the living room. To connect the opposite walls it is necessary to pull the thread and the walls to lock the rack to the ceiling. This will determine the horizon for which you will put the bottom element.

When the niche is made under the curtains of plasterboard, extended profiles must be positioned on bottom edges of the uprights, fixing them in this position. Under the weight of the element will SAG, it will be noticeable compared to the thread. You can now cut the pieces of profile, the length of each of which is 8 cm They are placed into the profile on the ceiling and fix with screws. The spacing of intermediate posts will be 40 cm lower profile is aligned with the rope and fixed to the bottom edges of PP profile.

Sheathing drywall

niche for curtains made of plasterboard with their hands

If you pondered the question about how to make a niche for curtains made of plasterboard, you should be familiar with the technology, which involves the covering construction. This work should be done only need the front and bottom sides. From the sheet you should cut a few blanks. Their width should be equal to the corresponding value boxes. The second strip will have a width which is the height of the box.

Fixing is performed by screws, to apply for this screwdriver. The back part is not sheathed, as it will not be visible. You can now begin installing a hidden ledge, then the box is finished with putty. The surface, after which it will be possible to carry out decorative finishes. This option is the most simple. It can be used at work.

Installation of lights

A Niche for curtains made of plasterboard, which was mentioned above, can be decorated with decorative lighting. It will emphasize the style of the room. You can use led bulbs which are inside the niche. This is usually made extra shelf. With backlighting you can create in a room special atmosphere. It is particularly relevant for night and evening time.

Additional finishing

If you have a question about how to make a niche under the curtains of the drywall, then you should know that as a final step is the filling. Due to this ledge you can do complete, in addition, it will prepare the surface for finishing.

This work can begin within 2 days after completion of the installation design. For this, the surface is cleaned from dust and moistened. With a spatula master have to fill in the seams with putty. Superimposed on top of the reinforcing mesh and covered with a thin layer of the composition. After drying, the surface can be sanded with sandpaper. Then apply additional layers of filler, after drying, of which the surface is again polished.

Expert advice

If a niche site along the wall, the construction of plasterboard will look much more impressive. But if the cornice equal in length to the window opening, you will have the opportunity to save by completing the niche of the same size. It can be fun to decorate. Looks great box, which is done in one color with the wall. The niche may be lined with a mirror, this will visually lift the ceiling. When you are running niche for curtains made of plasterboard with their hands, it is sometimes decorated with molding, it is a convex bar, giving the design a finished appearance.


Before the production of a niche it is important to determine its size. If the design is too narrow, the curtains will be deformed, while extremely broad niche will take a lot of space. If you set the design correctly, you get a beautifully decorated ceiling, while the curtains will be an elegant extension of it.


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