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As the chassis of the car requires special attention, as it affects the quality of traffic and the safety of the driver with passengers. It is therefore required timely Troubleshooting and replacement of worn parts. Stabilizer – this is one of the main parts of the system. His work is influenced by the condition of the bushings. This item has small dimensions, but, despite this, makes driving more comfortable. It is also worth noting that quality not worn sealing elements reduce the load on the suspension components.

stabilizer bushing polyurethane


Polyurethane bushings stabilizer bar are the most widely used, also a range of shops are represented by spherical and rubber options. In addition to material production, they have different characteristics. Any of them, regardless of manufacturer and quality of execution, subject to wear, as they have large loads during operation of the vehicle. Also noticeably affects the condition of the roads. The detection of a malfunction of this element is required replacing.

Damaged stabilizer bushing polyurethane contributes to changing the quality of the entire system and quick-wear parts, as a consequence, impairs the safety of the vehicle. Therefore, you should not skimp on such a simple part, so as not to cause large expenses for maintenance and repair.

polyurethane stabilizer bushing reviews

How to determine the need for a replacement

To determine fault in some cases it is not necessary to resort to the diagnosis, because, in addition to the change of control, there are often distinctive sounds coming from the suspension. The noise becomes more distinct at high speed. When driving on the road with pits and potholes there is a noticeable runout at the outboard part. In addition to noise, you can notice the deterioration of the maneuverability of the vehicle.


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The Replacement of consumable parts must be carried out before their damage reaches a critical point. Timely maintenance, as we know, not only extends the life of the car, but still keeps its main items, the purchase of which costs quite a large amount.

polyurethane bushings stabilizer bar


Despite the fact that the maintenance work does not cause difficulties, you need to know some features and pay particular attention to the selection of new parts. Often staff items car owners change on the stabilizer bar bushings with polyurethane or rubber. Polyurethane has many advantages that can not boast of other materials. Today it is the most reliable and modern option for seals. It increases the period of operation of both the elements, and the entire suspension system of the car. Among other advantages we should mention the following:

  • Less exposure to aggressive driving style;
  • Keeping the suspension geometry that doesn't depend on ambient conditions and operation;
  • Increased driving comfort thanks to the smooth movement of the machine;
  • During the entire period of use retained full control of management;
  • Various temperature regimes do not affect the elasticity of the material;
  • Resistant to environmental negative factors.

Polyurethane stabilizer bushing reviews, generally positive, which is an additional reason for their purchase.

polyurethane stabilizer bushing Lanos

Required tools

After Determining the unsuitability of the installed bushings after diagnostic auto, you need to worry about a quick replacement. Many shops offer the services but they cost quite expensive. Each owner is able to independently perform all work, even without special knowledge and experience.

The Keys for 10, 13 and 24 will be needed for removing the plastic protection, the bolts that hold the stabilizer and the fixing elements of the subframe. Without a Jack and clamps of metal is indispensable for the securing of the stabilizer. You will also need stabilizer bushing polyurethane, the head 27 and the lever, which can be a steel pipe.

The Process is divided into several steps:

  • Removing the fixing elements;
  • Removal of damaged parts;
  • Installing new seals with pre-cleaning of the seats.

The sequence of actions, even those who have never had to repair a car. For self-replacement, we first need to prepare all tools and supplies.

polyurethane stabilizer bushing fulcrum

How to choose

Polyurethane stabilizer bar bushings “fulcrum" are the best option to replace the old element. They are more resistant to temperature changes, different environmental conditions and current realities on the roads.

Many of the materials for the manufacture of the seals become less flexible when working in bad weather. Stabilizer bushing polyurethane suitable for vehicles operating in urban conditions and for a car used for country and adventure travel. Many have noted that such components require replacement much later in comparison with the standard.

Modern manufacturers offer an extensive range of spare parts of various quality and price categories. The existing diversity in some cases may confuse the motorist. The experience of other people is an additional guide that allows you to make the right choice. Also you can choose between several similar items from different manufacturers.

stabilizer bar bushings with polyurethane or rubber


Despite the fact that to replace the polyurethane bushings stabilizer "Lanos" car will cost quite expensive, the process is much simpler than with any other repairs in this part of the machine.

It is Worth noting the need for compliance with safety regulations, in particular, the car has to be firmly fixed on Jack.

First you need to remove the wheel to provide easy access to protection, which is removed with a key by 10.

Disassembly can be simplified by lubrication of all elements of a specialized staff. Further unscrewed using the appropriate key mounting and shock absorber, and bolt the sub-frame.

Between the subframe and the body part is mounted the lever. Now removed the old seal, and replaces it with polyurethane stabilizer bushing front suspension. It must be put on the installation place and secure with a clamp of metal. To increase the quality of fixation, you must remove the gasket between the car body and the subframe. The last bolt is fixed on a body part. Racks are mounted at the same place after all.

What you need to know

The fixing of the elements can be simplified by applying the graphite composition on the working plane.

Special attention should be paid to safety. Should be used parts and high quality tools from trusted manufacturers, this will prevent the change of the structural elements and the risk of injury.

polyurethane stabilizer bushing front suspension


The Sealing elements of the company VTR, according to the owners, represent the optimal ratio of price and quality, complete details comes with lubricant for easy installation.

Polyurethane stabilizer Bushing Febi, customer reviews saved their car from annoying squeaks and sounds that became especially evident when the poor quality of roads and crossing speed bumps, even with above-zero temperatures.

Reviews on parts Moog RE-SB-6849 mostly positive, the owners have not noticed any changes in management, but the noise does not appear even when after two or three years of use the bushings.


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